Tulian Lake is the most exotic lake in Pahalgam. This lake throws tranquility and charm to whosoever visits it. The lake is situated at around 15 km from Pahalgam and is situated at an altitude of 3700m above sea level. This is the main highlight of Pahalgam. This lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains on three sides. In winters it is covered in snow and in summers it gorgeously tempts the trekkers with its colorful and clean water. On one side of the lake is Zanskar Range and on the other is Pir Panjal Range. Make your Pahalgam trip memorable by taking a trek to this gorgeous lake.

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To do this trek, you will have to reach Pahalgam first. You will get a direct/shared cab from Srinagar easily. Spend the first night in the Pahalgam that will acclimatize you for the altitude. The actual trek will start the next day with a short drive to the base of the Tulian lake trek. The trek is an all ascend towards the tulian valley. You will spend your night in this valley in camps. The next day is the lake day when you will ascend 2km to see the beautiful Tulian Lake. Descend to tulian valley after seeing the lake and spend the night in the Tulian valley. The last day of the trek is an all descent from the Tulian valley to Pahalgam.

The Tulian lake stands at an altitude of 3700m.

Tulian Lake Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Pahalgam – Tulian Valley Trek

  • Distance: 9km
  • Altitude Gain: 1300m
  • Trek Duration: 8 hours. 

The first day of the trek starts with a drive from Pahalgam. It is a short drive of around 20 minutes. The drive takes you to the start of the trail for Tulian Lake. The trail starts at an altitude of around 2100m. It is a steep ascend to Tulian valley where we will be camping for the day. The total distance to Tulian valley is 8km and the altitude of the campsite is 3400m.

Day 2: Tulian Valley – Tulian Lake – Tulian Valley

  • Trek Distance: 4km
  • Altitude Gain/Loss: 300m
  • Trek Duration: 6 hours. 

This is lake day. On this day start your trek early after a hearty breakfast. You will be ascending towards Tulian lake. After a distance of 2km, behold the eternally gorgeous Tulian lake. The lake appears as the best surprise of your life with all the lake turquoise in color and the background of sparkling mountains. The lake is just a piece of heaven sitting amid the mountain ranges. It has the shape of the number 8. Explore the lake while walking along its banks. Spend your time beside the lake and take lunch here. Cliffhangers India will spread the lunch just in the vicinity of the lake. Post lunch, return to the campsite at Tulian valley. Spend the night here.

Day 3: Tulian Valley – Pahalgam

  • Trek Distance: 8km
  • Altitude Loss: 1300m
  • Trek Duration: 6 hours.

This is the last day of the trek. You will have to retrace your steps and get down to Pahalgam. This finishes the trek.

tulian lake

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Tulian Lake a day trek?

Tulian lake trek is a challenging trek. It is no way is recommended to finish in a day. It will expose one to altitude sickness and can be fatal. The ideal duration for the trek is 3 days which lets you acclimatize well and enjoy the beauty of the trek and lake.

What is the ideal duration for this trek?

The ideal duration for the Tulian lake trek is 3 days. This lets you acclimatize well with this high-altitude trek.

What is the best time to visit Tulian Lake?

This lake trek is a summer trek. The best time to visit this lake is between July to September.

What is the difficulty of the trek?

This trek is in no way easy. It is difficult. It is an all ascend trek until one reaches Tulian lake and then an all descend to the base camp.

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