Snow Leopard Trek

Snow leopard trek is the voyage inside the snow leopard capital of India called Rumbak. This trek is less of a traditional trek but a journey into wildlife spotting which requires less trekking stamina and more passion, patience, and luck to spot the wildlife in their natural habitat and natural form. The snow leopard trek is a passion for innumerable wildlife experts, nature enthusiasts, and animal nerds across the globe.

Snow leopard trek Ladakh is not led by a trek leader as in traditional trekking, but by an expert who takes you inside the snow-filled mountainous regions of Ladakh to spot the rare and fascinating species of animals like the snow leopard. The trek requires patience, passion, a sharp eye, and most importantly luck to spot the rare Himalayan cat called the snow leopard. It requires less of your stamina and endurance as required in traditional trekking.

In the Rumbak valley where this trek voyage of the snow leopard is done, the valley has a blend of rocky mountains, ice-layered river streams, and towering peaks. Along with Rumbak valley, there are two spots where you will be able to spot rare species of animals like pica, blue sheep, Tibetan wolf, golden eagle, etc. Those places are Hussing point and Tarbung valley. Snow leopards are a national sensation among animal lovers.

This Himalayan cat is found only in 5 regions in India. On the snow leopard trek, you will have resting points at each location where you can immerse yourself in the quietness of nature while eyeing the rare animal species here. The snow leopards come down to these valleys for mating and hunting mostly The temperature here is extremely low and goes below zero.

This is a winter trek that is done in the middle of the winter from December to March. The snow leopard trek does not require us to trek for hours together or to cross the high altitude passe or gruesome descents of Ladakh treks. However, you will have to wait at particular spots for hours and days together to wait and spot the snow leopards.

It all comes down to luck. If you are lucky enough you might spot all the animals, if luck is not on your side, you will find yourself only waiting and straining your eyes.

Having said all, it is pertinent to mention that this trek does require some fitness level. You will have to trek some steep and short distances and in the snow, you need to have the basic skills which can be taught while on the trek. The sub-zero temperatue is the main challenge you will have to face here.

Proper layering of clothes and the right gear is the most essential thing here in the Snow leopard Ladakh trek.

Itinerary of Snow Leopard Trek

The itinerary of the snow leopard trek expedition is not a usual trek itinerary. Most of the days you will spend in one area and leaving each day to explore and see the snow leopard and other animals in the snow-covered landscape of Ladakh.

Day 1: Spituk – Zingchen

  • Time:5hrs
    Elevation gain / loss: +375m / -161m

Note: Take a tour of Spituk monastery before you leave for the snow leopard trek. You must the Indus river’s south bank until you reach our destination of Zingchen.

Day 2: Zingchen – Rumbak

  • Time:2-3hrs
    Distance:6.5km Elevation gain / loss: +555m / 0m –

On this day you will go into the Hemis National Park. You will be traversing the slim gorge that leads to Rumbak village – You will have s homestay for the night stay.

Days 3 to 7: Rumbak valley Exploration

These are the days you will be looking for snow leopards. These are the days of patience and a long wait for the view of this Himalayan cat and other varied birds and animals. On these days our expert guides will lead you to different spots where the chances of viewing the animals are more and quite bright.

Day 8: Rumbak – Zingchen – Leh

  • Time: 3hrs
    Distance: 7km Elevation gain / loss: 0m / -555m

This is the last day of your snow leopard trek. You will have a short walk until you reach Zingchen and then you will drive to Leh. Cherish the unforgettable memories of the Snow leopard trek for your life.

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