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Gurez Valley Tour

Nature’s Untouched Haven in Kashmir

Welcome to India’s best offbeat destination – Gurez Valley. It will transport you to a different vibe. Here you will be in the middle of culture, architecture, nature, and the excitement on the way.You will see a different world here. People of a different tribe called Shina speak different languages. The housing structure is primitive with mud and logs. And the natural beauty is raw and pristine with virgin mountains, meadows, and mountain peaks.

It is the best offbeat tour across India. This valley is dubbed and recognized as the best offbeat destination in India. Situated towards the far end of Kashmir and along the border, this picturesque valley has the best serenity and charm in entire India.

It is also famous for its border tourism. You will see the line of control. The water that you will see running in the river comes just a few meters from Pakistan. It dances down to India and then goes again into Pakistan. You will see the settlement of Pakistani villages from Gurez right across the road, mountain, and river stream.

Cliffhangers India’s Gurez Valley tour packages is a blend of sightseeing, nature walks, adventure activities, and the comfort of accommodation and services. We offer from camping to hotel stay, from trekking to natural walking, from border visits rafting, and kayaking. This is all we offer at the best price.

From understanding the best time to visit and obtaining permits to exploring the local culture, festivals, and handicrafts, every aspect of this journey promises an unforgettable experience.

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Best Time for Gurez Valley Tour

The geographical location of Gurez contributes to its pleasant climate and stunning landscape. However, the best time to visit Gurez Valley, Kashmir is in summer. This valley remains closed during winter and is not accessible at that time. The snow covers its passes and lower areas. This makes the roads closed and the temperature sub-zero.

However, if one wants to visit Gurez in winter, it is only possible via a helicopter service. In summer, the best months to visit Gurez are from June to September. These months have pleasant weather, and the valley looks stunning with lush landscapes and snow-peaked mountains.

Here is how Gurez Valley looks during each season of Kashmir.

Summer (June, July, August, and September): Summer is the ideal time to visit Gurez when the weather is mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C. The valley comes alive with lush greenery and vibrant flowers, painting a picturesque landscape. It is the perfect season for trekking, camping, and enjoying the region’s natural beauty without worrying about extreme weather conditions or road blockades.

Autumn (October to November): Autumn in Gurez is a visual delight as the valley transforms with golden hues. The weather remains pleasant, and the temperature starts to drop gradually. This season is perfect for photography enthusiasts to capture mesmerizing fall colors. However, in November there are chances of snowfall because of which the road gets closed. One must be very careful in visiting Gurez in November.

Winter (December to March): Winter turns Gurez into a magical wonderland as it gets blanketed in thick snow. However, owing to the offbeat location, this valley remains inaccessible in winter months. The roads get closed by heavy snowfall. The Razdan pass is closed for all winter months. The temperature drops below freezing point.

Spring (March to April): The April in Gurez is the month of spring. The flowers bloom everywhere, and the greenery comes back after winter. However, in March and April most of the time, this valley remains closed. The Razdan pass is still closed.

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Best Places to See on Gurez Valley Tour

Gurez Valley in Kashmir has plenty of tourist attractions that put you in the middle of nature and provide you with varied activities. Exploring the places of Gurez will make your tour of this place the most memorable one.

Habba Khatoon Peak

Named after the famous Kashmiri poetess, this peak offers panoramic views of the entire surrounding Valley. The trek to the peak is an adventure that takes you through picturesque landscapes.

There is a spring just below this mountain. The water gushes down from it and joins the beautifully flowing Kishanganga River beside it. This is the must visit place on your trip.

Kishanganaga River

The serene Kishanganga River gracefully flows through the valley, adding to its charm. A stroll along the riverbanks or a boat ride offers moments of tranquility. The Kishanganga River, also known as the Neelum River, gracefully flows through the valley, enhancing its allure.

The glistening river serves as a lifeline, providing nourishment to the fertile land and giving birth to the valley’s vibrant flora and fauna.

Kishanganga Dam is like a freshwater lake. The water from the river is gathered in this dam which is the famous tourist attraction here. You will see camps pitched around this dam and some water sports activities performed here.

Dawar Town

As the main town, Dawar is a cultural hub. The local market showcases the vibrancy of daily life and offers a chance to explore traditional Gurez handicrafts. Dawar is the capital of Gurez.

Razdaan Pass

On your Gurez valley tour you will cross this pass twice. Situated at an elevation of approximately 11,700 feet, the Razdan Pass presents breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and verdant valleys, offering a memorable drive through the high-altitude terrain. This pass is the only motorable road that connects Gurez to Kashmir and the rest of the world.

