Kashmir Honeymoon Package


Kashmir is the perfect place for newlyweds to celebrate their union. With Kashmir honeymoon packages, you may arrange a luxurious and romantic journey. These packages include lodging, meals, transportation, sightseeing, and activities, making for a hassle-free amazing holiday.

The Kashmir Honeymoon packages is the most sold-out tour package in Kashmir. Kashmir qualifies as the best honeymoon destination across India. It has a romantic vibe and is full of love and gorgeous landscape. This place provides and leaves you with a memorable travel experience that you and your partner will cherish for life.

Kashmir has remained the go-to honeymoon destination for ages. Be it Indian or European, it has lured and tempted couples with its sheer beauty and aura.

Cliffhangers India makes your Kashmir Honeymoon package more amazing by providing unique customized experiences that you enjoy. Our service standards are always high and our priority.

For a honeymoon in Kashmir, March through October is the ideal time of year. The flowers are in full bloom, the weather is lovely, and the surrounding landscape is stunning around this time. However, from November to February, Kashmir transforms into a winter wonderland. It is the ideal time to spend if you enjoy the snow.

You can personalize a variety of Kashmir honeymoon tours to meet your requirements and tastes. Kashmir honeymoon packages for couples, which range in price from affordable to opulent, provide you with the ideal getaway to reignite your romance and allow you to share some private moments in the calm surroundings of this idyllic location. From the moment you arrive at the assigned location till the time you board the flight back home, Cliffhangers India’s professionals will attend to all of your needs.

Best Romantic Places to Visit in Kashmir

1. Srinagar

Srinagar, which is located in the Kashmir Valley on the banks of the Jhelum River, is renowned for its breathtaking views, magnificent gardens, stunning waterfronts, and charming houseboats. With its stunning Himalayan scenery, shimmering Dal and Nagin lakes, houseboats, Chashme Shahi, Shikaras, Shalimar Garden, floating marketplaces, and several other magnificent Mughal buildings—many of which are featured in Kashmir honeymoon packages—Srinagar captivates visitors.

With Kashmir honeymoon trip packages, you may sample mouthwatering cuisine, stroll through the charming streets of Srinagar, discover both man-made and natural treasures, and shop for locally crafted trinkets to bring home as mementos. You will be cherished with the beauty of Charming Srinagar.

  • Specialty: Srinagar is famous for Mughal gardens and houseboat stay
  • Major Attractions: Dal Lake, Nigeen lake, floating market, Shalimar Bagh
  •  Major Couple Activities: Houseboat stay, shopping

2. Gulmarg

Do you want to bear the amazing experience of snowfall? Arrange a honeymoon trip from Kashmir to Gulmarg and create treasured memories with your significant other amidst breathtaking landscapes. It is renowned as one of India’s top skiing locations and is endowed with soaring snow-capped mountains, lush surroundings, small lakes, and blossoming flowers. In addition to all the activities that are part of your Kashmir honeymoon trip packages, Gulmarg offers a fair share of excitement and adventure. It offers various tourist locations, including Khilanmarg, Tangmarg, sacred shrines, and a golf course.

Gulmarg offers a plethora of activities to cater to the needs of adventure seekers and honeymooners, including trout fishing, trekking, and the widely popular and exhilarating sensation of skiing.

  • Specialty: Gulmarg is famous for skiing and winter sports
  • Major Attractions: Apharwat Peak, Gulmarg Igloo café, Gulmarg golf course
  •  Major Couple Activities: Gondola ride, skiing, snowboarding

3. Betaab Valley

Betaab Valley is filled with trees like chinar, deodar, pine, willows, and poplars, is surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks. The Lidder River, whose blue-green waters further enhance its beauty. Because of its extraordinary beauty, it is particularly suitable for picnics and tourism, and you should visit it while on vacation in Kashmir.

When you are in Betaab Valley with Kashmir tour packages for couple, you can take in the love scenes from Bollywood movies. You will experience the valley as though you are performing in a romantic scene. There is a lot of romantic beauty in the valley itself. Remember to include the Betaab Valley in your Kashmir Honeymoon Package while making your plans.

