Tulail Valley Kashmir


Tulail Valley Kashmir

Enchanted surroundings, snow-clad peaks, turquoise-colored lakes, gushing rivers, and picturesque valleys are a few elements that add to the charm of a mountainous region. Even the Tulail Valley does not fall short of this appreciation rather it has many majestic features that make it one of the ideal tourist destinations in India. This is a famous valley in Gurez. This valley inhabits a village which has the population of the original dard and shina tribes. 

Tulail Valley Kashmir is still a less-explored tourist destination in India. Though this valley is away from the lenses of the mainstream traveling destination list, it meets the criteria of a perfect tourist destination. This valley is a perfect site that gives you quality time to spend with yourself, with nature, and with your loved ones. The place is especially famous as a trekking site.

To have an organized traveling plan, the team of Cliffhangers India is a perfect travel agency. The agency is an expert in traveling through the extensive regions of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Where is the valley located

Tulail Valley, also known as ‘the little Ladakh’, is located in the Bandipora district of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Seated in the lap of the mighty Himalayan Ranges, the valley is one of the hidden travel jewels of Kashmir. 

The flow of the Kishanganga River through this valley accentuates the entire beauty of this region. This valley was carved out of the Gurez Valley in the year 2014. The entire region is lined with pine trees and farms which add greenery to the landscape.

Things to Do In Tulail Valley


There is a good enthusiasm for trekking here. Gurez-Tulail Gangabal Trek is one of the fun activities that you can undertake in this region. The trek starts from Tulail valley and ends in Sonamarg area of Kashmir.

Camping and picnic

Camping under the stars is truly an amazing experience with peaceful surroundings. 

It is perfect in early times of summer and autumn due to enjoyable weather. Tulail Valley has perfect spots for camping and picnics such as Kishanganga river. 

You should be carrying all the necessary camping equipment like a camping tent, sleeping bags, sleeping mats. Make sure if any permits are needed for camping in Turail Valley as it is a military-sensitive area.  



Fishing in Turail valley sounds like a thrilling yet mind-calming activity. There are many rivers and streams to do so. Just familiar yourself with the permits needed for fishing here along with any restriction on catch limits, baits etc. lastly, conserve nature while doing so without any environmental exploitation as such.


Tulail Valley is every photographer’s bliss. The valley with its vistas, streams with bubbling water, snowy peaks in the background look like a painting on a canvas. They are too beautiful to be real. Bring your cameras to click not just pictures but memories of a lifetime. 


Some local as well as migratory birds make visit in Tulail Valley hence sitting under the open sky and watching birds doing their thing can be a therapeutic experience. You should definitely do it here.

Explore nearby attractions


Tulail Valley is filled with some nearby tourist attractions that can be explored. Some of them are Naltar Valley, Sheshnag lake, Bangus valley, Gurez valley etc. For a wildlife tour, visit Kishanganga Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Best time to visit Tulail Valley

Tulail valley in winters (December to March)

As rest of the Kashmir Valley, even Tulail Valley receives heavy snowfall in winters and that results in freezing of rivers against the backdrop of snow-cladden mountains. The temperature drops significantly fluctuating from -10°C to -20°C. You experience a cold breeze and may even get a chance to witness live snowfall. It turns into a winter wonderland offering perfect opportunities for skating and snowboarding. But travelling to Tulail valley from December to March is a little bit risky hence a comprehensive planning is what you need. 

Tulail valley in summer (May to September)

Though you can visit this valley throughout the year, the best time to visit Tulail Valley is the summer season. Summer season i.e., from the months of April to September has pleasant weather and so you can enjoy the natural surroundings in the utmost manner. The temperature during the summer season in the Tulail Valley ranges around 18-20 degrees Celsius during the day. Thus, it is neither too cold nor too hot to travel.

Tulail valley in Autumn (October to November)

After a less or more warm summer, Tulail valley sees the transition to winter. The temperature hovers between 10°C to 20°C making the atmosphere refreshed and cool. It drops up to 5°C at nights making them comparatively colder. The leaves turn golden and a shadow of hues cast over the entire valley. It is an ideal time for hiking as well as for photographer enthusiasts. You can click perfect portraits in autumn. 

Autumn is one of the optimal times to make a visit to Gurez and explore the stunning Tulail Valley which spans in just a mile but is worth every effort.  

How to reach Tulail valley

By Air- Sheikh-ul Alam International Airport is the only commercial airport in Srinagar. The airport is well-connected to the major cities of the country such as Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Once you land in Srinagar, you can continue the rest of the distance by taxi.

By Train- The nearest railway station is the Jammu Tawi Railway Station. From here, you can book a cab or taxi to reach the final destination.

By Bus- Several state-run and private-run buses ply on the roads of Jammu and Kashmir making intra-region travelling better.

Srinagar to Tulail Valley 

The distance from Tulail Valley to Srinagar is 167 km and it takes 8 hours of drive to reach. The drive is via the Bandipora district and takes you to famous lakes like Wular Lake and Manasbal Lake. To reach, one has to first reach Gurez. The distance consumes almost the entire day so before you go to this valley, keep in mind that it’s a day-long journey. 

Gurez to Tulail Valley 

The distance from Gurez to Tulail Valley is 40km. It takes around one hour to reach, and the drive is via the breathtaking landscape. Enjoy the drive and stop at some quaint village to see the serenity and local culture. It is also a 40 km distance from Dawar to Tulail Valley. 

Essential Information

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Accommodation options

Guesthouses: There are many guest houses that are in the middle of villages of Tulail Valley, hence you can be there like at your home and explore the valley. You must check with local tourism about current updates regarding guesthouses. 

Homestays: Homestays are the best picks if you want to experience the real and local household of Gurez and Tulail valley. You are presented with delicious food made from locally sourced ingredients by a family there. 

Camping: Camping adds adventure to your abode with great camping spots in Tulail valley like near lakes and rivers or in vistas. You are in the middle of nature, soaking all the beauty. Don’t forget to have all the camping gears like tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mats. 


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How is the network connectivity in Tulail Valley

Network connectivity is inconsistent in Tulail Valley. You might find it somewhere like larger towns or you might not. It can be limited or maybe non-existent in some remote places.  

Carry a satellite phone to have a good backup. You should share your itinerary with a trusted person too. 


Tips to visit Tulail Valley

  1. You must research thoroughly about everything related to Turail valley like weather or some difficulties you might come across along with its solution. Other things like transportation options, accommodation. 
  1. Some packing tips would be to carry clothes according to the weather and always have some warm woollens like thermals and a jacket along with accessories like gloves, beanie, socks and boots. 
  1. You must be mentally-ready to live under circumstances where services are quite limited. 

One example would be that Turail Valley does not get electricity most often, maybe in evenings so carry a power bank and a portable charger. Do not forget a torch with long battery life. 

  1. See if you need any kind of permits to explore Turail valley or do activities like fishing. Acquire it if any. 



It is always cold in Turail but the climate is better in summer with somewhat warm days. You can expect snowfall in winters. 
140 kilometres separate Srinagar from Gurez and you can reach here via Bandipora district with stunning lakes in your way.
Trekking is a popular activity here and one of the most chosen treks is  Gurez-Tulail Gangabal Trek.
As it is completely safe to visit Tulail Valley with mandatory permits and prior research. A local travel agency is the ultimate pick. 
As of now, there are no restrictions for visitors in Tulail Valley. Although it is highly suggested to be updated about any new one. Just respect the culture and keep in mind that it is a military sensitive area lying by the India-Pakistan border.
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