Gulmarg Tour Packages


Gulmarg tour packages is the most selling tour package in Kashmir. We at Cliffhangers receive the most queries for this destination than for any other destination. The name Gulmarg and the beauty that it holds, is enough to lure people across the world towards itself.

Gulmarg is the most famous winter destination in India. Popular among the world for the fine quality of ski slope; this hill station in Kashmir is nothing less than a winter fairyland. Tucked away from the main hustle and bustle of Srinagar, Gulmarg is entirely in the lap of nature surrounded by the towering Pir Panjal mountain range. 

Once you are here in Gulmarg, you will be transported to a different world. A world of gorgeous beauty, calmness, and a vibe of romance and joy. 

Gulmarg is around 50km from Srinagar. A 2-hour drive in a neat and cozy Cliffhangers India’s cab will ferry you to Gulmarg via the snow-clad pine forests. The drive is snow and takes you through a white wonderland. You will be welcomed at the hotel with the warm Kehwa. 

Situated at an altitude of 2650m, Gulmarg is world known for the best snow quality for skiing. The powder hounds of the world all gather here in Kashmir’s Gulmarg to try their legs at Gulmarg backcountry skiing

Apart from the normal Gulmarg tour packages, which include sightseeing and staying in Gulmarg, Cliffhangers India offers the best ski course for beginners here. What better than staying in Gulmarg and at the same time enjoying the ski rides on the slopes?

The ski courses are designed for beginners who are not acquainted with skiing. And by the end of these courses, beginners can glide along the slopes of Gulmarg. We have a crash course which is for 5 days and then also for 7 days

We also have in our Gulmarg tour packages, the one-day tours, and one-day hikes. In case you are short of time and want to explore more destinations in Kashmir, we will be arranging for you the best sightseeing or hikes here in Gulmarg.

From taking to the beautiful Botapathri valley and having lunch in the middle of the meadow, to the hike to the famous Alpathir lake, we arrange all the activities in Gulmarg. 

Our qualified guides, riders, ski instructors, and hotel partners, make our Gulmarg tour package a very much famous and hot-selling tour product. 

Best Time to Visit Gulmarg

Not surprisingly, this little town is one of the few places in our nation where visitors come throughout the entire year! The best time to visit Gulmarg is said to be during the winter, summer, and monsoon seasons, each of which has its beauty and attractiveness. The time in between is best for enjoyable family activities, while the former is best for snow-filled sports and the latter is best for savoring nature. You will find it helpful to look at pages like these when you’re debating what would be the ideal time to visit Gulmarg!

Gulmarg In Summer (May- September)

This hill station was formerly a popular summer hideaway for Britons, so it’s the ideal place to escape! There is plenty of sunshine, some snow, and even more greenery during this time of year. The ambience is pleasing to the senses and the air is not constricting! For this reason, summer is the ideal season to visit Gulmarg to partake in a wide range of excursions, visits, and activities.

 Gulmarg In Winter (December – March)

The winter months are ideal for visiting Gulmarg because they offer the best views of the snow, slate, and tranquillity (plus, exciting sports like skiing don’t hurt either). Nothing compares to seeing real snowfall in terms of surrealism and extraordinariness. Imagine meadows blanketed in snow, peaks covered in snow, treetops iced over by snow, and meticulously groomed grounds. It’s so amazing to see this firsthand.

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Places to Visit in Gulmarg

Gulmarg, with its magnificent pine forests, stunning meadows, lush valleys, and towering mountains, is both an adventurer’s dream and a visual feast. A few places to enjoy the natural beauty are Khilanmarg, Tangmarg, and the Seven Springs in Gulmarg.

Read complete guide on Places to visit in Gulmarg.

Camp beside the banks of mountain streams such as Ferozepur Nallah and Ningle Nallah, indulge in delectable Kashmiri cuisine at the Igloo café, discover serenity at the shrine of Baba Reshi, St. Mary’s Church, Maharani Temple, and Imambara Goom, or just kick back with a picnic at Strawberry Valley or Children’s Park. The following is a list of places to visit in Gulmarg that must be in your Gulmarg tour packages.


One of the top places to visit in Gulmarg is Khilanmarg, which is especially well-liked by tourists seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience because it is challenging to reach by regular car. 