You will have to cross this pass to reach Gurez. This pass offers the best panoramic view of the entire region in its vicinity.

Chakwali Gurez

Chakwali is the old and traditional place of Gurez. It was part of an ancient route that connected Kashmir to China. It is the last village on the Indian side. And is completely offbeat and untouched by modern impressions. You will get the feel of completely a different place with a calm landscape.

People here live traditionally in mud and wood houses with centuries-old shapes and designs. To visit this place, one has to get permission from the local authority.

Chorwan Gurez

Chorwan Gurez is a quaint village that is a short distance from Dawar. The village is being developed as an initiative of border tourism. The village rests in the perfect landscape of divine peace and tranquility.

One must visit this village from Dawar. As it falls just towards the Habba Khatoon Peak. The village needs permission from the local authority for any sightseeing or visiting.


This charming village showcases traditional wooden houses and offers a glimpse into the local way of life, making it an ideal place to experience rural tranquillity.

Wular Lake

Although not directly in this valley, the stunning Wular Lake is a short distance away and worth a visit. It is the largest freshwater lake in India and offers excellent birdwatching opportunities.

Tragbal Lake

A trek to Tragbal Lake is a rewarding experience. Surrounded by meadows and snow-capped peaks, this serene lake reflects the beauty this offbeat location.

Tulail Valley

An offbeat destination, Tulail Valley features breathtaking landscapes and charming villages, offering tranquillity and solitude.

A captivating meadow, Tulail is a paradise for nature lovers. The lush greenery and wildflowers, surrounded by majestic mountains, create a picture-perfect setting.

Gurez Festival

The Gurez Festival is a grand celebration that showcases the region’s rich culture and traditions. Colorful processions, traditional games, and cultural shows captivate the visitors during this festive extravaganza.

Gurez Valley Tour Itinerary

Post breakfast, visit the most famous tourist attraction of Gurez valley and that is Habbakhatoon Peak. This peak is pyramid shaped and has the river flowing just at its feet. It has a spring also that you will visit and drink water from it.

As you will get nearer to Habbakhatoon peak you will get amazed by its beauty and the sun rays that bounce from its surface. The river stream that you will be crossing and seeing at its feet is directly coming from Pakistan just a few kilometers away.

Enjoy the serenity and the pleasant weather here at the hem of this peak. Post this, you will be taken towards the border area to see Pakistan. You can see Pakistan army posts. A few minutes of a walk up will take you to a vantage point from where you will see the village settlement of Pakistan. You will come back to Dawar Gurez by lunchtime.

Take your lunch and post that your guide will take you to Khandiyal Top. This top gives you a panoramic view of the entire Dawar area. You see the beautiful dam, mountain ranges, gurez villages, and the army posts of Pakistan and India.

Spend your time here at Khandiyal top. A short walk will take you to the vantage point from where the sunset is stunningly beautiful. As the last rays of sun fall on Gurez, the entire area looks otherworldly. Drive to your hotel.

On this day you will go further towards the extreme side of Gurez which connects to Gilgit Baltistan and Drass. The place is called Angaikot in Tulial province of Gurez. The drive is all along the river stream. On the way, you will see beautiful village settlements that are resting on the meadow patches beside the river streams.

Angaikot is a pristine village settled in the lap of virgin nature. You will see the fascinating mountains and the river streams zigzagging the lush meadows and villages’ houses. Take a short walk towards the interiors of Angaikot through its heritage village.

The village has quite an otherworldly vibe. You will see beautiful houses made of wood and mud and designed in a typical gurez style which is not present all across the world. The walk is between the river and the paddy fields.

From Angainko the drive will take you to Chakwali – the last village which comes on the Indian side. From Chakwali you can see the Gilgit Baltistan army post of Pakistan and the villages of Pakistan. By evening you will drive back to Dawar Gurez.

In the evening the best place to hang out is at the log hut café that is run by the army. You will find the best coffee, rolls and other meals here with some activities like singing and guitar play.

Top Experiences on Gurez Valley Tour

This valley offers a lot of activities like trekking, fishing, and wildlife photography. Engaging with the warm-hearted locals and participating in their cultural celebrations allows us to form meaningful connections, embracing authenticity.

From trekking to fishing in pristine waters, each moment in Gurez promises to be a cherished memory. Here is a list of the best things to do on your Tour.


