Gulmarg Skiing

Skiing in Gulmarg is a lifetime experience. Gulmarg turns into a winter fairyland with its beautiful landscape that receives snow all through the winter. And its ski slopes are ideal for both beginners and seasoned skiers. From beginner slopes to backcountry skiing, Gulmarg offers a complete range for ski lovers. Its snow quality is considered one of the best in the world and counted in parallel with Switzerland.

The ski slopes of Gulmarg reach the thrilling backcountry with pine trees, open alpine bowls, and virgin peaks. Gulmarg skiing is done at one of the highest altitudes in the world reaching 3,979 meters in two phases. The first phase is from Gulmarg at 2,600m to Kongdoori at 3,080m.

The second phase which has 36 cabins and 18 towers takes passengers to a height of 3,979m on the Apharwat Peak. A chair lift system connects Kongdoori with Mary’s shoulder at 3400m for taking skiers to Alpine.

As the snow starts gathering in December, skiers across the globe visit Gulmarg and this place remains full of winter activities until the middle of March.

Plan your skiing activity this year in Gulmarg with the complete package from Cliffhangers. Every year we train thousands of people in skiing and snowboarding with the best of trainers and equipment.

Why Choose Cliffhangers India for Skiing in Gulmarg

Cliffhangers India offers complete customized Gulmarg skiing packages. The packages are well suited to individuals, groups, families, students, beginners, or advanced. We cater to experienced skiers, too, who are looking for personalized Gulmarg Backcountry Skiing or Heli Skiing. Our clients vary from amateurs to seasoned skiers. From budget to premium and luxury clients, we offer all skiing packages for Gulmarg.
Cliffhangers India organizes skiing in Kashmir in other ski destinations as well. The best among them are Sonamarg Skiing and at Aru. These resorts are away from the crowd of Gulmarg. We do this under the guidance of our highly advanced ski guides and mountaineers. We are the pioneers of the slogan Skiing India and Skiing in Kashmir.

Skiing Courses in Gulmarg

Skiing courses in Gulmarg are the best-sought activity in winter. People from across the globe visit Gulmarg to learn skiing. The Skiing courses in Gulmarg are of basic, intermediate, and advanced nature. You can enroll yourself in these courses with Cliffhangers.

Skiing 5 Days/ 4 Nights

Gulmarg Skiing is a lifetime experience. It's a walk right through the winter wonderland. Famous across the world, this hill

Skiing 7 Days/ 6 Nights

Cliffhangers India’s 7-day skiing course is quite famous, and we receive most of the beginners for this course. The 7-day

Snowboarding Course | 7D/6N

Course Details:  6Nights Accommodation 5 Days Course Training Day 1: Arrival to Gulmarg Day 2 to Day 6: Learn and Practice

Skiing For A Day

Fun ski rides are meant for those who do not wish to do any course in Skiing and Snowboarding but

We provide the best Skiing Courses in Gulmarg – having the best of the qualified ski instructors available along with immaculate stays in hotels and cottages. Gulmarg skiing courses give you the best learning and confidence to ski on your own once you have finished these courses. You can freely go backcountry skiing and glide down on unbeaten and unpaved ski slopes.

Cliffhangers provide the best affordable skiing courses. With qualified ski instructors to the best of the stays, we provide you with the best experience of Gulmarg skiing course.

Gulmarg Skiing Season

Skiing is a winter sport and activity. It is done in snowy regions and Gulmarg is one such hilly region. The best season to do skiing in Gulmarg is the winter season which starts in December and ends in March. The ideal time to go skiing in Gulmarg is from the middle of December to the start of March. During these months you have plenty of snow. However, on rare occasions, the snowfall is delayed and Gulmarg receives snow in January.

Gulmarg Skiing Cost

This is quite a frequent query of the tourists who wish to visit Gulmarg. The cost of skiing in Gulmarg varies depending upon the duration for which you take up skiing. The minimum skiing duration that we recommend is 7 days. We provide the most affordable skiing cost in Gulmarg.

The Gulmarg Skiing Cost starts from 13500 for 5 days with the ski instructor and accommodation included. Our basic affordable cost makes this costlier winter activity quite accessible to all. From students to working people, our skiing in Gulmarg is afforded by all.

The cost of Gulmarg gets very high in winter owing to the flow of tourists and skiers. However, the Cliffhangers cost remains fixed as we have our own cottages and huts in Gulmarg. We keep the hotel stay cost fixed and don’t change or hike with the rush of tourists. This makes us quite stable in the ever-hiking stay industry.