The valley is especially lovely in the summer since it is blanketed with a variety of lovely, vivid flowers that bloom at this time of year, bathing the whole region in vivid hues. 

  • What’s Special: Skiing, vivid flowers, and blankets of snow
  • Location: Khilanmarg
  • Timings: 24 hours

Gulmarg Golf Course

You will have a golfing experience of a lifetime at the Gulmarg Golf Course. On the earth, it is the second-highest golf course. With about eighteen courses spread across 7,500 yards, it offers golf enthusiasts the finest experience overall golf courses in India.

If you are new to the game, you will have an unparalleled experience on the stunningly green golf course.

  • What’s Special: Largest Golf Course in India, the best experience of golfing.
  • Location: Near Gulmarg Gondola
  • Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Strawberry Valley

Picture-perfect green fields dotted with beautiful red fruits and clear blue skies overhead make for a sight out of a picture book. As the majority of locals would point out when touring the area, Strawberry Valley in Gulmarg is tucked “right behind a hill,” a little off the main route. 

You can take a private cab to transport you to the valley if your hotel is close by, or you can choose to walk there. 

  • What’s Special: Best for family vacation, green fields, pony rides
  • Location: 3km from city
  • Timings: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Apharwat Peak

Tourists go here in droves to enjoy exhilarating skiing experiences and other winter activities, making it one of the best trekking destinations in Gulmarg throughout the winter.

The most practical and ideal way to get here, which is around 13 kilometers away from Gulmarg, is to take the Gondola ride, which is a unique attraction here.  it is the most considered skiing destination in Gulmarg.

  • What’s Special: Gondola ride, famous for trekking
  • Location: 13KM from Gulmarg
  • Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Gulmarg Gondola

The second most crucial thing to do in Gulmarg during the winter is to engage in adventure activities. 

The Gulmarg Gondola Ride comprises two stages.

The cable car takes about 1500 passengers from the Gulmarg resort to Kongdoori Station, which is 3000 meters above sea level, where skiing is available. 

  • What’s Special: largest cable ride in India and second in world, views of Nanda devi, Pir Panjal, and LoC
  • Location: starts at kongdoori mountain, 60km from the city.

Drung Waterfall

For those considering a winter getaway to Kashmir, Drung Waterfall, often referred to as Drang Waterfall, is a sight not to be missed. Even though it’s not very big, the scene it offers in the winter is breathtaking and will take your breath away.

As the valley’s temperature decreases, the water in this fall starts to freeze. 

  • What’s Special: Frozen waterfall, snowflakes, family vacation
  • Location: Drung Valley
  • Timings: Sunsets

Shrine of Baba Reshi

It’s normally recognized that the Baba Reshi shrine fulfills children’s wishes. As a result, single women come right here to pray, and it’s miles believed that youngsters born in this way are destined to remain on the shrine. Built on three testimonies above sea stage, the shrine is situated 7,000 feet above the earth’s surface. 

  • What’s Special: Mughal and Persian architecture, Pilgrimage place
  • Location: Ramboh village in Baramulla District
  •  Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Maharani Temple

One of the few remnants of the Dogra Dynasty, which once ruled the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, is the Rani Temple, which is situated in the center of Gulmarg. The temple was built by Maharaja Hari Singh and is devoted to Lord Shiva. The shrine has her name since his wife, Maharani Mohini Bai Sisodia, used to come here every day to worship. 

  • What’s Special: Gulmarg views from the temple, heavenly experience
  • Location: Centre of the city
  • Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Tangmarg is the name of the pear-tree-filled area. Tangmarg served as the entry point to Gulmarg, an Indian hill town, during the Mughal era. 

Tangmarg’s fame stems from the plethora of pears that grow there. This location functioned as the entrance of Gulmarg in the past. In the current situation, this lovely town is frequently crowded with people who are all trying to get to the enchanted Gulmarg.

  • What’s Special: Pear-filled trees, Kashmiri food, snow meadows.
  • Location: Tangmarg
  • Timings: Throughout the day

Kanchenjunga Museum

The best site to learn about the way of life of Indian Army soldiers stationed in the icy mountainous areas is the Kanchenjunga Museum. The equipment that was once utilized to protect the glacial regions from other foreign powers by traversing various uneven, snow-covered plains is on display at this museum. 

