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Gulmarg Snowboarding is the best lifetime experience you will have. Enjoy the otherworldly joy of riding the board on the best snow in Gulmarg. Cliffhangers India provides complete Gulmarg snowboarding course packages. We have the best snowboarding trainers who are qualified and experienced. Our equipment is high-end with both swiftness and comfort.

In our Gulmarg snowboarding course packages, you will get the airport-to-airport service. From cab services to snowboarding learnings to the stay in the best hotels in Gulmarg, we make your snowboarding in Gulmarg experience quite fantastic.

The beauty in Gulmarg that surrounds you gets you mesmerized as you go down from the upper reaches of its slope. As the snowfall hits you, you feel in the true heaven in your surroundings. The mountain peaks that circle the trail get a fascinating view. Snowboarding is part of the Winter Olympics, so enjoy this Olympic sport here in Gulmarg with Cliffhangers India.

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Highlights of Gulmarg Snowboarding Packages

  • Best Himalayan Snow Landscape: Snowboarding in Gulmarg with Cliffhangers exposes you to the best among all landscapes of Indian Himalayas. The stunning snow-covered Pir Panjal Range which forms the slopes of Snowboarding look straight from a fairy land. You will be in the middle of calming beauty while snowboard down the slopes here. 
  • Gondola Ride: Experience the Gondola ride while you are here for snowboarding. This cable car is famous across the world for it gains the highest altitude and take you to the pinnacles of Apharwat Mountains. This cable car has two phases. The first one takes you to the middle of this entire cable car journey. 
  • Cosy Stays with Views: The Gulmarg Snowboarding Packages makes you stay at the best of the properties here in Gulmarg. You will have cosy heated rooms that look out to the beautiful snow forests. 

Inclusions of Gulmarg Snowboarding 

  • Accommodation: Your accommodation will be in the Cliffhangers cottage located just in the middle of Gulmarg. It is surrounded by an amazing landscape. It is the prime location from where you have a short distance to the Gondola ride and the slopes on which you will be learning snowboarding. You will have heating arrangements like electric blankets, hot water bottles, enough quilts, and blankets which resist the minus degrees temperature. Apart from this, you will also have the electric heater in your room. 
  • Food – Breakfast & Dinner.
  • Qualified Snowboard Instructors.
  • Snowboard Equipment.


  • Personal Expenses.
  • Insurance.
  • Transportation.
  • Ski Lift charges.
  • GST

Ski Rentals: Cliffhangers India gives the skiers rental facility as well. In case you wish to take items on rent here is the rental list:

  • Ski Goggle: 200 per day.
  • Ski Jacket: 300 per day.
  • Ski Trouser: 200 per day.
  • Ski Gloves: 100 per day.

Why to Book Gulmarg Snowboarding Packages with Cliffhangers? 

  • Pioneers of Adventure: We are the leading adventure travel company based in Kashmir. We have been catering to adventure travel from last more than a decade. Be it snowboarding, trekking, camping, snow hikes, rafting etc. we are known for the Kashmir adventure activates
  • Registered Snowboarding Company: We are registered with the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department as an Adventure Travel Company. We are licenced to conduct snowboarding across Jammu and Kashmir. 
  • Certified Instructors: Our snowboarding guides & instructors are approved by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism. They are licenced and qualified. You will have the best of training and guiding here in the Gulmarg Snowboarding course or training. 
  • Safety Measurement: Our guides/instructors are Medical First Responders. Apart from this our Ski coordinator is always stationed at the slope with the necessary first aid and medical emergency essentials. 
  • Backcountry Snowboarding: In Gulmarg, we have the courses and trainings right from basic to intermediate to advance to the backcountry. If you are a seasoned snowboarder and want to try for helli snowboarding, good news is we have regular groups for that as well. We also have the fun snowboarding practice for a day if you are an amateur and want to just try the snowboarding. 
  • Stay Options: We offer varied stay options here in Gulmarg. From basic cottage rooms to the five-star hotel availability like Khyber with Spa. 
gulmarg snowboarding

Best Time for Snowboarding In Gulmarg? 

Snowboarding is winter adventure; hence it has to have snow in order to practice it. The best time for snowboarding in Gulmarg is January and February. This is the peak winter season is Kashmir. These months have the plenty of snow on the slopes. 

You can do snowboarding in Gulmarg in December as well. However, at times it snows late and hence it is recommended to avoid booking your training early December. Similarly, at times the sun comes out early March, which makes snowboarding in Gulmarg not possible in the late March. 

In summers there is no snowboarding in Gulmarg as there is no snow. The region has the sunny days full of pleasant vibes. You can do other activities during summers like trekking to Alpather Lake in Gulmarg, but not snowboarding. 

