Why Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Why Kashmir Great Lakes Trek
Why Kashmir Great Lakes Trek
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Why Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek has many attractions. It is scenic enough to qualify for the best trek in India. Unlike other treks in India, this trek holds unparalleld variations in beauty and ladscape. It welcomes the trekkers with a bouquet of around dozen alpine lakes, lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains, different valleys and varied Himalayan Wildlife. This trek is, as is said, the crown of trekking in Kashmir. Trekking in India is incomplete without Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.


Here is why you should choose Kashmir Great Lakes Trek


1. Pristine Alpine Lakes

One of the biggest attractions of Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is the number of lakes it offers. These alpine lakes range in size, shape and altitude.

  • Gangbal Lake: This is the largest alpine lake of Kashmir. This lake is serene and deep and is fed by Harmukh Glacier.
  • Nundkol Lake: This forms one of the twin lakes of Gangbal. The lake is a short walk away from Gangbal Lake and is near to Trunkhol Meadow. This lake rests adjacent to Mount Harmukh and takes its water from Harmukh Glacier.
  • Gadsar Lake: Gadsar Lake is a small but beautiful lake in Gadsar Valley. It has many myths surrounding it and according to one of those myths, nobody has ever dipped into its depth.
  • Kishansar & Vishansar Lakes: These twin lakes rest just below two magnificient peaks: Kishansar and Vishansar Peaks. These lakes are abounding with colourful trouts that come down dancing into the stream that comes out of these two lakes.

The other alpine lakes that one can see en route this trek are: Shoqsar Lake, Atmas Lake, Kaalsar Lake, Kulsar Lake, Nichnai Lake. 


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2. Lush Green Meadows

This trek connects different valleys and all have lushgreen meadows. The best wavy meadows are seen in Satsar Valley. Satsar Meadows look heavenly, the are wide and vast against the mountian chain that encircles them. There are other meadows like Gadsar Meadow andTrunkhol Meadow.


3. Snow-Capped Mountians

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek has beautiful chain of mountains that make them eternally encirled by them. Some of the famous peaks that one encounters on the trek are: Mount Vishu, Gadsar Peak, Nichnai Peak, Mount Harmukh.


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4. Breathtaking Mountian Passes

  • Zajibal Pass: This Pass stands at an altitude of 3650m. It connects Satsar Valley to Gangbal Valley.
  • Gadsar Pass: This is the heighest altitude point of Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. It has an altitude of 4200m. This pass disects Gadsar Valley and Kishansar Valley.



5. Himalayan Wildlife

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is home to varied Himalayan wildlife. On the way one can see Himalayan animals like Common Leopard, Himalayan Marmot, Black Bear and many wildflowers and birds.


6. Beautiful Valleys

  • Kishansar/Vishansar Valley: This  valley has beautiful alpine lakes: Kishansar and Vishansar Lakes. The lakes are fed by twin peaks of the same name. It is a small valley and has a route that connects it with Gurez Valley.
  • Gadsar Valley: This valley has the highest altitide of Kashmir Great Lakes Trek i.e Gadsar Pass that stands at an altitude of 4200m. They valley has lush green meadows and connecting mountains.  Along these mountains is a pristine lake Gadsar Lake that forms the main attraction of Gadsar Valley. One has to pass Gadsar Pass to reach to this valley.
  • Satsar Valley: This valley has the best wavy and flat meadows among all the valleys that form Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. The valley has mild ascends and descends and is most of the times covered in clouds that get down to a reachable height.
  • Gangbal Valley:  Gangbal Valley has twin lakes: Gangbal Lake and Nundkol Lake. It has a religious significace for having Mount Harmukh. This lofty mountian is most of the time covered in clouds and its glacier feeds the two lakes. One has to pass Zajibal Pass to reach to this Valley.


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