Things to Do in Gurez Valley – A Detailed Guide
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The natural beauty of the valley will undoubtedly be at the top of the list when discussing places to visit in Gurez Valley. One of Kashmir’s least traveled areas, it is also one that qualifies as an unusual travel destination. The best course of action, after you get to Gurez, is to simply sit back and take it all in. Here in this blog, we will mention the best things to do in Gurez Valley in quite a detail.

Given that, we’ll mention a few locations in the piece below that are unquestionably worth visiting. The majority of these can be finished in a single day or two at most.

About Gurez Valley

There are two districts in the Gurez Valley. The Dawar district encompasses the region between Razdan Pass and the town of Dawar. The area beyond that, between Dawar and Chakwali, is included in the Tilel district.

The little village of Dawar serves as Gurez’s main tourist destination and serves as the city’s economic center. The majority of the tourist attractions in Gurez Valley are located here. Basic services like hotels, banks, markets, schools, gas stations, and ATMs are all located in Dawar.

It is actually what you might as well call a forbidden beauty given how near to the border it is. Vistas will never fail to captivate you. Gurez Valley is for you if you like peaks covered with snow, rivers, cold winds, thick forests, and a few wooden cottages smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

Things to do in Gurez Valley

What draws you to Gurez Valley, then? You must abandon the idea of traveling to Gurez if you were hoping to find some fantastic marketplaces, an unending amount of interesting locations, and upscale dining options.

However, Gurez is the location for you if you want to go through some magnificent landscapes, visit a part of Kashmir that not many have seen, observe the lives of the people in these outlying districts, and have a unique experience.

Gurez has a variety of tourist attractions, and practically all of them will provide you with the inner fulfillment and calm you’ve been seeking your entire life. So why are you still waiting? Lets explore things to do in Gurez Valley.

Bird Watching

For lovers of birds and animals, Gurez Valley is a wonderland. Numerous species, such as the Himalayan Monal, Golden Eagle, and Western Tragopan, can be found in the valley. Grab your binoculars and go on a bird-watching adventure to see these lovely birds in their natural environment.


Put on your hiking boots and set out on exhilarating treks in Gurez Valley. Trabal, Razdan Pass, and Habba Khatoon Peak are a few hikes to explore. Each path offers breathtaking vistas, verdant meadows, and a chance to develop a deeper relationship with nature. Particularly recognized for its difficult yet rewarding experience is the hike to Harmukh Peak.

Due to its proximity to the border, Gurez Valley does not have many treks. There may be one that travels to Madhumati Lake, but it takes three to four days. Additionally, from Khandiyal Top, you can walk a little further into the forests.

Fishing in Kishanganga River

There is without a doubt a calm river in its infancy running down a twisting slope, perilously close to the hill station itself, in each Kashmir Valley. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Kishanganga River’s banks rank among Gurez’s most significant tourist destinations. The river in this valley is little but ferocious, and its banks are barely bordered by pebbles. On top of this river, simple wooden plank bridges are constructed.

You can also treat yourself by going camping next to a river and experience fishing. In Dawar, there are several places to set up camp and pitch a tent. A few campgrounds have also opened up in the valley due to the recent rise in tourism.

Visit Dawar Swamp

In reality, there are two districts surrounding the valley of Gurez rather than just one. The majority of Gurez’s tourist attractions are located in one of these areas, the renowned Dawar district. There is a natural marsh close to the defunct historic town of Dawar. Although the swamp is lovely, novices shouldn’t attempt to travel inside the swamp itself. In this unspoiled natural setting, if you’re lucky, you might also be able to observe a few cheery birds.

Habba Khatoon Peak

One of the top tourist destinations in Gurez Valley is this. In real life, Akbar arrested and imprisoned Habba Khatoon, a poetess, whose husband was the king of Kashmir during his conquest of that region.

Currently, the term refers to a mountain that is visible from Dawar, the main municipality of Gurez. On the life of Habba Khatoon, a movie starring Dimple Kapadia was also contemplated, but it was never finalized.

The Kishenganga River flowing through its shadow makes the mountain look beautiful. Although it can be seen from every part of the town, sitting on the riverbank offers the best views.

Either around sunset or sunrise is the finest time to see this spectacular peak. In the early or late hours of the day, it turns a little golden and makes for an excellent photo opportunity.

Wular Lake

Several activities are fantastic in lakes on mountains. In addition to sightseeing, you’ll discover that Gurez is a great place for sports with your family and friends, planning a day-long picnic, and getting permission to fish in the various lakes in and around the Valley, depending on local laws. Some of these lakes also offer the thrilling prospect of a trip. Outside the Gurez Valley is where you’ll find Wular League. One of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia, it is accessible only by a brief walk, yet is incredibly refreshing and fascinating for visitors of all ages.

Hike to Khandiyal Top

It is located on top of a mound with a 360-degree view of the villages nearby, the Kishenganga dam lake, and the entire town of Dawar. Another great location to observe the sunrise and sunset is there.