  • Specialty: Betaab Valley is truly a Bollywood romance view coming true. You can feel the vibe of acting in movies when you are in Betaab Valley
  •  Major Couple Activities: Picnics, Lidder river rafting

4. Pahalgam

Pahalgam, which is 7,200 feet high, is located where the Lidder River and Sheshnag Lake converge. It is the location to feel peace and tranquillity, with stunning views of the snow-covered Himalayan hills, pine jungles, and verdant meadows. Pahalgam is the starting point for the Amarnath Yatra and a center for exhilarating to enjoyable adventure activities.

You may arrange a trip to this tranquil location and enjoy participating in a variety of exhilarating activities like river rafting, golfing, camping, and hiking in the summer months with Kashmir honeymoon packages. However, it’s a winter paradise because you can enjoy winter activities like skiing and snow-sledding here with the best Kashmir packages for couples.

Specialty: Pahalgam is famous for its peaceful and tranquil gateway with stunning views of snow-covered mountains and pine jungles.

  • Major Attractions: Amarnath yatra, Aru Valley, chandanwari
  •  Major Couple Activities: rafting, hiking, golfing

5. Sonmarg

Sonmarg offers everything one could want in a renowned Kashmir honeymoon travel package, including lush green meadows, a majestic glacier, a pearly white river, towering mountains, and breathtaking perspectives. The Thajiwas Valley is a lovely location for camping and picnics, and the Indus River offers shimmering rapids for rafting.

While on your Kashmir honeymoon trips, you can go on an exciting hike through the Gangabal Lake Trek, fish for brown trout in the lakes of Krishansar and Vishansar, and take in the breathtaking scenery of the beautiful glaciers. Camping is enjoyable when there are stunning snow-capped peaks all around you. Sonmarg is the ideal place to spend your Kashmir honeymoon holidays in this paradise on earth.

Specialty: Sonamarg offers everything for a perfect blend of fun and adventure tours. Thajiwas Valley is famous for camping and picnics.

  • Major Attractions: Thajiwas glacier, Gangabal lake
  •  Major Couple Activities: Trekking, Camping

6. Aru Valley

A popular trekking destination in Kashmir trip for couple, Aru Valley Pahalgam is renowned for its breathtaking vistas. In addition, the Aru settlement acts as a base camp for hikers heading to Tarsar Lake and the Kolahoi Glacier. The valley is popular with adventure enthusiasts because it has a lot of additional short trekking trails. There are numerous glaciers, alpine meadows, and streams in the Aru Pahalgam.

 The Pahalgam Aru Valley is renowned for its abundant biodiversity, including rare and endangered species of animals like red fox, snow leopard, and Asiatic black bear. A lovely village near Pahalgam called Aru Pahalgam is a great place to unwind on your honeymoon. Aru valley is always on our best Kashmir Honeymoon Packages.

  • Specialty: Aru Valley offers the untouched beauty of Kashmir, it acts as a base for many treks.
  • Major Attractions: Glaciers, alpine meadows
  •  Major Couple Activities: trekking, and camping

7. Apharwat Peak

The main draw for tourists to Gulmarg is the tall Apharwat Peak, which is home to Asia’s largest ski slope. Apharwat is one of Gulmarg’s most striking peaks at 4390 meters. Kongdori Valley is connected to it by the second segment of the Gulmarg Gondola (cable car). The location will never fail to astound you when you come here for your Kashmir honeymoon tours. This spectacular peak is 12 minutes away via ropeway and provides adventure seekers fantastic skiing, and snowboarding opportunities in addition to breathtaking vistas. This well-liked location in Gulmarg is also the source of the well-known Ningle Nallah, which is a sight to behold.

Specialty: It is the major attraction in Gulmarg for tourists. Many people arrive here to take part in skiing throughout the year.

  • Major Attractions: Gulmarg Gondola, snow peaks
  •  Major Couple Activities: skiing, trekking

8. Gurez Vall

Your senses will be captivated by Gurez Valley when you plan a Kashmir tour for a couple, and you’ll come away with priceless memories. With its breathtaking scenery, which includes both majestic mountains and glistening rivers, this idyllic paradise has something to offer every kind of traveler. When you plan a honeymoon trip to Kashmir, the Gurez Valley tour has something to offer, regardless of your preferences for adventure, peace, or cultural immersion.

Put on your hiking boots and head out into Gurez Valley for exhilarating treks. Investigate routes such as Habba Khatoon Peak, Razdan Pass, and Tragbal. Experience the Gurez Valley’s rich cultural legacy by taking part in local celebrations and seeing practices upheld over the ages. Enjoy the magical evenings in the Valley of Kashmir while you’re here when the valley’s allure comes to life and memories are created beneath the stars.

