Workation in Kashmir

What is Workation?

Workation is the landmark modern concept of blending your work with vacation. This concept is viewed both through work and vacation. It is work that integrates your leisure and vacation. Or vacation that integrates work. Either way, it is growing as the best work-life balance approach in the modern corporate world.  

This gives you the leverage. You travel and see places that otherwise your work commitments won’t allow. You stay at different places as per your wish list and work at gorgeous places in the world. The workation satiates the wanderer in you and keeps the commitments of work rolling and fulfilling.  

Imagine yourself sitting in a room that looks into the breathtaking lush meadow with a snow-peaked mountain range in the background. Or a place tucked away into the serenity of nature and looking out into all green landscape with a river stream cutting through it. Now and then birds are chirping here and there giving music to this tranquility. Now how beautiful it is to shoot your emails, check your work on a laptop, finishing assignments in this environment. Thus, you spend your work-day in workation.

In the evening go exploring this new place of your workation, immerse yourself and learn from the new culture and tradition. While you have everything accessible. You are remote, yet so near. Be it the local market, healthcare, or with your family and friends via phone and internet.  This is how workation is.

The weekends and holidays in your work routine gives you enough time to visit the other places of your workation. You can go to nearby fairs and exhibitions, hikes, do cycling, skiing and swimming in clean ponds and go fishing the trout.  

There is a term becoming quite famous for people opting for workation. It is called Digital Nomads. Nomads of the modern world wander different places while being connected with the digital world.  

Why Workaction?

Workation, although a new work behavior, is proven and tested to have a win-win situation. It has tremendously helped both organizations and the employees. It is the best solution so far for varied employee-organization conflicts. Here is the list of some of the obvious reason why corporates or employees should opt for this over working in a cubicle at the office.


You employ productive people, and productivity is what companies aim for. There is a huge upgrade in productivity if you get the best ambiance of your choice. The surroundings uplift your mood and get the best out of you. In workation, you get rejuvenated and you have the newness of the place in which you put up. It constantly gives you a feel-good attitude. The boredom of the office is gone. The time spent getting ready for the office, the time you get stuck in commuting is all slashed down to none. A clean environment and no disturbance channelize your energy into more productivity.

Workation is also a new strategy for companies to attract the best talent. People prefer this work culture over traditional office-bound traditions.  


You need to get yourself detached from the surroundings of day to day routine. To get fresh ideas, what can work better than shifting your workplace. This is what boosts your creativity. Workation gives you ample time and space to renew your approach towards work. And think out of the box and give more creative solutions to old problems. Your creativity will certainly get a booster.  

Relax Time

In workation, you will get more free and relaxed time. This, in turn, will boost your productivity and creativity. Relaxing your body is essential. Our body no matter how much workaholic we are, gets tired and needs rest to renew itself. While you are on workation, you get this rejuvenation and get the refreshing atmosphere.  

Work Motivation

Workation brings you away from the boredom of office. The routine chores that are essential to perform your work like reaching office in the morning, getting ready for the office, coming back from the office etc. All these things are cumbersome. They drain a lot of energy and leave you with less intrinsic motivation and energy to spend on actual work. On top of this the toxic office atmosphere. The pestering of colleagues, and other negative work culture put you down on performance level.

In workation, you get away from all these negative influences. And focus on work and its commitments. You get flexible hours of working and the gorgeous and uplifting work environment.

Traveling and staying in a different location is a good mood elevator and stress buster. 

New Perspective  

Adventure is a booster. Traveling to different places is an eye-opener for new perspectives. You meet different people and get to know the different perspectives of people. And by traveling you acquire the basic positive human traits. You learn taking risks, thinking out of the box and adapting to newness, etc. Furthermore, it makes employees tolerant of new cultures and habits. 

As per the study done by Standford University, people on workation are 13% more productive than those working in an office.

Workation in India

Workation in India is growing at a fast pace. People from the corporate world are on the lookout for the best workation experience. Digital nomads want to get the best out of their work and vacation. They look for beaches, deserts, snow-capped mountains, etc.

We operate all across North India blending work with vacation. However, our flagship workation destination is Kashmir. Imagine working while staying and traveling the place called heaven on earth.

Workation in Kashmir

Kashmir has remained a dreamland for centuries to innumerable people across the globe. In Kashmir, we have curated many corporate people right from the last half a decade. Providing them with the best travel experience and stay facilities. Our client centering and customized flexibility make us the best in the market here. In Kashmir, we have been arranging workation for both group and solo.

Our Destinations

We promise you the best landscape, work ambiance, and services. We have come a long way in exploring what could be the best stay options for our workationholics. We take you away from the hustle-bustle and provide you with the best stays here in Kashmir.

We have three prime locations selected in Kashmir.

  • Naranag Village
  • Anderwan Village
  • Aru Village

Please contact us for any workation related queries.

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