Is it safe to travel to Kashmir now in 2024?


Is it safe to travel to Kashmir now in 2024?


This question is quite frequently asked. Anyone traveling to Kashmir first time wants assurance. And since the start of the pandemic, the question has gained more prominence.

Kashmir, generally speaking, is as safe as any other place in India. No matter how much hype and exaggeration in media is shown about safety, Kashmir has received a huge influx of tourists for ages. Once you land here in Kashmir, all your apprehensions and safety concerns vanish. 

Here are some of the valid reasons to believe that it is safe to travel to Kashmir to Kashmir in 2024.

1. A robust tourism department

Kashmir has one of the robust and best tourism departments in the country. The tourism affiliated members are always helpful and responsive for any of the queries and make sure the traveler gets a hassle-free experience. The department has a 24*7 helpline and you can contact their tourist officers stationed at the tourist locations across Kashmir. 

2. The hospitality of Kashmiri People

The warmth and love that you receive here right from the time you land here are quite unparallel and humbling. Kashmir has won people by its love and warmth. People here go the extra mile to give a delightful experience to tourists.

3. Security

This is one of the frequently asked questions in Is it safe to travel to Kashmir now. We all hear on the news of the violence happening in Kashmir. There is no doubt about the incidents of violence, however, the hype and exaggeration that media portrays are unwelcome. There has been no violence committed against tourists in Kashmir. The security setup here is the best in the country. You will see on your travel here army posts coming up in all places. There are enough police stations placed across Kashmir that make the violence of any form here quite less. 

4. Economy

Kashmir is hugely dependent on tourism. A large number of people draw their employment and income through tourism here in Kashmir. They work directly as tour operators, property owners, tour guides, pony walas, etc. The locals will never let anything happen that could hamper the growth of tourism in this part of India. 

5. Accessibility

All the tourist places in Kashmir have good accessibility. Be it Pahalgam, Gulmarg, or Sonamrag there is good road connectivity and mobile connectivity. All these places have proper local markets, hotel availability, and transportation facility. 

6. Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Kashmir has suffered relatively less than the rest of the cities in India. And whatsoever covid numbers came up here, the government was very much impressive in curbing the spread of this virus. 
  • All the incoming tourists have to follow the health guidelines strictly as per the guidelines issued by the government of Jammu and Kashmir. 
  • Presently there is no restriction to incoming tourists here. However, you will be asked to present your double dose certificate of vaccination or RTPCR negative report done within 48 hours. This applies to all the passengers either coming via air or road. 
  • Wearing masks is mandatory for all the tourists and locals as well. You will be stopped at regular places and fined if found without a face mask. 
  • There are few tourist places like Pahalgam where you will be made to go through the RAT test for Covid-19. 


Yes. The government of Jammu and Kashmir has removed the travel ban here. So all the incoming tourists are welcome here. However, as per the health department, there are some guidelines that tourists have to follow. You need to have a double dose of vaccine or RTPCR negative report done within 48 hours of your travel into Kashmir. While you are here in Kashmir, you must wear a face mask all the time while you are traveling. Keep social distancing and use hand sanitizers.
Yes. Kashmir is open to all tourists. It was among the first tourist places to open tourism. The government has been quite efficient in handling the pandemic here.
Yes. It is always suggested to get the report done for your hassle-free travel here in Kashmir.
Yes. Srinagar is safe and secure for all the incoming tourists. However during pandemic days like these, one has to follow the health guidelines strictly.
Yes, Kashmir is an all-season and all-month destination. You can visit it in any month. During winters you will see its fascinating snow-filled landscape, in summers you will get mesmerized in its beautiful meadows, river streams, lakes, and rivers. In spring, you will feel refreshed while being in Tulip Garden and in autumn the entire valley is covered in beautiful fall colors.
Yes. Gulmarg is all safe to visit, it is thronged by tourists from across the country. In winters they are enjoying the snow with skiing, snowboarding, and gondola ride.
In Kashmir, all the pre-paid activated outside Kashmir, don’t work here. You need to get a post-paid sim to make it work here, or you can get a pre-paid sim here. The best sim will be BSNL post-paid network. This works in all the network zone areas. It even works in those places like Aru where other networks aren’t operational.

Please Note: Any information published by Cliffhangers India should not be considered a substitute for any government-issued circular or guideline. Please refer to the government or any concerned department regarding the latest guidelines. 

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