You must travel up the hill near the petrol station to reach this location. Drive as far as you can, park, and then climb to the summit on foot. Ask for instructions because the roads will start to get narrow and complicated.

Razdan Pass

The areas between Gurez and Srinagar are opulent and interesting. This voyage includes a leg that takes travelers to the well-known Razdan Pass, which is situated at a height of 3300 m. You can climb to a high height from here to get a glimpse of Kashmir’s verdant canyons. You can take breaks along the way to stop and take pictures with the tall, rocky mountains in the background. We are positive that this will provide you with the most daring experiences out of all the tourist attractions in Gurez.

Enjoy coffee at Army Café

The neighborhood army cafe can be found if one travels to a remote alpine spot. In places like this, army cafes are crucial since local civil development has not kept up with the expectations of foreign tourists. Tourists can have modest, everyday meals in this picturesque yet unassuming cafe while taking in the fascinating stories of army life in high-altitude alpine regions.

Spend peaceful time at Peer Baba Shrine

Where can you cleanse your mind and spirit in Gurez, another underestimated tourist destination you can experience history? The Indian army maintains and prays at Peer Baba Shrine, the oldest shrine at the top of Razdan Pass. The shrine’s interior floral decorations and stunning chilly blue exterior are sufficient to justify a visit for devotion. The fact that there are numerous images of gods and goddesses inside the shrine is a true testament to the location’s secular character.

Habba Khatoom Waterfall

It is a tiny underground trickle of water that travels from the Habba Khatoon peak and empties into the Kishenganga River. It is known as “Habba Khatoon ka Chashma” locally.

To truly refer to it as a waterfall would be incorrect. Since it is only a little stream of water, it is not particularly noteworthy. However, the location of this tiny waterfall in the center of the forest is picturesque. To reach the water stream, you will have to park your car and walk for about 500 meters.

Ask any native in the area, and they will be able to lead you to this little waterfall. After signing in at the Army checkpoint, you must bridge the river and proceed to the left bank to get to this location after Dawar.

Experience local culture- Tilel District

The bulk of visitors travel as far as Dawar town before heading back to Srinagar. But as you travel into the Tilel district, we assure you that the Gurez Valley’s breathtaking splendor goes well beyond that.

The tarmac road also comes to an end near Dawar, which is the only drawback. Only a severely damaged dirt trail lies after there, which will put your car’s suspension to the test as well as your stomach.

Yes, the travel will be awful, but you’ll be rewarded with scenes that are sure to delight you.

Gurez Festival

This is one of the best things to do in Gurez Valley. Every year, the valley hosts the 3-day Gurez Festival. It features performances by local schoolchildren as well as folk music and dances performed by the townspeople. White water rafting on the Kishanganga River, mountaineering competitions, and mountain bike events are just a few of the adventure sports that are organized.

Although this festival is meant to take place annually, it doesn’t. In other cases, the event may not be organized for two to three years.


This one should be obvious. You’ll have plenty of chances to take some of your best photos ever throughout the entire valley.

It makes little difference if you prefer to photograph landscapes or the people in your immediate surroundings. Both types of photographers will like Gurez Valley.

Shopping in Gurez Valley

Gurez Valley shopping offers more than simply the chance to buy things; it also provides an opportunity to support regional artists, get knowledge of the area’s cultural history, and take a little bit of Kashmiri beauty home with you. So allow some time to peruse the markets, talk to the inhabitants, and discover items that will always serve as a reminder of your trip through this lovely valley.

Enjoy the seduction of authentic Kashmiri jewels while touring the Gurez Valley bazaar. Seek out ornate silver bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with vibrant gemstones or fine filigree work. Each item in your collection has a unique tale to share and adds a touch of class.

The top tourist destinations in Gurez’s photographs range from quiet natural settings to the flash of supposedly famous sites. The emphasis of the Gurez vacation packages to India created by our knowledgeable travel consultants is on you spending time with your loved ones rather than hurrying to finish your itinerary! To make your vacation more exciting and unforgettable, you may even search for more Kashmir travel packages that include Srinagar and the surrounding areas.


How many days are required for Gurez Valley?

Since Gurez is a quiet, little town, it is possible to tour practically all of its must-see attractions in 6 to 7 days.

Is Gurez Valley a better option for romantic visits?

Gurez Valley is renowned for its remote, unspoiled areas that capture people’s imaginations and hearts. Because of this, it makes for a very lovely and romantic setting for couples looking to spend some time together.

What is the specialty of Army Café?

The Army Cafe is renowned for its fascinating past and the tales that residents and army personnel are happy to share with guests visiting this area. It’s also a terrific place to enjoy a steaming hot plate of Maggi or a delicious cup of tea.

How to know the complete guide on Gurez Valley

You can check all the details of Gurez Valley in this blog – Gurez Valley – A Complete Travel Guide

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