Specialty: Gurez Valley offers you glistering rivers and majestic mountains. Regardless of what you are planning gurus offer you a perfect gateway for everything

  • Major Attractions: Razdan pass, Khatoon peak
  •  Major Couple Activities: Trekking, skiing, heli-skiing

9. Yusmarg

Yusmarg, one of the greatest locations included in Kashmir honeymoon packages, provides amazing natural beauty along with a variety of exciting activities and snowclad mountains. It is a popular destination for honeymooners and couples because it is unique and away from the throng, making it a wonderful place to experience seclusion and romance. Although Nilnag Lake offers the maximum enjoyment here, the sparkling River Doodhganga is the ideal spot to watch a beautiful sunset.

Ultimate rejuvenation is promised by the Lidder Mad meadows and Sang-e-Safed valleys; trekking to Doodhpathri or Tosa Maidan hikes is similarly rewarding. Whatever you choose to do when visiting Yousmarg, it is undoubtedly the best place in Kashmir for young couples and environment enthusiasts to travel.

Specialty: Yousmarg provides a unique gateway for a couple who are planning a peaceful vacation in Kashmir, with its breathtaking sunset the journey to Yousmarg is truly mesmerizing.

  • Major Attractions: Doodhgangs sunset, sang-e-safed valley
  •  Major Couple Activities: Photography, trekking, sunset

10. Doodhpathri 

Doodhpathri is located 2,730 meters (8,957 feet) above sea level in a bowl-shaped valley in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. It’s an alpine valley with pine and deodar meadows and snow-capped mountains. In the spring and summer, wildflowers like daisies, buttercups, and forget-me-nots flourish in the naturally occurring meadows that are blanketed in snow during the winter.

The most important thing to do in Doodhpathri Valley is to stop along the road for some local food and kahva. In addition to the several haphazard spots where you will find yourself stopping frequently while traveling to Doodhpathri, there are specific perspectives for your couple’s photos.

Specialty: Doodhpathri is an alpine valley with pine and snowcapped mountains which gives the best experience of winter.

  • Major Attractions: Wildflowers, and fauna
  •  Major Couple Activities: bike rides, photography
kashmir honeymoon package

Things To Do In Kashmir On Your Honeymoon

Every region of the Kashmir Valley will be visited, from Sonmarg and Gulmarg to Srinagar and Pahalgam, making sure you experience some of the most picturesque views. Enjoy a variety of activities with your best Kashmir honeymoon packages, such as rafting, skiing, camping, and horseback riding. To make your honeymoon even more romantic, you can include a traditional shikara ride or a picturesque and cozy houseboat excursion in the package.

Take a Shikara Ride on Dal Lake

The Dal Lake’s Shikhara rides are exciting and alluring; they’ve served as a romantic backdrop in Bollywood films and now give a charming romantic atmosphere in real life. Kashmir honeymoon packages allow you to ride a Shikara and buy gifts and souvenirs at the floating market while taking in the grandeur of the surrounding scenery. Enchant yourself while floating over Dal Lake’s serene waters, take in Nehru Park’s breathtaking scenery, and sense romance in the gorgeous lotus and water lily gardens. You can also visit locals to gain insight into their customs and culture. When visiting Srinagar with their best honeymoon Kashmir packages, couples highly recommend taking a Shikara ride.

Enjoy a Gondola Ride in Gulmarg

With your significant other, take an exhilarating Gondola Cable Car Ride to discover the striking natural legacy of the Kashmiri hills and valleys. During your Kashmir honeymoon travels, the elevated cable line offers you an incredible experience that you won’t soon forget. You get to enjoy the heavenly residence of Kashmir in your best Kashmir honeymoon tour packages and the surrounding snow-capped mountains while you have the want to soar.

There are two phases to the cable ride; make sure to take part in both for more romantic moments. Whenever you arrange your honeymoon, the Gondola offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Go Trekking in Sonamarg

Sonamarg is a trekking paradise, with a plethora of paths marked out on the town map. The Sonamarg region offers a variety of trekking opportunities due to its rugged mountain ranges, immaculate lakes, and plateaus. Trekking is common on top trekking peaks including Machoi Peak, Amarnath Peak, Sirbal Peak, and Kolahoi Peak. Sonamarg is a collection of natural beauty, with its 

deep valleys, waterfalls flowing from the mountains, and many verdant meadows. Along with the famous Kashmir Great Lakes Trek and Tarsar Mansar Trek, you can go hiking, trekking, and camping in this area. Thajiwas Glacier is one of the most well-known locations in Kashmir and a must-visit location in Kashmir honeymoon tour packages.

