Rupin Pass Trek

The Most Beautiful Trek In India

Trek Difficulty


Trek Duration

7 days

Highest Altitude

15,000 ft

Suitable For

12-62 years

Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass Trek in undoubtedly one of the best crossover treks in India. The fantastic feature of this trek is how every now and then the scenery changes. It surprised with the variety in landscape and views. The treks starts with the view of famous Rupin river. It goes into thick fores, glacier meadows, bridges and snowcovered fields. The uniqueness of this trek is the many waterfalls it has.

The trek gives a thrill to the trekkers not with its scenery only but with the traverse. It has a mix of steep ascends to flat walk. It offers varied terrain from rocky to snow to river streams to meadow. The trek goes from milder temperature to hot temperature. The trek reaches an altitude of 4650m, and the total distance is around 41km.

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    What are the Highlights of the Trek?

    Fixed Departure

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    06 Jul - 13 Jul 2024   Full
    07 Jul - 14 Jul 2024   Full
    13 Jul - 20 Jul 2024   Full
    14 Jul - 21 Jul 2024   Full
    19 Jul - 26 Jul 2024   Full
    22 Jul - 29 Jul 2024   Full
    27 Jul - 03 Aug 2024   Full
    28 Jul - 04 Aug 2024   Full
    02 Aug - 09 Aug 2024   Full
    03 Aug - 10 Aug 2024   Full
    10 Aug - 17 Aug 2024   Full
    12 Aug - 19 Aug 2024   Full
    16 Aug - 23 Aug 2024   Full
    19 Aug - 26 Aug 2024   Full
    23 Aug - 30 Aug 2024   Full
    26 Aug - 02 Sep 2024   Full
    30 Aug - 06 Sep 2024   Open
    01 Sep - 08 Sep 2024   Full

    Rupin Pass Trek – A Detailed Itinerary

    • Drive Time: 9 hours
    • Drive Distance: 195 km
    • Altitude: 2350m to 2750m
    On the first day of your trek journey, you be drving all the way fro Shimla to Bawta. This is a long drive but give a reward of riding through the best scenery of the place. The pleasant temperatue makes the ride quite joyful. The road is quite good however towards the end it turns bumpy and rough.
    • Trek Duration: 4 hours
    • Trek Distance: 5 km
    • Altitude: 2350m to 2750m
    This will be your first trek day. The day has a long ascend that takes around 5 hours to finish. Prepare yourself in advance for this tiring ascend. On this day you will cross the last village and highest of this trek. The trail is zig-zag. The trail starts descending from Jiksun. You will see the beautiful bridge afterwards, beyong which there is another ascend. You will get the time and place to refill your waterbottles at Selwan Khad. The place has many tea  houses on its way which gives the trail quite a good comfort. The campsite is at Jhaka village.
    • Trek Duration: 8 hours
    • Trek Distance: 11 km
    • Altitude: 2750m to 3550m
    On this day you will pass though the gorgous Jhaka village. The trail is definite and enters into the patch of jungle which has tall fir trees of centureis old. The trail after the jungle give you to the patches of snow. You will be crossing the snow bridge and then onther bridge. The trail then gives you the surprise of boulder hoppping. The river water flows just below these boulder. Be careful with your walk as it is slippery at times and heavy on your legs. This trail you will be traversing beside the left side of Rupin. Thereafter behold the colourful rhododendron forest. The walk through this patch of forest is fantastic. Spend some time to take picutes and make videos. Shortly afterwards, you will reach Saruwas Thatch. This gives you a different shade of nature. The trail will further take you thorugh Bhoj trees – the sacred trees of nature. As you will push upwards through this forest, you will enter a U shaped valley. There you will see innumerable waterfalls coming from mountain peaks. This view will give a breathtaking view. You will be seing eh green and yellow meadows afterwards while crossing some more snow bridges as you reach the Dhanderas Thatch.
    • Trek Duration: 3 hours
    • Trek Distance: 5 km
    • Altitude: 3550m to 4050m
    This day has a fair level of altitude gain. You will gain around 500m in 5 km distance. You need to take frequent water breaks and start with a slow but steady pace. You will have to manover though snow, our trek leaders will help you how to walk safely in such terrain. There are many little streams of river Ruping. You will cross those streams with ease. You will also be seeing the beautiful waterfall which you will reach via marigorld flowers. Further, you will see rocky terrain and then the surroundings covered in full thick snow. The snow bridge will pop up again. The water flowing under the bridge is from Rupin river. The campsite is short ascend away from this bridge. At the campstie you will be served with hot snacks and tea or soup.
    • Trek Duration: 11 hours
    • Trek Distance: 12 km
    • Altitude: 4050m 3750m via Rupin Pass 4700m
    This is the longes day of the trek. The trek is around 12 km distance and takes the full day. Expect to leave very early in the morning after a hearty breakfast and only by evening you will be in the campsite. Furthermore, this day sees the hightest altitude climb of the trek. You will be going over the famous and main attraaction fo the trek i.e Rupin Pass which stands at an alititde of 4700m. There is the traverse of Rati Pheri this day. You wil view the sprawling snow fields from Rati Pheri. Be careful with each step of yourself while ascending to Rupin Pass. The trail has some rock falls also. So you will have to be extra careful with both your feet and watching for any rock falls.
    • Trek Duration: 5 hours
    • Trek Distance: 8 km
    • Altitude: 3750m to 2650m
    This is a desced day. This day will put some stress on your kees as the climb down is rough and sharp. The start of the trail however is a short climb and then a mild trail till Ronti Gad valley. The trail then descends and then blends with the small valley and give a fantastic view of M. Kinner Kailash. By this time, Rupin Pass is out of sight. The next attraction is Lake of Sangla Kanda. This lake has a small village near it. Take a short breat near this lake and enjoy the surreal view here. You can a snack break here. Thereafter the trail goes via blue pine forest. The trail is defined. In some time you wil rech another beautiful village called Baspa and thereafter a half an hour trek will take us to the last point of the trek called Sangla. There is a drive from Sangla to Shimla. Which terminates the trekking journey.