This valley boasts several trekking routes that cater to both beginners and seasoned trekkers. Gurez valley trek traversing through untamed trails, you can explore the hidden gems of the valley, encounter picturesque landscapes, and witness breathtaking vistas. The most famous trekking is the Patalwar sar trek. The trek goes to the famous twin lakes called Patalwan Sar 1 & 2. You can make your trip adventurous by including couple of day walks into your itinerary.

Book here all the treks of Kashmir: Treks in Kashmir

Fishing and Water Sport

The crystal-clear waters of the Kishanganga River provide excellent opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. Angling for trout and mahseer in the river is a popular activity.

Additionally, the serene river also allows for peaceful boating experiences.

Wildlife and Nature Photography

The valley’s diverse flora and fauna offer a paradise for wildlife and nature photographers. Capture stunning shots of rare Himalayan birds, wildflowers, and pristine landscapes.

Camping and Bonfire

Embrace the thrill of camping amidst nature’s beauty. Camping in Gurez allows you to immerse yourself in the serenity of the surroundings, and enjoying a bonfire under the starlit sky is a magical experience.

The best camping here is done beside the Kishanganga River and Kishanganga Dam.

Adventurous Trails

For adrenaline junkies, this Valley offers challenging trails for mountain biking and off-roading. Traverse through rocky terrains and steep paths, immersing yourself in the thrill of adventure.


Gurez is heaven for off-road biking. You can visit its far-off places towards the border on your bikes.

The roads are uneven and rough which will give you the real thrill of off-road biking. You will see a lot of bikers on your way to Gurez from Srinagar.


Entire Gurez is full of must-see places. You can easily explore all of these places by car. The places take you as far as the Indian last post on the border.

Some of the famous sights in Gurez are Khandyal Top, Kishanganga Dam, Habba Khatoon Peak, etc.

Gurez Valley Festival and Other Celebrations

This valley comes alive with vibrant celebrations during local festivals, offering travelers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the valley’s joyous traditions and cultural heritage.

Urs: Urs is a significant festival celebrated here to commemorate the death anniversary of Sufi saints. The valley is adorned with colorful decorations, and people gather at shrines to offer prayers and seek blessings.

Shishur: Shishur is a traditional Gurez winter festival that rejoices in the season’s beauty. Locals participate in cultural performances, including folk dances and music, to express gratitude for nature’s bounty.

Gurez Festival: The Gurez Festival is a grand celebration that showcases the region’s rich culture and traditions. 

Traditional Music and Dance: Gurais’s cultural celebrations are incomplete without traditional music and dance performances. The locals engage in soul-stirring melodies and graceful dance forms, inviting everyone to join in the revelry.

Some Important Information

Preserving Nature's Beauty in Gurez Valley

Responsible travel is crucial to preserving the pristine beauty of this Valley and ensuring its sustainability for future generations. As travelers, we have a responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment and respect the local culture and communities.

Eco-Friendly Practices: Embrace eco-friendly practices during your stay. Minimize waste, carry reusable water bottles, and avoid littering. Leave no trace of your presence in the valley’s delicate ecosystem.

Respect Local Customs: Show respect to the local customs and traditions. Dress modestly, seek permission before taking photographs of people, and be mindful of their religious beliefs.

Support Local Economy: Contribute positively to the local economy by purchasing locally made handicrafts and souvenirs. Support community-based initiatives and eco-tourism projects that benefit the local communities.

Preserve Wildlife and Nature: Observe wildlife from a distance and avoid disturbing their natural habitats. Refrain from plucking flowers or damaging vegetation, ensuring the valley’s natural beauty remains intact.

Choose Responsible Accommodation: Opt for accommodation that follows sustainable practices, such as water and energy conservation and waste management. By adopting responsible travel practices, we can help protect the fragile ecosystem and preserve its cultural heritage. Let’s leave a positive impact on the valley, ensuring that it remains an enchanting destination for generations to come.

Tips for Your Gurez Valley Tour

Mobile Connectivity in Gurez: You should keep in mind that only post-paid plans are operational in Jammu and Kashmir. Any prepaid MTNL, Jio, or BSNL phone will not work when you enter this region. In Post-paid, Jio, Airtel & BSNL networks only work here.

Electricity Before the morning call to prayer, the generator will be activated and the electricity will stay on until 7 AM. After that, it will be off until sundown. Almost all hotels have their generators, which will be switched on when necessary.

