Skiing in Gulmarg Kashmir is a lifetime experience. The slope reaches the thrilling backcountry with pine trees, open alpine bowls, and virgin peaks. Gulmarg ski is at one of the highest altitudes in the world reaching 3,979 meters in two phases. The first phase is from Gulmarg at 2,600m to Kongdoori at 3,080m. The second phase which has 36 cabins and 18 towers takes passengers to a height of 3,979m on the Apharwat Peak. A chair lift system connects Kongdoori with Mary’s shoulder at 3400m for taking skiers to Alpine.

The snow quality in Gulmarg is absolutely unique. It is due to its high altitude and the very southern exposure of the continent at around 35° latitude. The seasonal snowfall in Gulmarg is almost double that of the Alps in Europe. Skiing in Gulmarg is safe and guided by well-trained patrolling teams. Gulmarg ski patrol is a team of Avalanche Forecasters and well-trained Ski guides with brilliance in timely rescue. Ski patrol updates daily snow forecasts and avalanche advisories. This adds safety to Gulmarg skiing and makes skiing the best experience in India.

In Gulmarg, enjoy the fascinating snow-covered mountains and the pristine valley. The beauty of Gulmarg leaves one wordless for expression.

The prime attraction of Gulmarg Skiing is Mount Apharwat which one reaches in two phases. It starts from Gulmarg Ski Resort that rests at 10,076 ft altitude.

This is the same spot where Gulmarg Gondola, Asia’s highest-altitude cable car, kicks off. The cable car ferries people up 1,348 ft vertical rise to the Kongdoori station. Kangdoori station is heaven for a basic skiing course and ideal for beginners. It has many skiing slopes with mild steepness. The second phase starts from Kongdoori and the cable car takes up 4,482 ft to the Apharwat peak. Gulmarg has a chair-lift facility from Kangdoori to Marry Shoulder.

This is a preferred destination for skiers. Apharwat peak is the zenith of the Gondola ride.

Cliffhangers India offers complete customized skiing packages. The packages are well suited to individuals, groups, families, students, beginners, or advanced. We cater to experienced skiers, too, who are looking for personalized backcountry free-ride or heliskiing. Our clients vary from amateurs to seasoned skiers. From budget to premium and luxury clients.

Skiing 5 Days/ 4 Nights

Skiing in Kashmir is a lifetime experience with thrilling backcountry winding through pine trees, open alpine bowls and virgin peaks.Cliffhangers

Skiing 7 Days/ 6 Nights

Skiing in Kashmir is a lifetime experience with thrilling backcountry winding through pine trees, open alpine bowls and virgin peaks.Cliffhangers

Cliffhangers India organizes ski expeditions in other ski destinations as well. The best among them are Sonamarg and Aru ski resorts. These resorts are away from the crowd of Gulmarg. We do this under the guidance of our highly advanced ski guides and mountaineers. We are the pioneers of the slogan Skiing India and Skiing in Kashmir.

Gulmarg Ski Resort

Gulmarg Ski Resort offers quite improved ski services. It is a regular ski resort in India, and undoubtedly the best one, too. It has proper avalanche forecasting techniques. It also has proper modern avalanche mitigation techniques. The resort staff is at work 24 * 7. The resort has first aid and rescue services, too, along with snow grooming. It has a dedicated Avalanche Help Centre. However, all these services are available within the boundaries of Gulmarg Ski Resort only. The government has specified the boundaries of the resort.

The slopes at Gulmarg are best suited for both amateurs as well as seasoned skiers. It holds half a dozen slopes with mild inclines and is ideal for beginners. For advanced skiers, it has backcountry and heliskiing options. A dedicated team frequently patrols the ski resort for any safety concerns. They are responsible for maintaining safety standards.

Most of the rush in Gulmarg is the temptation of Gondola Ride, the highest altitude cable car ride in Asia. It ferries people from Gulmarg Main to Apharwat Peak, ascending a total of 5,300 ft.

Gulmarg holds every year Gulmarg Winter Sports Games. It is the heartland of winter sports in India.

Gulmarg Ski Resort – What to Expect

  • The road from Airport to Tangmarg is quite easy. However, the road gets tricky, snaky, and difficult from Tangmarg to Gulmarg. From Tangmarg you will have to use 4*4 cabs. The road is snowy, at times frozen so the drive will be slow and besides it’s an uphill drive snaking through the forest.
  • You will have all kinds of lodgings at Gulmarg. From luxury hotels to huts that offer the basic facility.
  • Wifi is available almost in all hotels and lodgings. Your SIM might or might not work. If it doesn’t work, you will have to buy a SIM in the nearby store and it gets activated in some hours.
  • Bars or alcohol in some of the hotels and restaurants.
  • Sometimes the Gondola or chair lift shuts if the weather turns rough.
  • Guides, instructors, and helpers are well aware of their trade and place. So just relax about the instruction part.

What is Heli-Skiing

Heli-Skiing is another fantastic option for advanced and pro skiers. it is the skiing done in remote areas of the resort where reaching by foot or cable car is impossible. This place is quite far away and you can reach it by helicopter. By Helicopter, one gets to see the highest spot of skiing and then riding down the slopes. The ride that this offers is other-worldly and quite breathtaking.

Beginners Skiing Vocabulary

Here is what a beginner must acquaint himself with before you embark on your Skiing in Kashmir. This is the shortlist of words frequently used in skiing conversations and actions. Here are some of them:

1. Slope

A ski slope is a sloping surface. The snow path on which you ski is a ski slope. Part of the ski mountain on which you do the skiing.

2. Apres-ski

This is a French word that means relax and chill time after skiing practice.

3. Backcountry Skiing

This skiing slope is outside the main ski resort and towards the unmaintained terrain. This is mostly untouched by the hustle-bustle of skiers and remains pristine. However, it entails some risk too, and is recommended for seasoned skiers only.

4. Bombing

Recklessness in skiing that might result in injury or risk other skiers as well.
Face-Plant – It means falling while skiing and thereby putting your face into the snow.

5. Off-Piste

In this you do Skiing outside the regular slopes to avoid the crowd. This makes one feel the un-walked, un-skied snow.

6. Powder Hound

A seasoned skier who enjoys off-piste skiing and prefers it over the traditional slopes.

7. Face Shot

A loose snow when skied on gets splashed all over including over your face.

8. Ski Bum

A skier who wants nothing all day but skiing.

9. Powder

This is the snow that is usually present in the backcountry. The snow is not packed, groomed, or touched by other skiers

10. Heli-skiing

With the aid of a helicopter to reach the far higher regions of skiing mountains. This is the farther level of backcountry skiing.

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