Visit Mughal Gardens

There is no need to introduce the colossal palaces, tombs, and mosques of the Mughals. These structures were characterized by their opulence, grandeur, and visual dominance. A unique place must be given to the Mughals’ magnificent gardens, nevertheless, because they changed the surrounding surroundings. The rectilinear designs within the walled construction, along with the canals, fountains, pools of flowing water, and many types of shade-giving trees, flowers, fruits, and aromatic grasses, are the unifying elements of all Mughal Gardens. Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Garden, Chashma Shahi, Pari Mahal, and Achabal are just a few of the gardens that offer breathtaking and serene views for the ideal evening of a Kashmir honeymoon tour.

Enjoy Srinagar Sightseeing

Walking about Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, is like plunging into the city’s rich history and stunning architecture. With your partner, discover the stunning places and create priceless memories with your Kashmir packages for couple. As you stroll through locations like Verinag, Pattan, and Khanpur Sarai, their pleasant auras evoke a priceless romantic encounter. Take a tour through the local heritage, enjoy some traditional cuisine, and purchase souvenirs made by the ethnic Kashmiri people to learn more about this paradise. For a more authentic local experience, go through Srinagar’s tiniest streets. Engaging in Srinagar sightseeing throughout your honeymoon package might help you get the most out of it.

Taste Kashmiri Cuisine

Kashmir’s cuisine is as wonderful as its stunning scenery. Rich, flavorful meals with a long history have developed over several generations and are recognized as a fusion of three culinary traditions: Kashmiri Pandits, Muslims, and Mughals.

In Kashmir, this ultimate ceremonial feast is called “Wazwan” and is primarily composed of meat-based foods. When couples arrive in Kashmir with high expectations, Kashmiri food is the star of the show—at least for all the foodies and food enthusiasts out there. Kashmiri food is as varied and rich as its people, culture, and geography, all while displaying a unique individuality. You must spend time tasting Kashmiri cuisines for a relaxing and soothing trip.

Experience Lidder River Rafting

The spotless Lidder River serves as the primary venue for river rafting and the classic Gondola-style light rowing boat experience, in addition to smaller lakes. If you want to truly experience the surreal beauty of this place, you should schedule time for it as it is among the most breathtaking and serene aspects of a honeymoon visit.

The locals still use the boat for recreational and tourism-related purposes, as well as for commuting, fishing, and seaweed harvesting. Rafting on the Lidder River is broken up into phases. It’s a visual treat to see these exhilarating waves and float calmly on the lake, thus this is one of the greatest things to do in Pahalgam and you shouldn’t miss the chance to do it.

Attend a Cultural Show

The people of Kashmir celebrate many festivals with great excitement and fervor. In addition to offering sweeping views of the surroundings, J & K is known for its rich cultural legacy, which is evident in the way the Kashmiri people celebrate their festivals. Baishakhi, Lohri, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hemis, Tulip, Shikara, Gurez, Sindhu Darshan, and Domoche are a few of the well-known celebrations.

These celebrations include traditional dancing, painting sessions, a variety of cuisines, and artisan stores. On certain auspicious days, several festivals, including Bahu Mela, Jhiri Mela, and Craft Mela, are also held, showcasing Kashmiri culture. One of the greatest locations to witness a rich cultural legacy is Kashmir.

Visit Asia’s Largest Tulip Garden

Srinagar’s Tulip Festival is a lavish event surrounded by breathtaking scenery, with flowerbeds strewn across multiple terraces. You wouldn’t consider your April trip to Kashmir complete if you didn’t see Asia’s largest Tulip Garden in your Kashmir honeymoon tour packages. Every year, Srinagar celebrates this lovely event with much enthusiasm and delight. The organizers of the Floriculture Department declared that 1.5 million tulip bulbs in 62 different types will be planted at Tulip Garden. 

The lovely garden covers thirty hectares. The Tulip Garden is the most popular destination in Srinagar because of its ideal location. This park is bordered by picturesque hills, lovely Mughal-era gardens, and—above all—it has a view of the breathtaking Dal Lake. In short, you should visit the Tulip Festival around March and April for a romantic vacation.