Medical Facility: There is a medical facility located here, but the care provided is limited. If a medical emergency arises, the person must be taken to Srinagar. Additionally, the Indian Army base is nearby and can assist in emergencies.

Local Transport: Local transport options are limited. Travelers can hire local taxis or use public buses to explore the valley and visit various attractions. However, in the remote villages, no buses or cabs go.

Permits and Guidelines: Due to its proximity to the Line of Control (LoC), this valley falls under restricted areas. Foreign tourists are not allowed to enter this place as of 2024. While Indian tourists can visit this place without any permission except for a few border villages like Chakwali. These permits can be obtained from the authorities in Srinagar or Bandipora.

Check for Updated Guidelines: Before traveling here, it’s crucial to check for any updated guidelines or restrictions implemented by the local administration. Being aware of any travel advisories or restrictions will help travelers plan their trip accordingly and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. By adhering to the necessary permits and guidelines, travelers can embark on an enriching journey, embracing the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this hidden Himalayan gem.

Things to Shop on Gurez Valley Tour

This valley is not only a haven for natural beauty but also a treasure trove of exquisite local handicrafts and souvenirs that hold the essence of the region’s cultural heritage. Exploring the local markets unveils a world of craftsmanship and artistry, offering visitors a chance to take home unique mementos.

Traditional Kashmiri Shawl: This Valley is renowned for its traditional Kashmiri shawls, beautifully embroidered and crafted with intricate designs. These shawls, made from fine wool or pashmina, are not only luxurious but also a symbol of the valley’s rich textile heritage.

Wooden Artifacts: Skilled artisans in Gurez craft exquisite wooden artifacts that showcase the region’s artistry. From intricately carved doors and window frames to decorative items and souvenirs, these wooden masterpieces are a testament to the valley’s craftsmanship.

Pashminas and Scarves: Pashmina scarves and stoles are a favorite among travelers, cherished for their softness and warmth. The valley’s pashminas are sought after for their quality and authenticity.

Carpets and Rugs: This Valley produces handwoven carpets and rugs that depict traditional designs and patterns. Owning a Gurez carpet is akin to having a piece of the valley’s artistic heritage.

Embroidered Fabrics: Colorful embroidered fabrics, such as traditional phirans and wall hangings, showcase the valley’s vibrant cultural identity.

Locally Made Jewellery: The valley’s jewelry, adorned with semi-precious stones, reflects the region’s unique style and craftsmanship. Exploring the local markets and purchasing these handicrafts not only supports the local artisans and their livelihoods but also allows travelers to carry back a piece of this Valley’s cultural heritage. These souvenirs are not just tangible mementos but also cherished reminders of the enchanting experiences in this hidden gem of the Himalayas.

Kashmir Tour Packages with Gurez Valley

Many travelers dream of going to the offbeat places of Kasmir and at the same time, they don’t want to miss out the more famous places here. Hence, Kashmir Tour Packages with Gurez is the best blend of touristy and offbeat places of Kashmir. It will show you the touristy places like Srinagar and Pahalgam along with Gurez Valley – the best of offbeat places. You will need at least 10 days to complete both.

Since Gurez is a summer place the best time to do a Kashmir tour with Gurez is from June to September. You will be able to see all the places like Sonamarg, Gulmarg Pahalgam, Srinagar, Wular Lake, Manasbal Lake, Dawar Valley, Habba Khatoon Peak, Tulail Valley, Chakwali, etc.

How To Reach Gurez Valley

Reaching Gurez Valley requires thoughtful planning due to its remote location and limited accessibility. Travelers have several transportation options to consider when making their way to this captivating destination. The drive is a scenic journey from Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir.

By Air: The nearest airport to Gurez is the Srinagar International Airport, which is well-connected to major Indian cities. From Srinagar, travelers can hire a taxi or take a bus. The journey takes approximately 6 to 7 hours and offers scenic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

By Road: Gurez Valley can also be accessed by road from other towns in Jammu and Kashmir. However, the road journey can be challenging, especially during the winter months when heavy snowfall may block the roads. It’s essential to check the road conditions and weather forecasts before starting the trip.

Note: There are no direct bus or cab services to Gurez from Srinagar. The most convenient way to reach is to hire a direct cab at Srinagar. Cliffhangers have a variety of cabs, from sedans to Innova to buses for Gurez.

Read here the complete details on: Kashmir Taxi Services

Gurez Valley

Where Can I Stay In Gurez Valley?

