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Doodhpathri Kashmir is the most exotic hill station in Kashmir. Situated at around 45 km from Srinagar, this beautiful hill station falls in the Budgam district of Kashmir. Dhoopathri has long lush wavy meadows. The meadows are serenely placed in the Pir Panjal mountain range.

What is gorgeous about this hill station is that you will be driving and winding through these lush grasslands in your cab or you can walk on the grass as well. The meadows have thick pine forests in their surroundings and the road goes through these forests.

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This valley comes under the best offbeat tourist destinations in Cliffhangers India’s Kashmir tour packages. The sightseeing of this pristine hill station is a treat to the eyes. You can ride a pony through the lush meadows here and have a relaxing outdoor lunch in the middle of nature.

It is located at an altitude of 2730m. It is bowl-shaped and falls in the Pir Panjal Mountain range. The name is derived from the fact that the river which flows through this valley is so clean and shimmering that it gives the appearance of Milk.

You can do a lot of activities in Doodhpathri. The most famous among them are pony riding and ATV riding. Pony riding happens from a short distance to a long distance. The pony riding takes you to the depth of the grasslands and the forests covers here.

In an ATV ride, enjoy the thrilling experience through its landscape. The ride takes you deep into the jungle over the mounds of meadows and beside the shimmering river stream.

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Day Hikes in Doodhpathri

Cliffhangers India arranges the best day hike in here. The trail goes from the meadow and towards Yusmarg side. This day hike is an easy walk that has no sharp ascend. We arrange the picnic lunch set up here in the middle of the meadows beside the river stream.

This place is away from the hustle-bustle of tourists. The day hike gives you the best glimpse of meadow and jungle walk. It also passes through the quaint village which is populated towards the Yusmarg trail.

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Weather In Doodhpathri

The weather is pleasant and charming during the summer season. In Autumn the nights get colder, and days are dry and warm. In winters the weather is wet with snowfall dominating the entire area. One should get proper warm clothes if you wish to visit in the winter season.

January to February: This valley in January is extremely cold and snowy. The temperature drops down to even -10 degrees Celsius and remains below zero at most times. Snowfall is heavy and cold winds cover the whole region. The roads to reach here are inaccessible due to heavy snowfall.

March: The temperature remains at 10 degrees average throughout the day during the march in Doodhpathri. The minimum temperature might hover at around 5 degrees. In some years, the snow might not start melting in March and it may even keep snowing in this month as well. The roads open by the end of March.

April: All snow melts away in April and all roads become accessible in April. April announces the arrival of the Spring here. The temperature remains at around 10-18 degrees in Doodhpathri in April.

May to June: There is no snow whatsoever in May and June in Doodhpathri. Sun shines brightly in these months and the temperature goes to as high as 27-30 degrees with a minimum recorded rarely below 20 degrees. You can carry your summer clothes in these months and plan a day outside comfortably.

July-August: July and August are the prime summer months in Doodhpathri Kashmir. The temperature is recorded at around 29 degrees during the day and 22 degrees at night. The weather is hot but pleasant as compared to the plains of India.

September: September is considered one of the most pleasant months to visit Doodhpathri. Rainfall has stopped and it is a dry month. Though the meadows are greener and the vegetation is bountiful. The weather is very pleasant and comfortable. The temperature is around 17 degrees to 23 degrees in these months.

October: The temperature drops in the month of October. Winter is setting in the valley. Leaves dry up and the valley is covered in orange. Bars drop down to over 13 degrees Celsius and do not rise beyond 22 degrees in October.

November to December: Snow returns in November and December and its marks the arrival of winter. The whole meadow is covered with thick snow and the roads get blocked by the end of December. The weather is very cold and the temperature drops several degrees below zero. The temperature is dropping every day in these months.

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Things To Do In Doodhpathri

The quiet meadows here are best to be enjoyed quietly and without looking for activities. However, in case you’re looking for such fun as well, you can do the following activities.

Pony Ride

 It is best to get a pony to see this valley as it is very large, and the attractive points are scattered which can be easily missed by a layman.

The pony ride will take you to specific spots and will show you the scenes worth watching.


Places of stay and hotels are not very well developed in the area. This presents a great opportunity for camp lovers to set up camps in the area.

However, you need to remember that there are no such facilities. The visitors are to bring their own tents.


Doodhpathri trek is very comfortable and inviting for trekking lovers. The area presents deep forests and clear grassy tracts to afford a visitor a bright opportunity to traverse the area by trekking. It is better to take a guide with you or you might get lost in the woods or walk straight into an animal’s den.

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The area surrounded by snow-covered peaks, thick forests and lush green meadows is any photographer’s dream. This valley is the spot where a scene from the movie Razi was shot.

The picturesque landscapes, the misty glow, the April snow, flowing Shaliganga, rich waterfalls and milky surroundings make it one of the most beautiful destinations and hence, a tailor-made photography spot.


The apple and walnut trees are a sight to behold. The area is cold all year round and hence, it presents a gift of winter for all winter lovers any time of the year.