  • What’s Special: history and knowledge about INA
  • Location: District of Baramulla
  •  Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

St. Mary’s Church

Built more than a century ago, Gulmarg’s St. Mary’s Church still retains its majestic Victorian design. The church is even more appealing and well-liked by guests because it seems more like a little, rustic country chapel than a church. 

This is one of the most worthwhile locations to visit in Gulmarg throughout the year, surrounded on three sides by the renowned.

  • What’s Special: Victorian designing, appealing location
  • Location: Near Gulmarg Golf Course

Ningle Nallah

The crystal-clear water of Ningle Nallah comes from the melting of ice from Apharwat Peak and Alpather Lake. The breathtaking surroundings, which include verdant farms and snow-capped mountains on either side, add to the stream’s allure. 

Before entering the River Jhelum, the Ningle Nallah meanders across valleys and mountains. 

  • What’s Special: stunning meadows, children spots, verdant farms
  • Location: Baramulla
  • Timings: throughout the day

Alpather Lake

A well-kept secret in Kashmir, Alpather Lake (regularly known as the Frozen Lake) is frozen from November to mid-June. 8. The hike to this stunning excessive-altitude lake starts offevolved on the famous hill station of Gulmarg, which sits at the foot of the twin Apharwat Peaks. 

Summertime visits will praise you with amazing views of the whole valley, with snow-capped mountains and verdant meadows.

  • What’s Special: Verdant meadows, snow-capped mountains
  • Location: Gondola Phase 2

Igloo Café

Imagine lounging in an “igloo” during a snowfall! Is it bothering you because this isn’t found someplace similar? There is! Gulmarg Igloo Cafe is the first Igloo in Kashmir. Are you curious about the details?

Enjoy dinner at Kashmir’s first igloo restaurant, Gulmarg, with your loved ones now. 

  • What’s Special: Largest igloo café in the world
  • Location: Gandola Road, Kolahoi Ski Resort
  •  Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

How to Spend Two Days in Gulmarg?

Aru Valley

You can spend your days in Gulmarg in a good way if you plan well and know which places you will have to visit. To spend your days in Gulmarg, please know in advance that Gulmarg is a very small place. Your two days are enough to see everything you want to see here in Gulmarg.

➤ Day 1

On your arrival day before you reach Gulmarg, stop at Tangmarg. From the main market of Tangmarg, there is a famous frozen waterfall called Drung waterfall. Visit s this amazing waterfall. After you have reached Gulmarg, take a tour around its Maharaja Palace and visit the famous St. Mary’s Church and Temple where many Bollywood movies are shot. 

➤ Day 2

In the morning after breakfast take the most fascinating ride in Gulmarg i.e Gulmarg Gondola ride. From the second phase of the Gondola, you can hike until Alpathir lake. However, in winter the lakes remain closed because of the heavy snowfall. In case you don’t want to hike, then after the Gondola ride take a cab to Botapathri and visit this gorgeous valley. 

Things To Do In Gulmarg.

Gulmarg is a popular travel destination for explorers and environment enthusiasts from around the globe because there are so many things to do there. You can take in the majesty of Alpather Lake, go on an exhilarating pony ride, or take pictures at the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve. There’s also ice skating, skiing, chair car trips in the Gondola, and other winter sports. The following is a list of the top activities in Gulmarg:

Skiing and Snowboarding in Gulmarg

When it comes to winter activities, Gulmarg is the first place that comes to mind when discussing skiing in the winter. This well-liked skiing area provides chances for both novice and expert skiers. This needs to be at the top of your list if you’re considering the best things to do in Gulmarg. 

The thrill of floating through deep snow will quench your need for a rush. Ski shops sell every piece of equipment that is required. All you have to do is savor the magnificent glide across the velvety snow surface.


Another choice for things to do in Gulmarg in your Gulmarg tour packages is a day trip to Alpather Trek. In Gulmarg, the twin Apharwat Peaks are centered around a placid body of water called Frozen Lake.

Book here the Best Treks in Kashmir

Following a day-long hike to the summit, you may unwind by the lake and enjoy the views. Even ducks can be observed strolling about the frozen lake, which gleams like an ornament thanks to massive ice chunks floating on it. 