Cliffhangers India provides the best stay options for our tour groups at an affordable cost. Apart from hotels, guesthouses, and homestays, we also provide a camping experience in this beautiful valley. The most common question among travelers is about Stay. Where to stay here? Are there any camping facilities? We listed all kinds of accommodation facilities one after another.

Hotel Facilities

In the past, the only accommodation available in Dawar was the J&K Tourism Dak Bungalow. However, due to the rising popularity of the area as a tourist destination, multiple hotels have been established. Still, this valley has the basic tourist infrastructure. There are only a couple of standard hotels. No luxury or 3-star hotel is in Gurez.

The Kaka Palace Guest House is the oldest and one of the hotels here. Some of the other hotels here that provide the best standard services are Wood Vibes, D Sheikh, Gurez Nights, Sukoon Hotel, etc.

There is a camping facility near the Kishanganga River. It is a great location with a beautiful view surrounded by the outskirts of Dawar. According to people rating it is a fun place to enjoy with family and friends.

Gurez Valley

Gurez Valley Tour Cost

If you are traveling alone, you can rent a bike in Srinagar for a cost of 1500-2000 per day, excluding fuel. If you are traveling as a family, a couple, or a group of friends, you can hire a taxi in Kashmir’s capital Srinagar. You need to spend around 20000 for 3 days.

Accommodation in a basic hotel will cost you around 5000 per night. Camping alone costs you 1300 for a tiny tent per night.

Gurez Valley Trek

Why Choose Our Gurez Valley Tour Packages

Cliffhangers has been doing the Gurez Valley tour for many years now. Being the local tour agency, we are familiar with this offbeat location quite genuinely. From roads to sightseeing to hotels to the best tour experience, we have complete hassle-free Gurez tour packages.

Best Transportation: We provide a range of cabs. From sedan cabs to 4*4, from Innova to tempo travelers to buses, we cater to every transport requirement for your tour of this valley. As this valley has some remote locations like Tulail Valley, the transport facility should be the one with no compromises. We provide the best of that.

Read here about: Taxi Service to Gurez

Best Stays: Since Gurez is an offbeat location, not many stay options are available. However, with Cliffhangers we provide the best stay options here at the most affordable cost.

Updated Information: We regularly update our clients for any news related to this valley. Be it the road conditions, snow forecast, permit, and permissions.

24*7 Customer Service: Our customer service is fully connected with you during your entire tour to Gurez. You will have our tour guide, who will show you around the best place and make you do the best activities to do here.

gurez valley


Gurez stands as a captivating destination that enchants travelers with its untouched natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. This comprehensive travel guide has shed light on the diverse aspects that make this Valley a hidden gem in the Himalayas.

Through responsible travel practices, we can play a crucial role in preserving the valley’s pristine beauty and supporting the local communities. Respect for the environment, wildlife, and local customs ensures that the Valley retains its charm for future generations to explore and enjoy. Book your Gurez Valley Tour Packages with Cliffhangers for the best of all experiences.


Yes, this place is perfectly safe for any kind of tourist. The natural vistas of its scenic beauty can make anyone fall in love with this true nature. It offers visitors plenty of places to visit and many activities to enjoy.

Gurez is located about 123 kilometers from Srinagar and the drive will take you around 7-8 hours. The road conditions are good as compared to the earlier times. The Valley is blessed with panoramic and breathtaking views from all sides. Read the travel on Srinagar to Gurez.

You can visit during the months of summer. In the summer season, the valley is in full bloom and also offers beautiful trekking routes. The Gurez Valley temperature that time was very pleasant and good for sightseeing. In winter it remains shut due to heavy snowfall.

Yes, it is worth visiting because it offers scenic beauty and incredible peaceful surroundings. It is one of the serene and peaceful offbeat locations that is still untouched by any kind of modernity which makes it a worth visiting place.

The valley sits at an altitude of 8000 feet above sea level. This is one of the remotest regions which is still unexplored. This offbeat location is still far away from the tourism map. It offers a peaceful trip for travelers.

Guraz is an offbeat destination of Kashmir. This valley has little population and is far off from Srinagar. The infrastructure here is very little electricity still goes away multiple times a day, there are no luxury or 3-star hotels here, no supermarkets, etc. Owing to these factors, there is no nightlife in Gurez Valley.

There are no nightclubs, no night shows. You can’t explore the valley during the night. As the evening falls, the valley shuts down.

However, during the evenings and nights, Cliffhangers has regular bonfires and musical nights on the hotel lawns for our clients in Gurez. We regularly have stargazing activity during the late evening with music and coffee on the table.

