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Zanskar Valley is a rugged region in Ladakh, a home to the offbeat wanderers. It has the incredible lofty mountains of the Zanskar Range with lovely rivers and lakes. The valley can be reached either from Leh or Srinagar. From both sides, it is a long drive through mountainous landscapes. The valley has remained famous for mountaineers, trekkers, and for those looking for a serene travel escape.

One of the fantastic features of this remote place is the range of ancient monasteries here. You will see them from bazaars to the mountain cliffs. These monasteries have the monks in meditation for years, cut out from the rest of the world and living in serene mindfulness. The joy of traveling to Zanskar is to explore these monasteries, along with, of course, the barren mountains of this region.

Discover the beautiful landscpaes of Leh Ladakh through: Ladakh Tour Packages.

In Zanskar Valley Tour you explore this entire region. From short hikes to cultural tours to the visit of ancient Buddhist monasteries, the tour makes you see one of the remotest places in India. Your tour package will cover all tour requirements. From transportation services to hotel bookings, from activities like hiking to cultural tours, you will have a guide for everything related to this tour.

We’ll discuss Zanskar Valley Trip and its most significant features to help you get a sense of what it’s like to be there. Continue reading to learn about how beautiful Zanskar is!

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There are multiple ways you can reach Zanskar Valley. One can choose to reach Leh first and then hire a cab to reach Zanskar from Leh. To reach Leh you can travel by air, railway, or road from most places in India. The most common way to travel by air is to land at Leh’s Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport. From the airport to reach Zanskar, you can hire a taxi. Similarly, for reaching Leh or Zanskar by railway, direct trains are unavailable. You can fly to Jammu Tawi and then take a cab to Leh or Zanskar. The distance between Leh and Zanskar is around 462 Km and can take around 11 hours by road. Zanskar and Leh are reachable by road from most nearby cities. National Highway 1 and 301 can opt for road travel.
Yes, you must book the Zanskar Valley tour in advance as there are only limited stay options there. If you want some decent stay options then must book way in advance.
Leh to Zanskar Valley distance is 462 km, which can be travelled in 11 hours by car. There is a proper road that connects Leh to Zanskar. You can hire a cab or bus from Leh to Kargil and from there take a cab to Zanskar.
You need 7 days to explore Zanskar Valley properly. You can add a few more days if you want to explore this place quite extensively. The 7 days include the days you will be coming and going to Zanskar either from Leh or Srinagar.
Zanskar Valley is located in the hidden corner of Leh Ladakh. If you are planning your trip to Zanskar Valley, you have to first arrive at Ladakh. Visit the most famous places for sightseeing such as Lamayuru, Padun sightseeing, Phugtal monastery, Darcha, etc. Zanskar Valley is one of the majestic valleys in Leh Ladakh.
Kamet Peak is the highest peak of Zanskar Valley. It is 25,446 ft tall and one of the highest points of Zanskar. Zanskar is surrounded by magnificent snow-covered mountains ice glaciers and frozen lakes. It is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Leh Ladakh region.
 Zanskar Valley is famous for its trekking routes, beautiful landscapes, and magical beauty. The valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks and gorgeous water streams. Zanskar is located at a distance of 105 kilometers from Ladakh, and it is one of the major attractions for enjoying adventure activities such as Rafting, paragliding, etc.
The best months to visit Zanskar Valley are either the summer months from May to June or the monsoon months from July to September. So, the months from May to September are the preferred months for a trip to Zanskar Valley in Ladakh. As October sets in, the most awaited Frozen Lake Trek/Chadar Trek season begins in this snowy and freezing place called Zanskar Valley.
Chader Trek is one of the famous treks in Zanskar Valley. Your journey will start from Leh town. It will take you through the frozen Zanskar River. The average temperature during the day is -10. it is one of the most popular treks in all the treks of Zanskar Valley.
Zanskar Valley is the most popular tourist attraction in Ladakh. The Valley is popular for its pristine water bodies, enchanting beauty, and serene environment. It is also well known for its Buddhist monasteries and beautiful landscapes. The Valley sits at an altitude of 13154 feet in the northern part of India.
The best time for Zanskar Valley trek is from June to September. During the winter season, Chader trek is one of the best treks in Zanskar Valley. There are many treks in Zanskar Valley. There are no specific timings for Zanskar treks. All the treks of Zanskar Valley are in the high-altitude. The most spellbinding trek is the Zanskar Trek. The journey will take you through a contrasting route every day. Zanskar trek is one of the toughest treks in the Himalayas.
3-4 days are enough to explore the entire Zanskar Valley. You will explore the breathtaking glaciers of the Zanskar Valley. Sightseeing on the other side of the Zanskar Valley is the best thing you can see. Besides, there are many top attractions that you can cover in 2 days such as Bardan Gompa, Stongdey Gompa, Karsha Gompa, Phugtal Gompa, and Padum Khar.
Yes, Zanskar Valley receives plenty of snowfall during the winter months. The winter months start from December to March and temperatures drop significantly, to sub-zero. The region has a cold desert climate with harsh winters, and the landscape is covered in snow during this time. The frozen Zanskar River during the winter months is the backdrop for the famous Chadar Trek, where adventurers walk on the frozen river surface. The snow-covered landscapes add to the beauty of the region, creating a stunning and serene environment.
Summer (June to September):
  • Daytime temperatures: 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F)
  • Nighttime temperatures: 0°C to 10°C (32°F to 50°F)
2.    Autumn (October to November):
  • Daytime temperatures: 5°C to 15°C (41°F to 59°F)
  • Nighttime temperatures: -5°C to 5°C (23°F to 41°F)
3.    Winter (December to March):
  • Daytime temperatures: -10°C to 5°C (14°F to 41°F)
  • Nighttime temperatures: -20°C to -5°C (-4°F to 23°F)
4.    Spring (March to May):
  • Daytime temperatures: 5°C to 15°C (41°F to 59°F)
  • Nighttime temperatures: -5°C to 5°C (23°F to 41°F)
The best time to visit Zanskar Valley is from June to September. During this time the weather remains pleasant which is good for sightseeing. From October the weather starts dropping drastically and the days are bitter cold. During the winter season from November till April, the Valley receives heavy snowfall and the roads are also cut off in the winter season.
No, there is no need for permission to visit Zanskar Valley. You can visit anytime in summertime and there will be no permission required to visit this beautiful place.
The distance from Srinagar to Zanskar Valley is 452 kilometers. You can go to Zanskar two ways one from Srinagar, and you can go from Leh which means you have to reach Ladakh from Manali. Coming from Srinagar is the best way to enjoy the road trip to Zanskar Valley. The drive from Srinagar to Zanskar will take you around 9-10 hours to reach Zanskar Valley.
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