Kashmir is full of alpine lakes tucked away amid the mountains and lush meadows. Most of these alpine lakes are glacier-fed. They are a great source of river streams like Lidder and Sindh rivers. One such alpine lake is Sheshnag Lake.

Sheshnag Lake is the most exotic and gorgeous alpine lake of Kashmir. It’s an oligotrophic blue lake surrounded by snow-peaked mountains. The lake is on the way to the famous Amarnath Cave pilgrimage and is around 25km from Pahalgam.

Sheshnag means the King of Snakes which is the throne of Vishnu. During Amarnath, Yatra devotees go to this sacred lake before vising the cave. The sacred cave lies around 23km from this lake. One has to trek for around 7 km to reach this lake from the Chandanwari area of Pahalgam. The gradient of the trek is difficult and it is an all ascent right from the start of the trek. The lake is at an altitude of around 3590m and is around 1km in length and 0.7km in width.  

Sheshnag Lake is the most scenic lakes here in Kashmir and is the most frequently visited and promoted treks for Kashmir Trekking.

sheshnag lake

Sheshnag Lake Mythology

It is believed that the Sheshnag Lake formed by a huge cloud burst that caused a deep groove in the middle of the surrounding mountains. The lake is called Sheshnag owing to the reason that Sheshnaga is the Naga Raja (king of all nagas) one of the primary figures in Hinduism. It is believed that in ancient times Kashmir was the place inhabited by these nagas. There is much folklore that describes the stories of nagas. The famous is the love story of Himal and Nagrai.  

sheshnag lak
Frozen Sheshnag Lake

Sheshnag Lake Trek

Sheshnag Lake trek is the most famous alpine lake trek in Kashmir. In summers trekkers and tourists throng this beautiful lake. They enjoy the breathtaking view and trail to this lake.  

Brief itinerary of Sheshnag Lake Trek

Day 1: Pahalgam – Chandanwari – Sheshnag Lake

The first day of the trek starts with a drive from Pahalgam to Chandanwari. From Chandanwari the trek starts beside the shimmering river. The trail goes through fines forest covers here in Kashmir along the river stream. There is a gradual ascent to the Pissu top which is at an altitude of 11,000ft. Further, it is a sharp ascent till the Sheshnag Lake. The total duration of the trek is around 8 hours. The campsite is just in the vicinity of the lake. Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the lake. Night stay in camps here.

Day 2: Sheshnag Lake – Chandanwari – Pahalgam

This is an all-day descent towards the Chandanwari and follows the same trail. From Chandanwari the drive takes you to Pahalgam.

How To Reach Sheshnag Lake Pahalgam?  

Sheshnag Lakes is around 120km from Srinagar and 23 km from Pahalgam. The motorable road is till Chandanwari and then it is a trekking trail.

What is the best season to visit Sheshnag Lake?

Sheshnag Lake is best visited in the summer months. The snow meltes in Summer and the lake reveals its blue color. The weather is pleasant and the trek is rewarding. In winters, the lake freezes and remain under snow.

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