The two mountain streams that meander across the verdant valleys are called Ningle Nallah and Ferozepur Nallah. . One of the locations in Gumarg renowned for its abundant natural beauty, it features picture-perfect pine woods and a landscape covered in green grass.

This kind of terrain is also perfect for planning camping vacations and other outdoor activities, especially winter sports. Of these, Ferozepur Nallah is a well-known tourist destination in Gulmarg for fly-fishing enthusiasts. 


You will have a golfing experience of a lifetime at the Gulmarg Golf Course. On the earth, it is the second-highest golf course. 

If you are new to the game, you will have an unparalleled experience on the stunningly green golf course. It’s a location to go in the summer, but you can also go in the winter to see the lovely meadows filled with a variety of unusual flowers. For the greatest family and honeymoon experiences, you can even enjoy a stroll around the course, which makes the list of the top things to do in Gulmarg.

Bird Watching

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is one of the greatest locations to visit in Gulmarg in May because of its abundant and unusual Himalayan flora and animals. 

There are numerous threatened bird species in this park. You may be able to see some of the uncommon and lesser-known species by going on a birdwatching excursion at the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve.

Among them are the Griffon vulture, Koklas, European Hoopoes, Snow Cock, Kashmir Roller, Blue Rock Pigeon, and Jungle Crow. 


Are you looking for the ideal setting, where a stream tumbles down the slope of the dominant mountains in the area? Take one of the best pictures of your life when you visit Ningle Nallah. The sight is exquisitely colored, with verdant meadows, snow-capped peaks, and vibrant wildflowers. 

Since it’s only ten miles away from Gulmarg, getting there by car is simple. You can also rent horses here if you just want to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. In Gulmarg, hiring a guide is quite easy.

Pony Riding

Pony rides are an intriguing addition to the list of Gulmarg’s top activities. This Gulmarg pony-riding tour is best enjoyed at Khilanmarg. Here, you can enjoy the thrill of this dangerous activity in addition to a tranquil natural setting.

Riding on the pony allows you to capture amazing views of the Himalayan ranges, adding to the memorability of your entire trip to Gulmarg. 

Therefore, the best sport for tourists who don’t want to partake in rigorous adventure activities in Gulmarg is pony riding in your Gulmarg tour packages.

Taste local cuisine

This arctic paradise is aesthetically stunning as well as delicious. Your tongue will be itching for more after tasting Gulmarg’s delectable delicacies, yet your stomach will remain full. Moreover, this will not be achieved by a single northern cuisine. Experience the variety of cuisines available in Gulmarg; each has its unique flavor that you won’t be able to get enough of in one meal.

There’s a list of some of the most well-liked Gulmarg cuisine items that one should try at least once in one’s lifetime. In Gulmarg, ice-igloo activities are also available in December. 


Although there isn’t as much shopping as in Srinagar, Gulmarg has a wide selection of mementos for sale. Pashmina wraps and shawls, silk carpets, walnut wood trinkets, papier-mâché crafts, and stone jewelry are exclusive to the area. A specialty is a loose tea from tea gardens close to Gulmarg.

Everything needed for survival, including supplies ranging from detergent to breakfast cereal, may be found in the Gulmarg market area. There formerly was a hidden alcohol store in a hole in the wall, but it’s closed. 

Nature Walks

One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Gulmarg for those who enjoy nature walks over adventure sports is the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, which is home to a wide variety of flora, fauna, and avifauna. Visitors can ride a pony to Strawberry Valley or walk to the unspoiled area of Gulmarg. 

The two mountain streams that meander across the verdant valleys are called Ningle Nallah and Ferozepur Nallah. 

Children’s Park is a place in Gulmarg designed with children’s entertainment in mind. 

Why Should You Choose our Gulmarg Tour Packages?

  • Expert Guidance

You will be accompanied by dedicated and experienced guides from us, who possess in-depth knowledge of different places around Gulmarg. They ensure the best information is provided to you with the best itinerary. you can always learn about places from experts.