Stay in a Houseboat

Dal Lake, which is the city’s most visited attraction and covers 18 square kilometers, has had a significant cultural impact. The Kashmiri Maharaja prohibited the British from obtaining land or building houses throughout the valley. Since independence, people have carried on building and preserving the traditions of these houseboats. Since many residents of this city rely on fishing, floating gardens, and hosting shikara (boat) journeys for tourists, the lake also contributes significantly to the city’s domestic income.

The ultimate Srinagar honeymoon experience is spending at least a night on a houseboat on Dal Lake. Despite the wide range of options—from inexpensive to opulent—it is a must-do.

Participate In Snow Activities

If you want to experience Kashmir at its most picturesque—with snow-capped mountains and icy river streams—you have to go there during the winter. One of the nicest winter activities in Kashmir is this. when winter arrives all of Pahalgam, Sonamarg, and especially Gulmarg is covered with snow making it a winter wonderland. Additionally, this creates a chance for winter sports. The finest winter activities in Kashmir include snowboarding and skiing along with trekking in some places, particularly if you’re looking to satisfy your need for an adrenaline rush. You should try skiing in Gulmarg if you’re looking for things to do there along with romantic views surrounding you.

Enjoy Photography Together

For couples who are interested in photography, Jammu & Kashmir is the perfect destination because of its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and extensive history. The stunning apple orchards, gardens, historic forts, temples, mosques, and snow-capped mountains all beckon nature and cultural photographers from all over the world. So do the luxurious shikaras on the

glittering Dal Lake. In addition, a photography trip to Jammu & Kashmir enables visitors to experience the best that the union territory has to offer and to treasure each moment by capturing it on camera. You can take photos of each other amid breathtaking scenery during your honeymoon journey. The Union territory is a fantastic location for culture and architecture photography because of the numerous shrines and other monuments that are dispersed throughout it.

Go On Shopping 

Kashmir does not let down couples who love to shop. Take home a variety of uncommon treasures. The streets are lined with shop after shop selling handicrafts. The choices are fantastic. There are items to fit any budget, and the variety is amazing.

Purchases of Kashmiri handicrafts are highly valued due to their exceptional craftsmanship. Both wool and silk carpets in Kashmir are a wise investment. Your homes will be enhanced for decades by these masterworks, whether they are Persian designs or simple items. While shopping in Kashmir, get mementos. Prizes include crewel embroidery on furnishing material sold by the meter, exquisitely carved wood furniture and accessories, jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes, mirror frames, and more. You will be so happy to bring back a few memories.

Experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride

You can’t truly experience Kashmir’s immensity and grandeur unless you soar over the skies in a comfortable hot air balloon with your significant other. When you reserve your Kashmir packages for couple, you will be in awe as you fly across the famous Suru and Zaskar Mountain ranges and valleys. This place is ideal for aero sports due to its breathtaking scenery and stunning surroundings. Similar to paragliding, hot air balloon rides are becoming more and more in demand. At 3,000 feet above sea level, throughout the one- to three-hour journey, take in the heavenly residence with your eyes to treasure forever.

Best Time to Visit Kashmir for Honeymoon 

The best time in Kashmir depends on the type of honeymoon vacation you want. If you are looking for a winter adventure vacation, then you should plan your trip in winter to take part in snow activities. If you want moderate and peaceful weather, then summer is an option for you. Here are details about the climate and seasons in KASHMIR.    

In Summer (May-September)

The Kashmir Valley experiences summer from May through August. Many couples travel there to enjoy the cool, pleasant weather and sightseeing and exploration. Sometimes it

becomes really warm, but it usually occurs in the afternoons. In addition to touring well-known tourist destinations in Kashmir Honeymoon packages including Sonmarg, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, and Betaab Valley, you may take a shikara ride and stay on a houseboat for a lovely experience. During summer you can take part in photography at many areas with stunning meadows and captivating views surrounding you. Hot air balloon ride is a major attraction during summer. A honeymoon vacation in summer is truly a wonderful experience to look out for.    

In Winter (December to February)

In the Kashmir Valley, winter lasts from October through February, with frequently below-freezing temperatures. Chalai Kalan, which occurs in late December or early January, is a time of intense cold and heavy snowfall. In Gulmarg, tourists can go skiing. 