Tips for Skiing in Gulmarg

  • Get the proper personal gear before you visit Gulmarg for skiing. Warm Clothes, Snow Jacket, Fleece, Thermals, Gloves, Snow Shoes etc. 
  • Always spend a day for acclimatization in Gulmarg before you start your skiing training.
  • Make sure during your training days, you take light lunch. Avoid heavy lunch meals. 
  • Bring the basic medicine with you. You should have a small medical kit with you having the basic medicine like painkillers, sprays, band-aid, etc. 
  • Always go for the qualified and certified ski or snowboard instructor. Never compromise on the quality of instructors and ski equipment. 
  • Gulmarg is a cold place, so make sure you book a room that has a heating facility. Centrally heated rooms are the best. 
  • Always plan and book in advance your skiing package. Gulmarg is a bit expensive place and also gets fully booked at times before even the skiing season starts. For transportation, you can book the cab via Kashmir Taxi Service.
  • Make sure you cross the Tangmarg check post before evening. At times because of the freezing temperature, cabs are not allowed to go to Gulmarg from Tangmarg after 5 pm.

Can We Do Skiing in December at Gulmarg

Gulmarg skiing in December is the start of skiing here. Kashmir in December is the start of snowy season. December is the first month of winter in which snowfall happens. So, December is the ideal month for skiing in Gulmarg as the temperatures are still not as harshly cold as in January and February. In December you will get the best skiing weather.

The temperature in January and February drops to sub-zero which makes it quite harsh to stay in Gulmarg. In November there is no snow, hence you won’t be able to ski in November. And from march onwards, the snow melts and hence gets quite unfit for skiing. In summer you get to see no snow here.

Gulmarg in December has not so harsh temperature, however at times there is no snow in early December in the ski slopes for beginners.

skiing in gulmarg

Things to Carry for Skiing in Gulmarg

Before you come here to Gulmarg for Skiing, you need to have a clear understanding of what things to carry. As the snow will be around you and the temperatures will be sub-zero, you need to have a detailed list of things with you. Cliffhangers has compiled the essential list of things to carry for skiing in Gulmarg. Here is a list of essential items to carry for skiing:

Ski Clothing:

  • Thermals, Fleece, Dry Fit T-Shirts: You need these layers to keep yourself warm and dry. 
  • Insulated Ski Jacket: The ski jacket is a must. A waterproof insulated jacket will keep you warm and dry even during the peak of snowfall. 
  • Ski Pants: Waterproof and insulated pants for skiing.
  • Ski Socks: Warm, moisture-wicking socks that go up to your calves.


  • Gloves or Mittens: Waterproof and insulated to keep your hands warm.
  • Goggles: To protect your eyes from snow, wind, and UV rays.
  • Ski Helmet: For safety and warmth.
  • Neck Gaiter or Balaclava: To protect your face from the cold.
  • Woolen Cap: To keep your head warm.
  • Backpack: To carry your essentials and safety gear.
  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the strong sun and reflect off the snow.
  • Lip Balm: To prevent chapped lips in the cold and wind.
  • Snacks: High-energy snacks like energy bars, nuts, and dried fruits.
  • Water: Stay hydrated. A water bottle or hydration system is essential.
  • Adhar Card or Passport: Carry identification and information in case of an emergency.
  • First Aid Kit: Include essentials like bandages, pain relievers, and blister treatment.
  • Dry Bag or Plastic Bags: Keep extra clothing and gear dry in case of wet conditions.

Safety Gear:

  • Avalanche Transceiver (if skiing in the backcountry): Essential for safety in avalanche-prone areas.
  • Avalanche Probe and Shovel (if skiing in the backcountry): For rescue purposes.
  • Avalanche Airbag (optional, if skiing in backcountry): Provides additional safety in case of an avalanche.

To check for further details, contact Cliffhangers Ski Experts. They will guide you in choosing the best of the ski apparel. 

Further, in case you wish to take some items on rent, Cliffhangers has a shop of ski rentals that includes ski goggles, ski pants, ski jackets, ski gloves, etc. 

Where to Stay in Gulmarg for skiing

There are multiple options for staying in Gulmarg during your skiing tour. Cliffhangers will give you the complete range of hotel categories for your Gulmarg Skiing Packages. We also have the most affordable cottage stays here. Spend your time in Gulmarg with the best stay and the best scenic views you will get from your hotel rooms.

