Duration: 7 Days/ 6 Nights

Altitude: 10,000 Ft. 

Minimum: 2 People Group

Difficulty: Moderate

Duration: 7 Days/ 6 Nights

Minimum: 2 People Group

Difficulty: Moderate

Altitude: 10,000 Ft.

Gulmarg is the best snowboaring destination in India. It provides the best snow quality and terrain to snowboard. The beauty in the surrouding gets you mesimerized as you go down from the upper reaches of its slope. As the snowfall hits you, you feel in the ture heaven in your surrounding. The mountain peaks that circle the trail gets fascinating view.
Snowboarding is part of Winter Olympics, so enjoy this Olympic sport here in Gulmarg with Cliffhangers India.

Accommodation  on twin/triple sharing basis.Snowboard
All Veg meals Snowboard  Instructor
Personal Expenses Like Calls, Camera, Alcohol etc.
Travel Insurance and other Emergency Expenses.
Ski lift tickets, Gondola Tickets
Anything not mentioned in the inclusion list.



Day 1: Arrival

You will arrive at Gulmarg and check in the hotel.


Day 2 to Day 6: Learn and practise snowboarding till

There are basic things one has to learn before even trying snowboard on the snow. They mostly involve about the snowboard and gear. Your instructor will teach properly about the boots that are required for snowboarding. He will give the detailed description of snowboard, strapping, stance and how to carry your snowboard.

Now you are aware of the gear used in snowbaording, you will be taken to the slope. Here the first thing you will be taught is skating and gliding, how to get up when you fall and how to carry the snowboard uphill.

This phase is all about turning and stopping. The most difficult part for some of the snowboarders is to learn how to stop and when to stop. You will be practised about all this in this section.

This part is all about balancing. You will be taught about how to ollie, the tow footed hop, how to nose press and tail press and 180 technique.

This part will involve lot of parctising what you have so far learnt and then adding the movement part of snowboaring like tilt, twist, pivot and pressure.


Day 7 : Departure

Return back to your home with awesome memories.

Snowboarding Tips For Beginners:-

Select the proper gear

Right gear is the first thing you have to make sure of before hopping for snowboarding. For beginners, snowboarding can become challenging if the right gear isn’t taken proper care of. Here are some of the essentials in gear: waterproof jacket, waterproof pants, base layers, socks, gloves, neck gaiter, helmet and goggles.

Plan and know things in advance

You need to be prepared for your snowboarding here in Gulmarg. In advance our expert at Cliffhangers India will let give you the brief about weather update and what to carry. Any queries related to your adventure of this kind here, get in touch for any doubts or questions regarding anything.

Choose your stance

We recommend making your mind surely for the stance in advance before hitting the Gulmarg for snowboarding. You need to know which foot feels more strong or comfortable between the two. You can be regular footed or goofy footed.

Hitting the Gym

Before you come for snowboarding, it is must you get some regular exercises done. Prepare yourself in advance. Hit the gym and make your core strong. Work on you legs mostly and do some stretching exercises.

Don’t be afraid of falling

Many people have this phobia of falling and get scared of even trying snowboarding even after hitting the slope. Release your fears and strictly follow the instructions that your instructor at Cliffhangers gives you.

Know your snowboarding gear

Knowing your snowboard is important. This is what your will be relying on your next days. The snowboard is mostly comprised of board, binding, and a pair of boots. The size of all these has to be chosen as per your height, weight and shoe size. Your snowboarding instructor will give you a detailed summary of the snowboard and all the gear involved in it.

Mistakes Beginners Make in Snowboarding:-

Hurrying Up

No matter how much enthusiastic you are to learn snowboarding, don’t be in rush or hurry. It takes its own time. You just have to be patient and follow the instructions of your instructor. Be disciplined and don’t rush to hurt yourself.

Not being physically fit

Snowboarding involves most of your large muscle and bones. You must be physically fit and must have endurance to practise it.

Fastening feet while standing

Never faster your board while standing up. Sit down and strap it comfortable. Your board has to fit perfectly fine and then your experience you will be good and there will be less chance of injury.

Choosing the wrong gear

Choose your gear properly and warm. It is the personal gear like clothes that will make your comfortable in the slope.

Using your hands when you fall

There is no way you won’t fall while learning snowboarding. And many beginners use hands when they fall to avoid their clothes get smeared in snow. Just let your clothes and body become cushion for your fall. Use hands but not harshly.

Doing snowboarding on your own

You must have some professional to teach you snowboarding and make your practise. For a beginner it is essential to be under the guidance of a trainer.

Is snowboarding bad for your body?

Snowboarding as such is a good sport that keeps your legs and body fit. However it has a chance of injury as you fall. The more speed you have and the more jumps you make, there are more chances of fall and more chances of injury.

Is snowboarding hard for beginners?

Snowboarding isn’t hard to learn, however, it does take some time and effort to learn this winter sport. It also depends upon the person’s learning skills like how quickly one learns.

Is snowboarind harder than skiing?

Snowboarding is definityely harder than skiing to learn, but as you learn the basic of snowboarding you become master it quickly than skiing.

Is snowboarding easier of knees?

It definitely is easier on knees than skiing. Snowbaording puts less stress on your knees than skiing.

Can you go faster on skis or snowboard?

You surely attain more fast speed while skiing than snowboarding. The effort you put with you hands in skiing helps to increase the speed which isn’t the case in snowboarding.

Can we do snowboarding in Gulmarg?

Yes, snowboarding is the famous winter sport here in Gulmarg. Along with skiing , snowboarding can be learnt here and practised.

Can we get snowboard at Gulmarg on rent?

Yes, there are many shops that rent out skiing and snowboarding equipments.

What is the best month to go snowboarding?

The best month is March. In this month the weather is warmer than January and Feberuary so one can enjoy snowboaring more.