Pahalgam, Sonmarg, and Srinagar are a few locations where snowfall is possible. Winter snowfall is common in places like Katra and Patnitop, therefore warm, woolen clothing should be packed. This is the peak season for skiing in Patnitop. Couples can enjoy a romantic Kashmir night experience by going camping in the winter and building campfires. We suggest you pack as many as woolen clothes you can for a comfortable experience.

In Autumn (October to November)

The Kashmir valley experiences little to no rainfall during the monsoon season with the highest temperature 17 degrees Celsius. Because there isn’t any rain, it becomes one of the most alluring tourist destinations in India. It is recommended that you travel to Kashmir during the fall season, particularly in November. Among the locations in Kashmir to visit during autumn are Yusmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, and Srinagar. You can take part in colorful meadows and green surroundings. Within the surroundings of the Himalayan ranges, couples who plan a honeymoon will have a wonderful experience for a lifetime.

Highlights of Kashmir Honeymoon Packages

  • Kashmir’s rivers, lakes, bright meadows, snow-capped mountains, and rows of vibrant flowers make it the ideal destination for a honeymoon.
  • The popularity of Kashmir travel packages among Indian honeymooners might be attributed to the same reason. You can take part in the adventure along with romantic sights.
  • Indulgent Shikara rides and overnight stays on Dal Lake houseboats are available to honeymooners. the romantic tour of Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, and Chashme Shahi in the Grand Mughal Gardens.
  • For as little as INR 15,000, travelers seeking a Kashmir honeymoon tour package can include Pahalgam in their schedule and enjoy an exciting trip.
  • These packages are reasonably priced and can be tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Another well-liked hill station that is well-known among couples on honeymoon is Patnitop. When visiting Kashmir on a honeymoon, this is one of the greatest locations to go.

Getting a peek at Kashmir’s tranquil valleys on honeymoon trips is like seeing a dream come true. There aren’t many locations as stunning as Kashmir in India for a honeymoon vacation.

There are several locations in Kashmir that one may see. These locations are ideal for honeymoons since they are so incredibly gorgeous. To learn more about Kashmir honeymoon package costs, experiences, and others you can message us.

Most Followed Kashmir Honeymoon Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Srinagar

 You will be welcomed at the airport with a bouquet by our representative. You will be taken to a cozy hotel in Srinagar where you will be warmly welcomed with a welcome drink and shown to your rooms.

Day 2: Srinagar Sightseeing 

  • You will be toured around Srinagar. The day will start with your breakfast. Post breakfast you will be taken along Dal Lake. Take a Shikar ride in Dal Lake. Our experienced shikara riders will safely take you to the middle of the lake. This ride is all romantic. Sit back and relax on this cozy ride which is away from the huge rush of tourists. It gives couples a personal space amid the beautiful lake and its surrounding landscape. 
  • You will be guided to the fine restaurant in Srinagar for lunch. Post lunch, you will be taken on a tour of the Mughal Gardens. Take as many photographs as you like to cherish these moments later in your life.
  • In the evening you will be taken to Pari Mahal for a sunset view. This romantic spot on the terraces of Pari Mahal is the best time you will have in Srinagar. This garden gives a wide view of Dal Lake and Srinagar city.
  • Night stay in Srinagar. 

Day 3: Pahalgam Visit

  • This day is spent reaching Pahalgam before noon. Post lunch, take a tour around the market of Pahalgam. Buy some souvenirs from there. You will be taken to Betaab Valley. This is the most famous place in Pahalgam. It is in this valley the famous movie Betaab was shot. 
  • Night Stay in Pahalgam

Day 4: Visit Gulmarg

  • You will be driven to Gulmarg, and you will reach Gulmarg by noon. Take a cable car ride. Imagine yourself and your partner in the cable car that rides you high on towards the upper mountains. Enjoy these romantic moments as you see the panoramic view of the entire valley. Post lunch, visit the most prominent places of Gulmarg like its exotic church and temple and Agri farms. 
  • Night Stay in Gulmarg

Day 5: Visit Srinagar

  • You will be driven back to Srinagar. Finish the sightseeing of the interiors of Srinagar city. The downtown is an old heritage area of Srinagar and is rightly called the Venice of India. You will be toured around the craft and architecture of the city and you will see the best cuisine that Kashmir is known for like Wazwan.  
  • Night stay at Srinagar

Day 6: Visit Sonamarg

  • Visit Sonamarg. Sonamarg is a golden meadow. It has the best landscape in Kashmir. You will be guided to tour its Thajwas Wildlife Sanctuary and Thajwas Glacier. Take a pony ride with your partner in its lush meadows that have gorgeous river streams amid the luring mountain peaks. 
  • Drive back to Srinagar.