  • Itinerary planning

We planned different itineraries for different kinds of travelers with in-depth research about climate and weather conditions, balancing all kinds of attractions. Our itineraries are divided based on budget and type of trip ex: honeymoon, family, and adventure/

  • Value for Money

Our Gulmarg tour packages are designed so that they meet valuable experience to your budget. Our Gulmarg packages let you make the most of your money. You can experience all the adventures at an affordable price. You can always change your plans according to your budget.

  • Time-saving and Convenience

You can save time and eliminate hassles all over your journey. Ensuring your focus on enjoying your Gulmarg trip. Our itineraries cover most of the places with the best period classification.

  • Offbeat Experiences

Beyond the famous places, our Gulmarg packages also explore the hidden gems of Gulmarg. Unique local cultural traditions can be explored through our Gulmarg packages. You can explore unparalleled beauty with us by planning with our Gulmarg tour packages.

  • Safety and Security

Our team ensures your top security throughout the trip. Your safety is our priority. Proper measures are taken in planning trips in our Gulmarg packages so that you travel without any disturbances. Our team will collaborate with you all the time for your secure and comfortable trip.

  • Exclusive Access:

Enjoy premium access to certain places, providing you with a more fun and personalized experience with personalized Gulmarg packages.

  • Customization Options

You can even use your ideas in your Gulmarg itinerary. So that we can provide you with what you are willing. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or a holy trip, we adapt our packages according to your needs.

Let us guide you through the Gulmarg snow, ensuring a safe and comfortable adventure filled with stunning beauty, cultural richness, and a seamless travel experience.

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Best Time to Visit Gulmarg for Snow

The best time to visit Gulmarg for snowfall is from December to March, when the snowfall is at its peak. During this period, Gulmarg receives heavy snowfall, and the temperature drops to sub-zero levels. The town becomes a winter wonderland, and visitors can indulge in a variety of winter sports, including skiing, snowboarding, sledging, and snowshoeing.

Gulmarg has a well-equipped ski resort, which is run by the Jammu and Kashmir tourism department. The ski resort has several slopes that cater to skiers of all levels, from beginners to experts.

Gulmarg is not only a haven for skiers but also a paradise for nature lovers. The snow-capped mountains and the pristine white snow create a picturesque landscape that is mesmerizing. Visitors can take a cable car ride, which is one of the highest in the world, to reach the top of the mountain and enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

The cable car ride is an experience in itself, and it offers a bird’s eye view of the town and the surrounding mountains.

Apart from skiing and snowboarding, visitors can also enjoy other winter activities such as sledging and snowshoeing. Sledging is a popular activity among children and adults alike. Visitors can rent a sled and slide down the slopes, enjoying the thrill and excitement of the ride.

Snowshoeing is another activity that visitors can indulge in. It involves walking on snow with special shoes that distribute the weight evenly, allowing the wearer to walk on the snow without sinking.

Gulmarg is also famous for its frozen lakes, which are a sight to behold during the winter season. The frozen lakes are surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and they create a breathtaking view that is unforgettable. Visitors can take a stroll on the frozen lakes, and some of them are even safe for ice skating.

When visiting Gulmarg, visitors must dress appropriately for the weather. The temperature during the winter season can drop to sub-zero levels, and it is essential to keep oneself warm and dry. Visitors must wear warm jackets, gloves, and boots to keep themselves warm. It is also advisable to carry a thermos of hot tea or coffee to keep oneself warm during the outdoor activities.

Gulmarg has several accommodation options that cater to visitors of all budgets. There are luxury hotels, guest houses, and budget accommodations that visitors can choose from. During the winter season, it is advisable to book the accommodation in advance, as the town attracts a large number of visitors. Take Cliffhangers India company’s help to make yourself aware of the best accommodation options in budget.

In conclusion, Gulmarg is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit for snowfall enthusiasts. The town’s charm is enhanced during the winter season when it is covered with a white blanket of snow. Visitors can indulge in a variety of winter sports, including skiing, snowboarding, sledging, and snowshoeing.

Gulmarg is also a paradise for nature lovers, and its frozen lakes and snow-capped mountains create a picturesque landscape that is mesmerizing. Our Gulmarg Tour Packages offer a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors, and it is a must-visit destination for those who love snow and winter sports. If you are planning a trip to Gulmarg, make sure to visit during the winter season and enjoy the magical experience of the town covered in snow.