Snowboarding in Gulmarg for Beginners. 

Cliffhangers has the best of Gulmarg Snowboarding course for Beginners. We have the fixed departures which you can join if you are a solo. We also do the customization for friends, families or any group who wants to learn snowboarding in Kashmir. Contact our experts for your desired course, they will guide you to the best of the course direction. 

We organise Snowboarding in Gulmarg for beginners at the most affordable cost. You get the best of instructors, the cosy stay options, the new equipment and the rental gear is also available. 

Cost of Snowboarding in Gulmarg

Gulmarg is full during its winter months which makes this place relatively expensive than other winter destinations here in India. However, the cost of Snowboarding in Gulmarg starts from 15000 per person, which is quite low compared to other destinations. 

Price Variables in Snowboarding:

  • Hotel Nights: The cost varies depending upon how many nights of stay you will have in Gulmarg. It also varies based on if you take single occupancy or double occupancy, if you take a basic hotel room or a luxury one. 
  • Training Days: The greater number of training days you have, the more cost it will accumulate. 
  • Course/Training Level: Beginners snowboarding course in Gulmarg has less cost as compared to say an advanced course or back country. 

Things to Carry for Gulmarg Snowboarding 

Since snowboarding is the snow activity, you must be well prepared before you book this tour. Here is the list of things to carry for Gulmarg Snowboarding.

  • Shoes: You need to have snow shoes necessarily. The shoes must be high-ankle high to protect you from snow. You don’t need this shoe for snowboarding. But to roam around in Gulmarg. 
  • Three T-shirts: Carry one full sleeve dry-fit T-shirt, and at least two other T-shirts. 
  • Insulation layers: Carry at least 2 insulation layers. 
  • Thermals: Two pair of thermal set is recommended. 
  • One Outer layer: You need at least one padded jacket/down jacket that you will wear before and after your snowboarding. 
  • Ski Jacket: This is a must to carry. You will be wearing this while snowboarding in Gulmarg. 
  • Two Snow Pants:  You need to carry two pairs of snow pants. 
  • Daypack: A small bag of around 20 to 30 ltrs to carry your essentials like water bottle, snacks, etc 
  • Sunglasses: Carry one to protect your eyes from glare and UV radiation. 
  • Snow Gloves: You have to wear them on the slopes while snowboarding as it will be cold.
  • Three pairs of Socks: Take one pair of sports socks and two pairs of woolen socks. 
  • A toilet kit: It should include things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, small soap, toilet tissue roll, a small moisturizer, lip balm, deodorant, etc. Women should carry their sanitary pads.
  • Water bottle: carrying a water bottle is a must.
  • Plastic covers: Carry a plastic bag to keep the wet or used clothes in it.
  • Personal medical kit: If you are on any medicine, don’t skip that during the course unless your doctor advises. 
  • Mandatory Documents: Carry your original Aadhar card Passport or Driver’s license. 
  • Snacks: Carry some nuts, protein bars or some protein rich nutritious snacks with you on the slopes. 

How Safe is Gulmarg Snowboarding Course

Gulmarg is a developed winter sports destination in India. It has been involved in the promotion of snow and winter activities for decades now making it the ideal place for all the snow activities. In this regard, Gulmarg snowboarding is quite a safe experience to have. Here are some of the reasons that make snowboarding in Gulmarg Safe.

  • Developed Slopes: For a beginner in Snowboarding, there are quite groomed and well-marked slopes just at the lower levels of Gulmarg. The slopes have plenty of snowboarders learning the course. The slopes are quite groomed and have regular patrols ensuring the safety of the snowboarders. 
  • Patrol Teams: The patrol teams in Gulmarg are quite active during the winter season. They ensure there is a safe snowboarding experience for people. They have hotlines live and are regularly updating regarding any weather forecast, avalanche forecast, etc.
  • Medical Emergency: Gulmarg has a Health Centre quite near to the slopes. It takes a few minutes from the slopes to the centre and it has the facility for any emergency related to injury or health. 

Mistakes Beginners Make in Snowboarding

Here is the list of mistakes that a beginner often makes. We have seen lot of beginners making many wrong moves initially which are not at all recommended. To book your Gulmarg Snowboarding, you must read all the mentioned points below.

Hurrying Up: No matter how much enthusiastic you are to learn snowboarding, don’t be in a rush or hurry. It takes its own time. You just have to be patient and follow the instructions of your instructor. Be disciplined and don’t rush to hurt yourself.

Not being physically fit: Snowboarding involves most of your large muscles and bones. You must be physically fit and must have the endurance to practice it.

Fastening feet while standing: Never fasten your board while standing up. Sit down and strap it comfortably. Your board has to fit perfectly fine and then your experience will be good and there will be less chance of injury.