From 5-star hotels to budget-friendly stays, Cliffhangers has a variety of stay options. One must do the booking in Gulmarg many months in advance to save from the unwanted price hike during the winter season. Since Gulmarg has limited-stay properties, the prices are usually very much higher than in other ski destinations in India. Enjoy and book the best of Kashmir Luxury Tour Packages at Gulmarg.

gulmarg skiing

Gulmarg Ski Resort

Gulmarg Ski Resort offers quite improved ski services. It is a regular ski resort in India, and undoubtedly the best one, too. It has proper avalanche forecasting techniques and a proper modern avalanche mitigation techniques. 

The resort staff is at work 24 * 7. The resort has first aid and rescue services, too, along with snow grooming. It has a dedicated Avalanche Help Centre. However, all these services are available within the boundaries of Gulmarg Ski Resort only. The government has specified the boundaries of the resort.

Gulmarg is famous for both amateurs as well as seasoned skiers. It holds half a dozen slopes with mild inclines and is ideal for beginners. For advanced skiers, it has backcountry and heliskiing options. A dedicated team frequently patrols the ski resort for any safety concerns. They are responsible for maintaining safety standards.

Most of the rush in Gulmarg is the temptation of Gondola Ride, the highest altitude cable car ride in Asia. It ferries people from Gulmarg Main to Apharwat Peak, ascending a total of 5,300 ft.

Gulmarg ski resort holds every year Gulmarg Winter Sports Games. It is the heartland of winter sports in India and snow skiing in Gulmarg is the most famous winter sport across the country. The heavenly snow in Gulmarg makes one feel otherworldly.

Things to Know

  • The road from Airport to Tangmarg is quite easy. However, the road gets tricky, snaky, and difficult from Tangmarg to Gulmarg. From Tangmarg you will have to use 4*4 cabs. The road is snowy, at times frozen so the drive will be slow and besides it’s an uphill drive snaking through the forest.
  • You will have all kinds of lodgings at Gulmarg. From luxury hotels to huts that offer the basic facility.
  • Wifi is available almost in all hotels and lodgings. Your SIM might or might not work. If it doesn’t work, you will have to buy a SIM in the nearby store and it gets activated in some hours.
  • Bars or alcohol in some of the hotels and restaurants.
  • Sometimes the Gondola or chair lift shuts if the weather turns rough.
  • Cliffhangers Guides, instructors, and helpers are well aware of their trade and place, they are qualified and experienced. So just relax about the instruction part.

Snow Quality in Gulmarg

The snow quality in Gulmarg is absolutely unique. It is due to its high altitude and the very southern exposure of the continent at around 35° latitude. The seasonal snowfall in Gulmarg is almost double that of the Alps in Europe. Skiing here is safe and guided by well-trained patrolling teams. Gulmarg ski patrol is a team of Avalanche Forecasters and well-trained Ski guides with brilliance in timely rescue. Ski patrol updates daily snow forecasts and avalanche advisories. This adds safety to and makes skiing the best experience in India.

In Gulmarg, enjoy the fascinating snow-covered mountains and the pristine valley. The beauty of Gulmarg leaves one wordless for expression.

The prime attraction of Skiing here is Mount Apharwat which one reaches in two phases. It starts from Gulmarg Ski Resort that rests at 10,076 ft altitude.

This is the same spot where Gulmarg Gondola, Asia’s highest-altitude cable car, kicks off. The cable car ferries people up 1,348 ft vertical rise to the Kongdoori station. Kangdoori station is heaven for a basic skiing course and ideal for beginners. It has many skiing slopes with mild steepness. The second phase starts from Kongdoori and the cable car takes up 4,482 ft to the Apharwat peak. Gulmarg has a chair-lift facility from Kangdoori to Marry Shoulder. This is a preferred destination for skiers. Apharwat peak is the zenith of the Gondola Ride.

What is Heli-Skiing

Heli-Skiing is another fantastic option for advanced and pro skiers. it is the skiing done in remote areas of the resort where reaching by foot or cable car is impossible. This place is quite far away, and you can reach it by helicopter. By Helicopter, one gets to see the highest spot for skiing and then ride down the slopes. The ride that this offer is other-worldly and quite breathtaking, and across the world, Gulmarg is famous for heli-skiing . Cliffhangers India has every year many seasoned skiers for Gulmarg heli-skiing. Heli Skiing is one of the best attractions of Gulmarg Ski Resort.

Key Features of Gulmarg to Select for Skiing

Have you ever wondered what makes everyone come to Gulmarg for skiing when there are other places in India where it snows? Well, here are some of the best features of Gulmarg skiing that make the resort unique.