Essential Information For Gulmarg Tour Packages

Tulail Valley

How to Reach Gulmarg

Situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Gulmarg can be reached by road from both Jammu and Srinagar. Jammu has excellent air, road, and train connections with all major cities. This is the route to Gulmarg:

By AIR: The Srinagar Airport is the closest to Gulmarg. About 56 kilometers separate it from Gulmarg. To go to the location, taxis, and Jeep are available outside the airport. Every day, the airport has good daily connections with all of the major domestic airports.

By TRAIN: The closest train station is Jammu Tawi, which is around 290 kilometers away. Every domestic railhead is connected to this railway station. From Station, one can go to Gulmarg via bus or cab.

By ROAD: Gulmarg has decent road connectivity and is connected to major towns by National Highway 1-A. Both private luxury buses and state-owned buses are often accessible to tourists.


Gulmarg Winter Tour Package

The Gulmarg winter tour package is the winter snow tour which will make you see the snow slopes of Gulmarg. Cliffhangers are the registered travel company that is authorized to do any winter activity in Gulmarg. For winter Gulmarg we have sightseeing packages, skiing course packages, and snow hike packages with the best of services.

You can sign up for the short ski course of 5 days or 7 days along with the sightseeing of Gulmarg. Only sightseeing tour products range from one day to 4 days at Gulmarg. 

Gulmarg In July

Which is the Best Month to Visit Gulmarg?

Gulmarg is an all-season destination. It is one of the few destinations in Kashmir which remains open for an entire year. However, the best months to visit Gulmarg are the winter months. Gulmarg is famous mostly because of the snow it receives. And the snow activities like skiing and snowboarding which are done here.

In winter it looks stunningly beautiful with the snow and landscape of this place. This hill station is above all the other destinations in Kashmir in terms of beauty. Most of the tourist flow in Gulmarg is also only in the winter season. In winter the best months to visit this place are from December to March. These are months in which snow remains in Gulmarg. 

Gulmarg In April

How Many Days are Required to Visit Gulmarg?

Gulmarg is a small place. You can start with the basic two-day visit and the maximum 4 days tour plan. In case you want to take us for some activities like skiing and snowboarding the minimum duration should be 5 days to 10 days. 


How Much Does it Cost to Visit Gulmarg?

Gulmarg is quite an expensive place than the rest of the places in Kashmir. This is because of less number of hotels and guest houses. This makes the demand and hence the prices high. The basic property goes as high as 7000 per night which will cost in Srinagar around 1500 per night. The 5-star hotel can cost around 45k per night and the standard hotels are around 10k per night.


Take A Gondola Ride: There are two sections to the full trip: Kongdori to Apharwat Peak and Gulmarg to Kungdoor. It’s one of the highest and longest cable car trips in Asia. See the breathtaking valleys, forests, and mountains covered with snow from a distance.

Go On Skiing: Do not worry if you are not a professional skier. For both novice and expert skiers, Gulmarg has several camps set up. Try your hand at this sport throughout January and February if possible.    

Pony Ride: A pony ride to Khilanmarg, which offers some of the most breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks, is an adventure in and of itself. This magnificent valley is enhanced with added delight as it blooms with many fragrant flowers. For those who enjoy skiing, it’s also a terrific place.    

Taste Local Cuisine: Kashmiri cuisine is the most well-liked cuisine in Gulmarg. Two of the most well-known dishes in Gulmarg are Kashmiri Wazwan and Kahwa. Rice is the main food and is typically served with mutton, poultry, or fish Paneer.    

Enjoy Trekking: Adventure lovers will enjoy this action-packed excursion. One of the most exhilarating locations to visit in Gulmarg, the lake is situated on the opposite side of the Apharwat peak and is accessible by beautiful hilly hiking routes.

Khilanmarg: One of the locations in Gulmarg that are endowed with an abundance of beauty, offering

views of massive mountains that appear to be melting snow. Starting from Khilanmarg, the nearly 600-meter-high slope ascends to Gulmarg, the destination for winter skiing adventures. From here, you may also get views of some of the world’s highest peaks, such as the Nun and Kun twin peaks and the Nanga Parbat.   