Day 7: Visit Departure

On the last day of your Kashmir Honeymoon tour packages by Cliffhangers India, you will be taken to the airport with loads of memories to cherish for life. 

Why Choose Our Kashmir Honeymoon Package?

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  • You can get in touch with us to alter your Kashmir Tour to fit your schedule and travel preferences. You can alter hotel categories, add services, etc.
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  • We are adaptable. We arrange taxis, bikes, lodging, tours, and all other travel-related services in Kashmir.

How To Reach Kashmir 

 By Air: Fly into Kashmir from the nearby (15 km) Srinagar Airport, which has good connections to major Indian towns. Regular flights are offered by Air India, GoAir, IndiGo, and Jet Airways to Delhi, Goa, Jammu, Leh, Mumbai, and Bangalore. And once at the airport, tourists can take cabs to see Kashmir’s towns and cities.

 By Road: Kashmir is connected to all places of India through bus services, you can travel to Kashmir by vehicle as it has a rich source of roadways. Kashmir is accessible through all states as you can board both government and private bus services by JKRTC. It is a cheap and comfortable source of traveling to Kashmir on your honeymoon trip.

 By Train: The closest train station to the stunning Kashmir Valley is Jammu Tawi Railway Station, which is some 330 kilometers away. Notable trains that run from Delhi include the Jammu Mail, Jammu Tawi Express, and New Delhi-Jammu Tawi Rajdhani Express. To get to other locations in Kashmir, one can use state or private buses or hire private cabs from the exterior of the train station.


Kashmir is romantic in all its shades. This is proven and tested over the years by the innumerable couples who have visited this place, and by married couples who throng this place for a honeymoon. Even Bollywood romantic songs right from the 70s have been shot here to display its romantic side.

Kashmir has everything to mesmerize the couples and give them the perfect vibe of love and companionship. Both its traditional and modern destinations are full of love and joy. And its people make the travel more memorable by their hospitality. Kashmir Honeymoon Package is the perfect escape for couples from daily routines.

Make your trips here to Kashmir quite memorable with Cliffhangers India. With our immaculate service standards and experience creation, we make tailor-made tour products for couples that they wish for.


Srinagar: Include Srinagar in your Kashmir vacation packages for a couple’s trip that will never be forgotten. Take in the city’s captivating winter splendor. The magnificent atmosphere created by the snow-covered landscapes is ideal for cozy moments spent with your significant other. When in Srinagar, experience snowfall, take romantic walks beside the frozen Dal Lake, and warm cups of Kashmiri Kahwa by the fireplace.

Gulmarg: Located in the gorgeous Himalayas, Gulmarg is the ideal destination for a dreamy honeymoon escape because it turns into a magnificent winter wonderland. This charming location, covered in fluffy snow, provides perfect scenery for sledding, snowboarding, and skiing. Couples can enjoy hot chocolate by crackling fireplaces while cozily nestled in cozy cabins and making lifelong memories.

Sonmarg: One of the most well-liked locations on your Kashmir tour packages for couple is Sonmarg. Glistening frozen lakes, meandering rivers, and immaculate snow-covered summits provide an enchanted setting for special occasions. In this winter wonderland, couples may go on thrilling snow walks, cuddle up in cozy cottages, and make priceless memories.

Pahalgam: Located in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir, Pahalgam is a heavenly place renowned for its thick forests of deodar, oak, fir, and pine. The town is transformed into a wintry paradise in December, complete with frozen lakes, floral meadows that resemble a snowy desert, and snow-dusted surroundings. Pahalgam provides comfort, peace, and an opportunity to feel the embrace of nature.

Doodhpathri: Doodhpathri is a hidden gem in Kashmir that transforms into a mesmerizing paradise in the summer, making it the perfect place for a honeymoon escape. The fragrant pine trees, glistening streams, and verdant meadows are perfect for a romantic getaway. Couples can celebrate their love in the embrace of nature against the romantic backdrop of the tranquil atmosphere and spectacular views.

Skiing: Kashmir is well known for offering great skiing experiences. Go to places like Gulmarg or Pahalgam to experience the exhilaration of skiing amid the stunning Himalayan scenery. Here, you may hit the slopes and glide across silky snow. If you are an adventure lover, then you must try skiing in Gulmarg for a more thrilling experience.

