Have you ever been to the last edge of Indian border? If not, then Keran Valley Tour should be in your travel list. A quaint valley which is just a few meters away from Pakistan. You get so close to the border that border line disappears, and you wave to the people living across the border. From Keran Valley you see the roads, buildings of Pakistan. You can literally hear the sound of cars, the voice of people across the border.

Located in the northern borders of Kashmir, India, Keran Valley is a tiny hamlet known for its picturesque and breathtaking landscapes and peaceful ambiance all over. It is situated along the flow of the Kishanganga River, creating a cinematic setting surrounded by greenery and snow-capped peaks.

This Valley is a symbol of nature’s grandeur and offers people stunning views of the Kishanganga River Meandering through high altitudes. The valley looks different in different seasons, displaying vibrant hues in spring and summer, and a snowy wonderland in winter.

The valley is located at a height of 5550ft, and Keran village is close to the Line of Control. Keran is not just a normal village, it is a combination of many villages, which include Mundiyan and Pathran. The village is filled with a pleasant climate, which makes it an ideal destination at any time of the year.

Keran Valley Kupwara also offers a lot of trekking trails for travelers. No matter what kind of journey you are looking for Keran will sure provide you with an amazing experience. Trekkers can immerse themselves in the picturesque landscapes, enjoying the cool breezes and colorful vistas.

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Highlights of Keran Valley

  • India – Pakistan Border: Keran Valley is located in the northernmost part of Jammu and Kashmir, it is close to the LOC- Border of India and Pakistan. It is a geopolitically significant area in Kashmir
  • Stunning Landscape: The valley is surrounded by stunning landscapes and lush greenery. Always welcomes visitors with its unique and tranquil beauty. The valley attracts tourists with its serene environment, offering trekking, fishing, and other activities. Keran Valley offers different views in different seasons making it a yearlong destination. With winters being coldest and filled with snow and summer with vibrant hue along Kishanganga River.
  • Kishanganga River: The Kishanganga River, in the middle of Keran Valley, adds charm to the location. In your Keran Valley tour, Kishanganga Valley offers fishing to the visitors.
  • Farming: The valley is famous for its agricultural practices, with the influence of Kashmiri culture and local agriculture practices, the valley is filled with terraced fields on the slopes. The valley is accessible by road and the journey itself is memorable and filled with photographic scenery.
  • Keran Village: Keran Valley offers evening village walks for visitors. You can explore the villages under Keran Valley without any help from guides in Keran Valley tour packages. As long as you walk you can explore something new. As travelers go deeper into the villages, they will witness the wooden architecture and bygone structures of the region. There are many small towns under the valley, which are famous for their historic temples and monuments.
  • Border Culture: Special occasions and cultural festivals are celebrated in Keran Valley, bringing fun and joy to the locals.
  • Mountain Pass: The breathtaking views of Firkiyan top, offer 360⁰ panoramic views.

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Cliffhangers India stands as a symbol for safe and secure travel guiding and ensuring a memorable journey for travelers. We invest a lot in organizing tours with experienced guides in the scenic region of Keran Valley. They follow a well-planned itinerary for sheer comfort in your tour.

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Our Keran Valley tour packages includes all stays, permits, transportation, nearby sightseeing, transfer to nearby places, airport or any other place.

How to Reach Keran Valley Kupwara

Reaching Keran Valley Kupwara is possible by Air, rail, and road transportation. Before getting to Kupwara one has to reach Jammu or Srinagar through different modes of travel. Despite many obstacles Keran Valley is open for tourists, offering a unique destination to learn about the region’s history and take part in local customs. On the Other hand, in the Keran Valley tour, the Kishanganga River always welcomes tourists with its array of natural wonders to explore along the border.

By Air: The closest airport to Keran Valley Kupwara is the Sheikh ul-alam International Airport at Srinagar. You will need to board a taxi or bus from the airport to go to Kupwara. Kupwara has a limited number of buses. Regular flights link the airport to nearly all the Indian States besides the world at large.

By Rail: Jammu Tawi is the nearest big and well-known railway station. You can reach your location through the road, which starts from Jammu Tawi. It is not possible to travel to Kupwara directly by train. You have to get to Jammu and you may use a bus or taxi later on.