Snow Quality: Gulmarg is famous across the world for its snow quality. The powder snow in Gulmarg is unique which makes it a competitor to European ski slopes. The snow gives you the best experience for skiing and other snow adventures.

Accessibility: Gulmarg is quite easily accessible. Every day the flights come from Delhi to Srinagar which just takes around 1 hour and from there, a scenic drive to Gulmarg is just 2 hours. So if you board the flight after breakfast, you will be having lunch in Gulmarg. That is how easily and quickly you reach this place.

Organized Skiing Training: It has been decades since skiing was done and learned in Gulmarg. So you will see a lot of skiing courses from basic to advanced skiing done in Gulmarg. Even the fun skiing for a few hours or a day is also possible. You will also get the best of the people who are experts in skiing.

Infrastructure: From basic properties to luxury stay options, you will have everything in Gulmarg. The electricity and mobile connectivity are also perfect. Along with that, you will see across the winter the road leading to Gulmarg is open even if there is heavy snowfall.

Adventure Beyond Skiing in Gulmarg

Although Gulmarg is mostly famous for Skiing across the world, there are plenty of adventure activities in winter that you can do. The activities are quite thrilling in the snowy wonderland of Gulmarg. Here is the list of some of the most sought-after adventure activities to do in Gulmarg apart from Skiing

Snowmobile: This is the ATV ride in the pure snow. The ride takes you through the stunning snowy meadows of Gulmarg. The ride usually lasts for around 1 hour and can extend more depending on your interest. There is a driver who drives this snow scooter, and if you are interested you can try your hand at it. You must have seen a lot of people riding these snow scooters and posting their pictures on Instagram.

Snow Hike: This is another fantastic activity to do in winter. Take the snow hike in the hills and jungles of Gulmarg when the snow is covering the entire landscape. Although the most famous hike in Gulmarg is a hike to Alpather Lake, unfortunately, the lake becomes inaccessible in winter. However, the hike towards the Apharwat mountain and around it is a surreal experience. Take a short hike toward the jungles of Strawberry Valley.

Gulmarg Igloo: This is a unique experience of having your coffee or tea or meals inside the restaurant which is completely made of snow. The life of an igloo is quite short and it needs around sub-zero temperatures. So this experience is done from January to early February.


Is Gulmarg good for skiing?

Gulmarg is the best destination for skiing. It has the best slopes both for beginners and advanced skiers. The landscape here is breathtaking. You will be skiing truly in the winter heaven of the world. Gulmarg skiing will make you forget every other tourist destination.

Can we do skiing in Kashmir?

Yes, you do skiing in Kashmir in the winter season. From December to March, you can visit Kashmir and do skiing in any of its ski resorts. There are three main ski resorts in Kashmir. One is Gulmarg, another is Sonamarg and then Pahalgam. Gulmarg is indeed the best resort for skiing in India.

What is the best time to ski in Gulmarg?

The best time to ski in Gulmarg is from December to March. This is the winter season here when you will see a lot of snowfall. The entire Gulmarg becomes white in snow and it becomes the best ski spot for skiers all over the world.

Where to stay in Gulmarg for skiing?

You can stay in hotels in Gulmarg for skiing. Cliffhangers has a beautiful cottage in the middle of Gulmarg which you can use to stay for your skiing courses with cliffhangers.

Is it possible to ski in Gulmarg in June?

There is no skiing in Gulmarg in June. This is the summer month in which there is no snowfall, hence no possibility of skiing. In all the summer months like June, July, August, and September, skiing is not possible in Gulmarg as there is no snow.

Do I need to book skiing packages in advance?

Gulmarg receives a lot of tourist rush during winter season. Owing to this it is necessary to book your skiing packages in advance, to save oneself from high prices and sold-out hotel problems. You can check our skiing packages and ask for early bird discounts. Skiing is best clubbed with Kashmir Honeymoon Tours.

What other activities Gulmarg is famous for besides skiing?

Gulmarg offers many snow/winter activities apart from skiing. You can indulge yourself in the beautiful snowmobile ride through the thick snow landscape of Gulmarg. Ice Skating in another option you can opt for. You can roam around the markets of Gulmarg in Pony or ATV which are also the famous activities in Gulmarg.

What clothing and gear should I pack for skiing in Gulmarg?

Skiing in Gulmarg needs the complete winter gear and clothing. You must be carrying warm clothes from top to down for your skiing in Gulmarg. From snow jacket to snow gloves to snow goggles, woollen cap, thermals, fleece, sweater to the snowshoes and woollen socks – make sure you get all the winter clothing to survive in the sub-zero temperature of Gulmarg.