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Cliffhangers India’s summer camping is always a blend of outdoor education and activities. From pitching a tent to high-altitude acclimatization training, from imparting teamsmanship to cultivating environment-friendly consciousness, our camping inculcates many things other than just an outing vibe.

We have been engaging students in the outdoor and adventure activities for years now. We operate camping with safety and assurity. We impart in students a sense of adventure and building the basic leadership outlook. This is our main aim for outdoor summer camping. Our exprienced camp managers and leaders make camping full of fun and joy.

We have a decade of experience in providing camping experiences to varied schools, colleges, families, and friends. In our camping programs, we have an extensive portfolio of colleges, schools, universities, corporates and other organizations. From across India and across the age group of campers, we provide an ideal camping experience to all.

Sonamarg Campsite

Our campsite is situated in the picturesque Sonamarg area. The place is famously called the Golden Meadow. This camping site is situated on a lush patch of grassland with a breathtaking view of Thajwas Mountain Range. The campsite is in the middle from where some of the best hikes of Kashmir start. The camping site has snow-capped mountains in the background, plantation fields in the surrounding area, and a water canal running before it. The famous Thajwas Glaciers and Wildlife Santuary is just a walking distance from the camping site. This camping is in the vicinity of Thajwas Glacier, Thajwas Mountain Range, and the famous Table Top that leads to beautiful twin lakes called Kishansar and Vishansar Lakes.

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Our Summer Camping Sessions and Activities.

Knowing the place

In this short session, the campers are acquainted with the surroundings: the mountain ranges like the Karakoram, Lower Himalayas, and Pir Panjal, meadows, and routes leading to other mountains and alpine lakes. This session gives them a feel of where they are camping and what lies in the surroundings.

This session is appended with a briefing on environmental guidelines & instructions.

Medical, Survival, and Rescue Session

A short introduction to high-altitude sickness, mountain sickness, and high-altitude acclimatization is initiated by our experts in this session. Emergency rescue and survival titbits and basic know-how related to it are talked about with some practical steps shown.


Trekking is one of the activities during camping. For campers below 16, the trails are easy, and for those above 16, the trek is easy to moderate. The campers are always accompanied by our professional camp managers, trek leaders, and our medical staff.

Other activities include sports like volleyball, badminton, throwing the ball, Kabaddi, Tug-of-war, etc. We have rope maneuvering and horseback riding courses as well.


Our camps are placed in places where we can give the feeling of farming to our campers. Vegetable patches surrounding the camping sites involve the trekkers in the plantation activity.


There is a dedicated session for Yoga where campers are introduced to basic Yoga like basic poses: tree pose, mountain pose, chair pose, cobra pose, etc. Further, mindfulness and breathing practices are stressed.

Safety Measures

Our camping sites are always a shout away from the connecting roads. Our camping sites are ideally placed to have both serenities in the ambiance and easy access to the main road. Besides, we have all the necessary medical facilities available at the campsite. The nearest Hospital to our campsite is just a 10-minute drive.

Our tents are from high-end companies and are highly resistant to both wind and rain. The toilets and refreshing rooms are hygienic and have an availability of both hot and cold water.

Daily Exercise

The day of the campers will start with the basic exercise sessions with our athletes at the camp. This will involve stretching, breathing, some core exercises, etc.

First Responder Awareness

This is a growing need to develop this highly valuable training that makes our students quick responders to any health emergency. This basic session on CPR and other emergency rescues will be properly explained and exhibited to the students.

Jungle Survival Session

As part of the camping program, we make students hike to the nearest jungle at Table Top. Here students are given a session about the importance of jungle and information about types of jungle. Further, the students are taught how to survive in a jungle with the basic survival techniques and knowledge of the wilderness.

Local Sightseeing

Part of the program takes students to the nearest Sonamarg market and makes them see the local population and the bazaar.

Why Cliffhangers India’s Summer Camping

We are the leading adventure and camping company based in Kashmir. We are registered with the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department as an Adventure Travel Company with a specialization in Camping Services. We are also a member of the Adventure Tour Operators Association of Kashmir.

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Inclusions of the Camping

  • Tented accommodation.
  • All trekking gears.
  • Meal Plan. 4 meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner).
  • Drinking-Water.Boiled drinking water, the students are requested to carry their water bottles along with them.
  • Staff Support. Qualified & experienced Camp Leaders, support staff, Local Guides & Cooking staff. Languages are known- English, Urdu, Hindi & Kashmiri.
  • Wildlife Permits Travel & Trekking Permits
  • Medical Emergency.First Aid Medical kit, Oxygen Cylinder, Oximeter & Stretcher.

Covid Guidelines

All our staff will be covid tested and only covid negative staff will accompany the groups. All our equipment will be sanitized before the start of the camping. Our trek leader will be carrying other than an oxygen cylinder and medical kit, a covid RAT kit. Extra sleeping bags and tents will be provided in case someone develops symptoms of covid. He/she will be quarantined and sent back to the nearest hospital for further examination. All the camping stations will have sanitizers, hand washes, and proper hygiene protocol. Furthermore, we strictly follow the policy of leaving the campsite with no trash. All the environmental guidelines will be followed as per the wildlife and tourism guidelines.

Our Camp Manager

Mr. Tejinder Pal: Mr Tejinder is a veteran in camping and adventure across India. Having served in camping and hiking experiences, Mr Tejinder has been in this program from over a decade.He has organized and handled the varied shool, college and university camping programs. His work has led him to provide his immaculate service ot the esteemed Indian Skiing and Mountaineering Institutions and schols like Delhi Public.

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