By Road: The place has good accessibility through roads to different places. A taxi or a bus is a way to get to the town. Kupwara lies about 86 kilometers from Srinagar. This road trip typically takes between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the state of the weather.

The Best Time to Visit Keran Valley

Keran Valley is full of worthy locations and beautiful spots for a perfect vacation throughout the year. Considering climate and outdoor activities, summer is the best to time to visit Keran Valley Kupwara. However here is how it looks in different seasons.

  • April – May: As spring starts snow begins to melt and the valley’s greenery comes to life with blooming flowers. You can trek and walk through the valley in comfortable climatic conditions.
  • June – September: In summer months, days are moderate, and the sky is generally clear, it’s a good time to engage in outdoor activities without any disturbance. June to September is the best time to visit Keran Valley.
  • October – November: Autumn brings charm to Keran Valley with its arrival, vibrant colours and clear skies are an eye feast. However, the temperature gets cold during evening, morning and night. Autumn is ideal for photography enthusiasts as you can click on the transforming landscapes. Winter is suitable for travelers who love to explore the snow and take part in sports. Adventure seekers can also take part in winter trekking and skiing.
  • December – March: Keran Valley remains closed during the winter months. The snow makes this hilly place quite inaccessible.

When you plan for a Keran Valley tour, it’s beneficial to select proper Keran Valley tour packages suitable for the time of year you plan to visit, which are well organized and suitable for all kinds of travelers.

Where to Stay in Keran Valley

Keran Valley is an offbeat place situated at the border of India and Pakistan. The place has no proper hotels or infrastructure. However, there are a few basic budget hotels, along with homestays and camping. In addition, there are private homestays run by locals, you can enjoy the hospitality of locals and their delicious cuisines.

If you are looking for a comfortable stay, we recommend staying at Lolab Valley and from there do the day tour of Keran. Hotel Lolab in Lolab valley is the only decent hotel in the entire region and its surroundings.  

Some stays in Keran may require permission so be ready with your permits. Before booking an accommodation check its location, proximity to Kishanganga River, and facilities provided by it for a comfortable stay. You can also stay in Kupwara, where you can get modern homestays and resorts for a premium experience. If you are planning both Kupwara and Keran Valley tours then staying in Lolab is an ideal choice.

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Places to visit in Keran Valley

Keran Valley unfolds an array of captivating locations and invites travelers to get deeper knowledge about beauty on the border of India. 

The Cobra Post: The Cobra Post is the last post that comes between India and Pakistan. Cobra Valley Pakistan is just a few kilometers away. At cobra post visitors can embark on walking, capturing views of the border and flowing Kishanganga River. The ambiance of this location is perfect for escaping everyday life.

Kishanganga Camping: If you are interested in skywatching and stargazing, or just relaxing beside the dancing river stream then you can visit Kishanganga Camping site. Located along the riverbanks, this allows people to enjoy outdoor activities. The peaceful location makes your Keran Valley tour memorable and rejuvenating. 

Keran Village: Keran Valley Village is a symbol of the cultural richness of Kashmir. The local way of life is reflected in this village. You can interact with local people while you wander through the village, and witness the charm of traditional festivals. This authentic location makes it a perfect exploration into the heart of Keran Valley in your Keran Valley tour packages.

Explore the Local Culture: The culture of Kashmir is at its highest in Keran Valley Kupwara. The unique culture of the local community welcomes you as you walk into the valley. You can indulge in traditional cuisine, and take part in cultural practices for better connection with locals.

Selecting Keran Valley homestays is a personal preference in your journey you can enjoy the respectful and warm hospitality of local people, taste their traditional cuisines, and also take part in festive and communities. It’s a unique opportunity to get immersed in the community and make your journey to Keran Valley truly memorable. Allow your heart to savor the local flavors and make your own stories in your diary of adventures. Our Keran Valley tour packages are sure to cover all these in your travel itinerary making it worth for money.

Places Near Keran Valley

Other places near Keran Valley sure offer wonderful experiences in your Keran Valley tour, a few of them are listed below.

Lolab Valley: Situated between the valleys of Kashmir and Neelam is the egg-shaped valley, Lolab. The topography of this valley is influenced by the Lahwal River which is filled with pine and fruiting trees. The region has excellent roads from Srinagar that are also a habitat of several floras and faunas in the Himalayas. It is popular among campers and offers an excellent opportunity for viewing the Kashmiri lifestyle in this region.