    What are the Inclusions & Exclusions


    • All meals. Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner. We provide nutritious veg food and try not to repeat the dishes. 
    • Camp stay on all nights in high-quality tents on a double-sharing basis. Sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses, and dining tents.
    • Mountaineering experienced trek leaders, guides, and experienced cooks. 
    • All the mountain medicine includes first aid, oxygen cylinder, etc. 
    • Passes and permits.


    • Lunch on the first day. 
    • Personal expenses.
    • Anything not specifically mentioned in the inclusion list.
    If you wish to avail of our transportation service, then the extra cost will be 1800 per person. The transportation cost is to and fro. The pickup and drop place will be Srinagar. Offloading charges: In case you want us to carry your backpack, the cost per bag is Rs 2800/ per bag. The maximum weight allowed is 10kg. Please note that only a proper trekking backpack will be allowed to offload. No trolly or suitcase will be allowed to offload. We strictly follow to adequately place the load on our ponies. The maximum weight on each pony will be 40kg as recommended by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department.

    Best Time for Rupin Pass Trek

    Rupin Pass Trek

    This trek is a perfect high altitude trek. The trek reaches an altitude of 4700m while at the top of the pass. Owing to its high altitude, it provides a window of only few months to keep the trek doable. This trek is either done in summer or autumn. The trek starts from mid-may to end-June in summers. And in autumn it starts from mid-september to mid-october.

    Here is how it looks in each season:

    • May – June: In the months of May and June, you will see snow, snow bridges, snow fields. The weather is quite erratic and the nights are cold. These months make it famous mostly because of snow. Snow is still on this trek even druing June. The snow bridges give you the vibe of eternal beauty. You get mesimerized by walking over these bridges and seeing lot of waterfalls.
    • September – October: However during autumn, it has no snow. The forests are beautiful in autumn colour and there are vast golden meadows and fields. The weather is lesss erratic and is mostly dry. The sepetember is the month in which monsoons are receding. The trek receives some rainfall though. The meadows have wild flowers and by October the valley transfrorms itself into a complete colourful world. The night temperatures are pleasant.


    The gradient of the Rupin Pass Trek is Modera-Difficult. This trek is not ideal for couchsurers, people who live a completely sedantary life. Only those beginers can join who are routinely doing some hard physical activity.

    The total distance of the trek is around 41km. The trek is mostly finsihed in 7 days including the drive to and fro from Manali. The trek has long lenth vis a vis altitude gain.

    The highisht altitude of the trek is 4700m. This is when you will be reaching Rupin Pass. This trek is considerd a classic high altitude trek so it has a fair level of altitude gain. Altitude is also one of the main reasons why this trek is considered moderat to difficjotu and not easy.

    Via Bus: There is an overnight bus going to Shimla from Delhi. There are many shared cabs you will find or you can take a government run bus service. You will have to reach Shimla early morning by 6 a.m

    Via Train: The train will take you to Kalka and then there is a drive to Shimla.

    Via Flight: There is an airport at Shimla called Jubbarhatti airport. Ther ariport is well connected with Delhi airport.

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