However, there are a few sites you can visit and avail of your trip –

Shaliganga River

Sit on the white rocks on the banks of the river and let the flowing water take away all your worries.


The valley of turnips is a site to behold. It is definitely worth stopping here.


It is a meadow on the top of a mountain. It overlooks the Ashtaar glacier, the one where Shaliganga originates.

You can also visit the Ashtaar Glacier itself however, it requires some trekking expertise.

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Essential Information To Visit Doodhpathri

Tulail Valley

How to Reach Doodhparthri

The nearest airport is Srinagar airport. From the airport, you can get a direct cab. It takes around 2 hours to reach, and the distance is around 45 km.

The nearest railway station to Doodpathri is Jammu Railway station. You can hire a shared cab or direct cab from Jammu railway station to Srinagar. From there book taxi service in Srinagar to get the final destination.


Best Time to Visit Doodhpathri Kashmir

The best time to visit Doodhpathri Kashmir is throughout the year. However, the landscape and the view vary from season to season.

Doodhpathri in Summer. In summer, this hill station has greenery everywhere. The meadows and jungle and the river streams are all lively. It is soothing to the eyes to see the lushness of this hill station. The best months to visit are June, July, August, and September.

Doodhpathri in Winter. This valley in winter is all white in the snow. The pine trees look otherwordly with the snow on their branches. The snowfall here is the best you can experience in an entire Kashmir tour. In winter, the best month to visit this place is December, January, February, and March.

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Tarsar Marsar Trek

Day Hikes in Doodhpathri

Cliffhangers India arranges the best day hike in here. The trail goes from the meadow and towards Yusmarg side. This day hike is an easy walk that has no sharp ascend. We arrange the picnic lunch set up here in the middle of the meadows beside the river stream.

This place is away from the hustle-bustle of tourists. The day hike gives you the best glimpse of meadow and jungle walk. It also passes through the quaint village which is populated towards the Yusmarg trail.

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betaab valley

Temperature in Winter

Winter falls here in mainly 3 months – December, January and February. The temperature regularly drops below zero, completely freezing lakes, waterbodies and waterfalls. Snowfall is a frequent phenomenon. 

● December -> 2° to -10° celcius

● January -> 0° to -10° celcius

● Februray -> 2° to -8° celcius

It is advised to pack thick winter clothes with you if you’re planning to visit in winter. 

betaab valley

The Weather of Doodhpathri in Winter

Even though covered mostly in pleasant sunlight all year round, the weather of Doodhpathri in the months of December and January becomes rather unpleasant. There are frequent rainfall and snowfall and even storms are usual. 

Winds are very cold presenting a danger of frostbite. Due to the lack of staying places, the concept of camping also becomes an impossible prospect in winter. However, if it is snow and cold, you’re looking for, this valley will not disappoint you. 


Doodhpathri is famous for its dense forests, snow-capped mountain peaks, gushing water streams, and vast meadows. It is also home to many endangered species like leopards, bears, deer, red foxes, etc. The valley has emerged recently for tourists as it has remained remote for many years. It is located in the Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir around 40 kilometers from Srinagar.
It depends on what you’re looking for. If green meadows and moderate weather is your idea of a vacation, summer might be your time. However, if you want to witness Snow-Leopards and a frozen Narnia world, winter might be your fairytale weather.
The increasing popularity and reviews from visitors indicate that this valley is bound to impress you. Many tourists tend to skip the site in the favor of other popular destinations. However, Doodhpathri is an off-beat destination which is yet unexplored. It has most of the plus points of other destinations and yet a lack of chaos. It is worth visiting if you are planning to visit Kashmir. The important reason to visit this place is that it has relatively less hustle and bustle and crowd of tourists which makes this place serene. It will offer you the best of grasslands and forests here in Kashmir. One should not skip this place in a Kashmir itinerary.
Though heavy snowfall blocks most of the passage of Doodhpathri, the area is still accessible by foot and ponies. The less focus of tourists in the area makes it a largely unknown spot in winter as compared to Sonmarg and Gulmarg but the area is as accessible if you’re planning to go slowly.
Yes, it is one of the beautiful, offbeat places of Kashmir. The valley offers magnificent views and serenity and one can also enjoy the stunning views of the river that flows through this valley.
Both are famous tourist destinations. Gulmarg is well known for its skiing scenes and Doodhpathri is popular for its scenery and trekking bases. Gulmarg is more crowded, it receives a huge number of tourists in every season. Therefore, if you are looking for some peaceful offbeat vacations, Doodhpathri is the place to be.
It is located in the Budgam district of Kashmir. It needs a drive from Srinagar, and it takes around 2 hours to reach from Srinagar.
In March you will see snow only on the mountain tops of Doodhpathir. Here are no glaciers, hence in March it is mostly green and the snow has melted. However, there are chances of snowfall in March in Doodhpathri.
Doodpathri to Yusmarg distance is around 65 km. It takes around 2.5 hours to reach Yusmarg. The drive winds through bazaars, meadows, jungles, orchards, and villages. It goes via the famous shrine of Kashmir called Charar e Shareef.
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