Shikara Ride on Dal Lake: For couples visiting Kashmir with our honeymoon tour package, taking a romantic shikara ride on Dal Lake is an unforgettable experience. Drifting on the peaceful waters amid a snow-covered scenery, couples can make treasured memories while encircled by the tranquillity of nature, cuddle up under cozy blankets, and wonder at the frozen beauty of the lake.

Snowboarding:  Adding snowboarding to your Kashmir honeymoon package is a thrilling option for adventurous couples. Put on a snowboard and rip down the slopes, savoring the breathtaking winter scenery and the surge of excitement. Snowboarding in Kashmir is best available at Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonamarg. Many couples consider Gulmarg in their honeymoon package for Kashmir.

Ice Skating:  Put on your skates and spin around Kashmir’s frozen lakes and ice rinks while holding hands. Ice skating is a beautiful pastime that enhances your winter honeymoon packages in Kashmir with a dash of romance and joy. Many lakes in Kashmir get frozen in winter and turn into ice skating surfaces. You can do a couple of ice skating along with your partner for a Disney wonderland experience.

The price of your Kashmir honeymoon package, the number of days, and the services included will determine how much your trip will cost. A low-cost honeymoon package for kashmir starts at INR 12,500 per person, but be ready to shell out a good chunk of change—roughly INR 50,000—if you want to have a premium Kashmir honeymoon.
Kashmir is a honeymoon destination that is well worth visiting because it is home to breathtaking views, glistening lakes, imposing snow-covered mountains, unparalleled panoramas, exciting activities, and sightseeing attractions. Other features that make a Kashmir honeymoon tour packages full of priceless memories are its houseboats and tent stays along with your partner for a romantic experience.
Tarsar Marsar lake trek begins from Aru village which is around 110 km from Srinagar and takes 4 hrs to reach there. You can easily get taxis and cabs from Srinagar to Aru.
You can stay in houseboats in Srinagar when you are in Kashmir for honeymoon. There are several hotels surrounding Kashmir that are budget-free and comfortable offering the best views. You can stay in Gulmarg around skiing locations. If you are an adventure enthusiast we offer camping for the Kashmir honeymoon package.
If you’re a newlywed thinking about spending your honeymoon in Kashmir, summer is the ideal time to visit the area. In Kashmir, summer lasts from the beginning of June to the beginning of August. Visiting the state for a honeymoon which has been called “heaven on earth” is especially popular during this time of year.
Kashmir is easily accessible through all ways in India. It is connected to all states by air, road, and railways. Many states surrounding Kashmir provide government and private buses. You can take the rail to Jammu Tawi railway or you can take the airway to Srinagar Airport. You can start your itineraries according to the way you choose to travel.
For an all-around comfortable trip, we advise bringing plenty of cotton clothing, light sweaters, and a warm jacket to Kashmir. Unless you were coming at the end of the year, the woolens and jacket would usually be utilized in the evening and morning. In winter you must cover yourself in layers to protect yourself from the cold.
Yes, it is safe to visit all of the well-known tourist destinations in Kashmir, including Srinagar, Gulmarg, Vaishno Devi Mandir, Sonamarg, and Pahalgam. Kashmir is visited by both Indian and foreign tourists, and there have been no untoward events that have negatively impacted travel in any way. But to prevent any unintended events, you must adhere to all tourism regulations and exercise caution.
Kashmir is a great option for people looking for peace and a close connection to nature because of its calm lakes, rich historical legacy, and ethereal beauty. Whichever location you choose—the gorgeous valleys of Kashmir or the snow-capped mountains of Manali—you will be guaranteed lifelong memories and amazing experiences with Cliffhangers tour packages.
It takes no more than seven days to fully appreciate Kashmir’s various wonders and charms. It is possible to spend a day exploring well-known locations including Sonamarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Srinagar. Nonetheless, it is advised to spend at least 4 days in Kashmir if you simply want to see the must-see locations and intend to go there.
It is advised to reserve everything in advance while traveling to Kashmir, including a local taxi and a guide. For a more comfortable trip plan consider the activities by listing them according to the time and budget you can spend on it. From Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, or Bangalore, Cliffhangers provides a large selection of easily customizable Kashmir tour packages to accommodate all types of travelers.
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