Lobal Valley is about 114 kilometers away from Srinagar and nine kilometers away from Kupwara. The Kalaroos Caves near Lolab Valley attract a lot of travelers for their historical significance and fun gateway, some people say that these caves are extended towards Russia. When you visit Lolab Alley don’t forget to explore the Kalaroos caves.

Bangus Valley: Bangus is a less explored grassland located about 72 km away from the Summer Capital of Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar in the Kupwarai District of Jammu & Kashmir (India). The grasslands are about 10000 feet in altitude above the sea. The Leepa Valley and the Shamsbery hills bound it in the north, with Bangus reportedly covering a surface area of about 300 square kilometers. This is an area that has many medicinal plants.

It takes at least one full day to experience the whole of the Bangus Valley. The grasslands and forests of the valley serve as birthing, grazing, and resting grounds for different wildlife species. The biodiversity of this place consists of nearly 100 bird species and about 50 different mammals.

Kupwara: The unmistakable allure of Kupwara, with its glittering lakes, winding rocky hillsides, and dazzling valleys from a distance, entices tourists with its verdant splendor. This town sits at a height of 1,577 meters and is home to a diverse range of exotic fauna. Located in Jammu & Kashmir’s Kupwara district, which spans an area of roughly 2,379 square kilometers at an average elevation of 5,300 feet.

Home to countless animal, plant, and bird species, these places offer life amidst their beautiful views not just to visitors who come to live in the unadulterated tranquility in search of peace. Other picturesque locations in Kupwara include Dranyari, Rangwar Lalpora, and other locations.

Permission for Keran Valley

As Keran Valley is located at the border line LOC, it requires certain permission to plan your Keran Valley tour. Consult the travel advisories of the government regarding J and K tourism. Certain areas near the border including beautiful villages require additional security permissions. Be prepared to go through security check-ups, one may be required to pass check-ups from the government. Reach out to Kupwara district administration and police station to apply for permits and submit the required documents to make your journey hassle-free. Keep yourself updated on all the security information and permits related to your accommodations and activities. 

Make sure you carry photocopies of all the permits in case of emergency. Our Keran Valley tour packages include all the permits so that your journey is smoother and easier. If you want to know more about permissions and required documents you can contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.


How far is Keran Valley from Srinagar?

Keran Valley to Srinagar is around 194km, you can take a taxi or board a bus to reach the valley from Srinagar. The journey from Srinagar to Keran Valley passes through Kupwara and Baramulla.

How far is Keran Valley from Kupwara?

Keran Valley is around 180 km from Kupwara district headquarters. You can get help from locals to reach Keran Valley from Kupwara as there are no bus services from Kupwara to Keran Valley. 

Why is Keran Valley famous?

Keran Valley is famous as it is Kashmir’s northernmost border tourist place. It is near the LOC- Border of India and Pakistan. It is famous for its lush greenery and picturesque views which are suitable for photography throughout the year.

Can we go camping at Keran Valley?

Yes, you can go camping at Keran Valley on the banks of the Kishan Ganga river. These camps are a source of accommodation in Keran Valley, you can enjoy the stargazing with a campfire and even have leisurely walks around the lake.

Is permission required to visit Keran Valley?

Yes, there are a few permissions required to visit Keran Valley. You can get them through the Jammu and Kashmir government websites. Apply them online or you can get them at the district magistrate office AND DISTRICT POLICE STATION.

Is Keran Valley safe?

Yes, even though keran valley is at the border between India and Pakistan it is protected by the Indian government to provide a safe and secure tourism experience to travelers. Don’t worry about anything some soldiers will protect you from any obstacle. Pack your backs and book your Keran Valley tour packages.

In which district is Keran Valley?

Keran Valley is situated in Kupwara district, Jammu and Kashmir. Kupwara district is around 82km from Srinagar. Which has all kinds of transport services and comfortable stay options.

How to book Keran Valley tour packages?

To book Keran Valley tour packages visit our Cliffhangers India official handle select your desired package and plan an itinerary according to you for more flexibility. You can even contact us at the number provided for one booking experience. You can even book a Keran Valley hotel with us.

Where is Keran Valley?

Keran Valley is located in Kupwara District, Jammu and Kashmir. It is along the side of river Kishanganga and near the LOC- India-Pakistan border.