Nubra Valley Trek

Nubra valley trek is the voyage into the ancient silk route that connected Ladakh to Central Asia. It is a trek that makes you walk on the trails that have been used for centuries by ancient traders and nomads. The trek is offbeat now, the place quite remote since the closure of the silk route many centuries ago. 

Nubra valley trek offers the fantastic landscape of pure Ladakh and the high Himalayas. The trail of this trek passes via the least traversed trails making it the most serene trek in India. The virgin landscape and the gorgeous view and panoramas from the high passes and the tranquillity of Hunder Dok will get you lost in the charm of nature. 

Nubra valley trek is a moderate trek that takes around 5 days to finish and has an altitude gain of around 2000m and almost 2500m altitude loss in total. The total distance of the trek is around 59 km and has a maximum elevation of 5438m.

The trek passes through high altitude passes like Digar La which is at 600m altitude. You will also go via Khardung La Pass

Nubra valley trek is famous for ages now. It has attracted genuine mountaineers and trekkers from across the globe. This valley is sometimes called the Valley of Flowers as in the blossom season you see a kaleidoscope of colorful blooms. 

Nubra Valley Trek Highlights. 

Nubra valley trek lets you explore the famous Nubra river which is the tributary of the Shyok river and flows parallel to the eternal Indus River. On this trek, you will vary vegetation, a bundle of vast orchards, barren yet colourful mountains, a remote village, and varied Gompas. 

One of the major attractions of the Nubra valley trek apart from the landscape is the monasteries that fall on its trail. The famous monasteries are Shey Gompa and Thiksey Gompa and Hemis. The remote village which you will see on this trek are Khardung, Khalser, Agyam, Khalsr, Tirit, etc. 

On this trek, you will see the famous double-humped camels of Nubra. Ride the camels on the lush and pristine grasslands of Nubra valley

Best Time to do Nubra Valley Trek

Nubra valley trek is a summer trek. The ideal months to go for this voyage are from June to October. This is the time the entire trail of this trek remains accessible and the temperature hovers around 25 degrees. In winter, the Nubra valley trek remains closed. The snow makes access to Nubra valley impossible, and all the trail of this trek is shut and not accessible. 

Nubra Valley Trek Price

The price of the Nubra valley trek is 18000/ per person. This cost includes all of your trekking meals, trekking staff, and trekking equipment. The cost does not include your personal expenses, insurance, and transportation.

Nubra Valley Trek Itinerary 

The Nubra valley trek itinerary is only for 5 days. However, you are advised to come a day earlier to Leh and spend a day for acclimatization. Usually, our clients come a few days earlier, explore Nubra valley via sightseeing and then start the trek. By this time they are quite acclimatized to the altitude and the trek becomes easy and less prone to make you sick because of altitude.

Day 01

Hunder – Skarchen

Hunder is the point that you will have to reach, and this is the point from where our trek starts. This is the first day of trekking. After breakfast, you will start trekking via the village and shepherd settlements of Skarchen which is at an altitude of 3800m. This valley is cut by a beautiful river stream. Our campsite will be just beside the river streams. 

Day 02

Skarchen – Brok Yogma

On the second day of the trek, you will be going to Brok Yogma via the pristine villages of Dokyogma, Wacham, and Drokyogma. The actual campsite will be at Sniu Sumdo. 

Day 03

Brok Yogma – Hunder Valley

Today is the trek of crossing and reaching the Hunder valley. . The gradient of the day is difficult so be prepared for the tough trek day. Keep enough water with yourself and take water frequently. Our campsite will be in Hunder valley at an altitude of 4800m. 

Day 04

Hundar Valley – Lasermo La – Phyang Valley

This is the mountain pass day. On this day we will go to Phyang valley via Lasermo La a high mountain pass that stands at an altitude of 5420m. The gradient of the day is difficult as one has to climb up to the pass and then descend to the campsite. The campsite will be at an altitude of 4500m.

Day 05

Phyang Valley – Leh

This is our last trek day. On this day we will have a short trek and then a drive to Leh. This finishes our Nubra valley trek. Leave for Leh with loads of memories for your life. 

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