Choosing the wrong gear: Choose your gear properly and warm. It is the personal gear like clothes that will make you comfortable on the slope.

Using your hands when you fall: There is no way you won’t fall while learning snowboarding. And many beginners use their hands when they fall to avoid their clothes getting smeared in snow. Just let your clothes and body become a cushion for your fall. Use hands but not harshly.

Doing snowboarding on your own: You must have some professional to teach you snowboarding and make your practice. For a beginner, it is essential to be under the guidance of a trainer.

Snowboarding Tips for Beginners: Here are the basic snowboarding tips for the beginners. A beginner has to go through these selected tips before joining the Gulmarg Snowboarding course with Cliffhangers India.

Select the proper gear: The right gear is the first thing you have to make sure of before hopping for snowboarding. For beginners, snowboarding can become challenging if the right gear isn’t taken proper care of. Here are some of the essentials in gear: a waterproof jacket, waterproof pants, base layers, socks, gloves, neck gaiter, helmet, and goggles.

Plan and Know Things in Advance: You need to be prepared for your snowboarding here in Gulmarg. In advance, our expert at Cliffhangers India will let give you a brief about weather updates and what to carry. Any queries related to your adventure of this kind here, get in touch for any doubts or questions regarding anything.

Choose your Stance: We recommend making your mind surely for the stance in advance before hitting the Gulmarg for snowboarding. You need to know which foot feels stronger or more comfortable between the two. You can be regular-footed or goofy-footed.

Hitting the Gym: Before you come for snowboarding, it is a must you get some regular exercise done. Prepare yourself in advance. Hit the gym and make your core strong. Work on your legs mostly and do some stretching exercises.

Don’t be Afraid of Falling: Many people have this phobia of falling and get scared of even trying snowboarding even after hitting the slope. Release your fears and strictly follow the instructions that your instructor at Cliffhangers gives you.

Know Your Snowboarding Gear: Knowing your snowboard is important. This is what you will be relying on the next few days. The snowboard is mostly comprised of the board, binding, and a pair of boots. The size of all these has to be chosen as per your height, weight, and shoe size.

Your snowboarding instructor will give you a detailed summary of the snowboard and all the gear involved in it.


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In the slopes of Gulmarg you can do snowboarding for beginners. There are many snowboarding slopes here that are meant for different level of snowboarders. Couple of slopes are dedicated for Beginners only. The entire slopes are in the mountainous regions of Gulmarg surrounded by hotels and main market.
The cost for snowboarding in Kashmir starts from 150000/. The entire snowboarding packages depends upon the number of days you will do training, the category of hotel you will be staying etc. You can snowboard at this cost anywhere in Kashmir like in Sonamarg, Gulmarg or Pahalgam. However, Gulmarg is the ideal location for it.
This is quite frequently asked question about Gulmarg. The Gulmarg snowboarding price is 15000/ per person. This is the basic price which includes couple of days of snowboarding with the instructor and equipment. However, the cost varied depending upon the number of days you will be training and how high you will go to snowboard.
Winter is the best season for snowboarding in Gulmarg. It is the only season which has January and February as the ideal months for snowboarding here. In summers there is no snowboarding in Gulmarg.
As Gulmarg is very expensive and quite full of tourists in winter season, it is always advisable to book Gulmarg Snowboarding packages in Advance. You can get connected to us for the package details and get an early bird discount also. There are high chances the rates are quite high when the season of snowboarding arrives here and finding the hotel availability is difficult.
Snowboarding as such is a good sport that keeps your legs and body fit. However, it has a chance of injury as you fall. The more speed you have and the more jumps you make, there are more chances of falling and more chances of injury.
Snowboarding isn’t hard to learn, however, it does take some time and effort to learn this winter sport. It also depends upon the person’s learning skills like how quickly one learns. In Gulmarg Snowboarding, our experienced trainers will make you learn snowboarding smoothly.
Snowboarding is harder than skiing to learn, but as you learn the basics of snowboarding you become master it more quickly than skiing.
It is easier on the knees than skiing. Snowboarding puts less stress on your knees than skiing.
You surely attain more fast speed while skiing than snowboarding. The effort you put with your hands into skiing helps to increase the speed which isn’t the case in snowboarding.
Yes, Gulmarg Snowboarding is the famous winter sport across India. Along with skiing, snowboarding can be learned here and practiced.
Yes, Cliffhangers has a rent shop at Gulmarg where from you can get snowboards on rent of different quality and level.
The best month to go for Gulmarg Snowboarding is January and February. In these month Gulmarg receives plenty of snow and it always snows in these months. So, you can snowboard quite freely during these months.
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