Drung Waterfall: In Gulmarg, one of the most visited tourist destinations is the Drung Waterfall. This waterfall, which cascades heavily, is situated in the Tangmarg of Gulmarg, Baramulla, and is surrounded by magnificent mountains. This waterfall’s most appealing aspect is that, throughout the winter, because of the bitterly cold weather, it entirely freezes over.    

Apharwat Peak: The summit is strategically located near Pakistan’s adjacent Line of Control and is mostly covered in deep snow throughout the year. Additionally, the majority of Gulmarg’s winter sports are coordinated from this location.    

Strawberry Valley: The best views of this picturesque valley are available from April to September, when it’s a terrific place for a family picnic and picking luscious, fresh strawberries. Wintertime is a popular time for guided hikes and equestrian rides.     

Maharani Temple: Another common name for the Maharani Temple is the Rani Temple. The Shiva and Parvati temple’s construction which allows for its visibility from every direction in Gulmarg is its most intriguing feature.

The town of Gulmarg is situated in the northern Indian union territory of western Jammu and Kashmir. At an altitude of 8,500 feet (2,600 meters), it is located roughly 40 km (miles) west of Srinagar. Situated at the westernmost tip of one of the six mountain ranges that comprise the Himalayan Mountains, Gulmarg is a small town situated in the Pir Panjal peaks of India.
Travelers can fly into Srinagar, and then take a taxi to travel the picturesque 51 km Srinagar – Tangmarg Road to Gulmarg. Gulmarg is located 290 kilometers from Jammu railway station, which is the closest train station to it. You can also board a flight to Srinagar and travel from there by bus or taxi.
In Gulmarg, snowfall is highly anticipated from the end of December to March. For people who love snow activities, the best time to take part is in January or early February. For a honeymoon trip, the ideal months are March and April. You may also see off-season snow in May in Gulmarg. Our winter Gulmarg trip package covers all activities you can do in the snow.
That’s right—it’s completely safe and secure, there are occasionally incidents like strikes, encounters, and stone pelting, but two things stand out: first, You can always travel here because Gulmarg is protected by governed forces. even despite this, visitors still feel safe because the people there are incredibly kind, helpful, and welcoming.
Gulmarg trip cost depends on the kind of travel plan you are choosing and the activities you take part in. But on average planning of Gulmarg trip costs around 15k-30k for 4-5 days of Gulmarg trip. In these Gulmarg packages you can go skiing, shopping, and many other activities are included in Gulmarg tour packages. There are Gulmarg Kashmir tour packages that cover Pahalgam Gulmarg. These Gulmarg Kashmir tour packages are always a money-saving option.
The summer months of March through June are the ideal times for a Gulmarg trip plan. However, December to mid-March is the best time to go skiing if you want to experience snowfall. Summer is the ideal season to travel if you want to see verdant meadows and beautiful scenery; if not, winter travel is an option.
Gulmarg is most famous for its skiing scenery since it offers some of the best snow-covered slopes, from easy to very difficult, that are perfect for skiing. The small hamlet is surrounded by unmatched scenic beauty as it is perched picturesquely amid the Pir Panjal range in the great western Himalayas.
Indeed, a Gulmarg trip is well worth it. In the winter, ski and snowboard aficionados travel to Gulmarg, India’s top ski resort, while summer visitors from all over the world and day trippers from Srinagar flood the valley. However, Gulmarg’s many tourist destinations are open all year round for people who want to use their cameras or just their eyes to take in the splendor.
Yes, three days are enough to cover all the popular destinations of Gulmarg. Apart from enjoying the sightseeing in Gulmarg, one can also enjoy many activities here such as a Gondola ride, trekking, photography, etc. Our Gulmarg Tour Packages vary from 1 day to a weeklong.
Both places are prominent tourist destinations in Kashmir. These two places receive major tourists every year. Pahalgam is well known for its scenic beauty while Gulmarg is known for its skiing scenes and Gondola ride. Gulmarg is one of the popular travel destinations which remains open for all 12 months.
December to February is the best time to enjoy snowfall here in Gulmarg. Due to its high-altitude, it receives heavy snowfall. If you are planning to visit Gulmarg for snowfall then wintertime is the ideal time to enjoy live snowfall here in Gulmarg.
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