Yes, you need to book the Gurez tour in advance as the place is remote and it doesn’t have much availability of hotels or lodgings. Get in touch in advance for your tour of this beautiful location in Kashmir.

Gurez Valley to Srinagar is a road drive of around 7 hours. The easiest and quickest way is to hire a direct cab to Gurez. The shared cabs will take a lot more time and you will have to change the cabs at 4 places.

Srinagar to Gurez Valley distance is 126km. This is the distance that goes via Bandipora and then goes up through the hilly area to reach Razdan Pass. After the pass, the drive goes down to the valley.

This valley has the most pleasant weather during the summer. In summer the day temperature hovers around 25 degrees. And the night temperature is around 20 degrees. In winter, weather remains under the grip of sub-zero temperatures.

December is full of snow and not recommended for travel. The road is closed because of snow.

Gurez is located in the Bandipora district of the Kashmir region. This valley resides around 123km from Srinagar city. The drive to here is delightful as it goes via valleys, meadows, mountain passes, and the famous Wular Lake. To reach Gurais Valley one has to cross over the famous Razdan Pass which is at an altitude of 3540m above sea level.

The Gurez Valley location is such that it gets connected to the Gilgit Valley of Pakistan on the other side. It remains closed for the winter owing to the heavy snowfall which makes Razdan Pass shut. Razdan Pass is the only road that makes this valley connected to the rest of the country.

You can reach here from Delhi via flight, road, or railway.

By Flight: Srinagar airport is the nearest airport. From there get a direct cab to Gurez.

By Railway: Jammu is the nearest railway station to Gurez. From there get the direct cab to Gurez.

By Road: There is a national highway that connects to Srinagar, from there take a road towards Bandipora for Gurez.

The total distance from Delhi is 916km. This is a long drive that takes around 2 to 3 days to reach.

It is famous for its offbeat location. Away from the regular touristy hustle and bustle, this place is away from the regular tourist rush. The place has been awarded as the best offbeat destination in India. This valley transports you back to 100 years such as the simple living of its people.

Yes, you can camp here in Gurez. Cliffhangers provide the best camping experience in our Gurez valley tour packages. From luxury to basic camping, we offer the camping at best locations like beside the Kishanganga River and dam. No prior permission is required for camping here. You can come and spend a night in the beautiful camping location here.

You need a minimum of two days to explore this beautiful, offbeat destination. This includes all of the Gurez sightseeing places like Habba Khatoon Peak, Kishanganga, Tulail, Chakwali, etc. A total of 4 days is enough for Gurez Valley from Srinagar to Srinagar. This includes one day going to Gurez from Srinagar and the last day coming from Gurez.

In April it is full of flowers and spring blooms. The weather is cold during the night, evening, and morning. However, during days, the weather is pleasant and the temperature in April is around 20 degrees. Unfortunately, the road from Srinagar is still closed at Razdan Pass. It rarely opens in April month.

You can reach here from Srinagar by hiring a direct cab. Or you can take a shared cab, however, you will have to change the shared cab as there is no direct shared cab to Gurez.

Summer is the best time to visit Gurez Valley. During summers, the valley has a carpet of lush green meadows and colorful blossoms, while winters cover it in a pristine layer of snow, turning it into a winter wonderland, but unfortunately inaccessible to travel. Autumn blesses the valley with a golden hue, offering a sight to behold.

Obtaining permits and adhering to guidelines are essential steps for a hassle-free and secure trip here. As the valley is located near the Line of Control (LoC), you will have to be careful in advance.

For Foreign Tourists: Foreign visitors planning to explore this Valley must obtain a Protected Area Permit (PAP) from the authorities. The permit allows them to venture into this restricted region and experience its beauty.

As of now, Foreign Tourists are not allowed to visit Gurez.

For Indian Tourists: Indian tourists who are not residents of Jammu and Kashmir do not need any permit to visit Gurez Valley. However you need to keep the original ID with you, there are multiple army checkpoints where you will have to enter your details while going there and coming back. For that entry, your original ID is a must.

There are a few villages that fall quite close to Pakistan, to visit those villages like Chakwali, Chorwan, etc. an Inner Line Permit (ILP) is required. The ILP can be obtained from the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Srinagar or other designated authorities.

By carefully planning the journey and obtaining the necessary permits, travelers can embark on a safe and rewarding adventure. The scenic drive and the remote charm of this Himalayan abode make the effort worthwhile.


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