Sham Valley Trek

The Most Beautiful Trek In India

Trek Difficulty


Trek Duration

4 Days

Highest Altitude

12,303 ft

Suitable For

12-62 years


Sham Valley trek is the best beginner trek in Ladakh. This picturesque trek traverse through the Sham region of the lower regions of Ladakh. The trek is a bundle of experiences. An immersion into the culture, tradition, and serenity of nature in Sham valley. This trek is easy and remains open all year. The trek has many attractions one among them being the visit to Alchi monastery – one of the largest monasteries of Ladakh. It is an old monastery tshahat was built around the 11th century by Rinchen Zangpo. 

Sham valley trek Ladakh is fit for family tours as well. A short walk through the Ladakh landscape leaves the trekkers amazed with little of the challenge thrown by the trek. 

Sham valley trek Ladakh reaches the highest altitude of 3900m. This trek is a combination of a nature walk along with the heritage walk as the trail goes through ancient villages, monasteries, historical places, cultures, and traditions of Ladakh.

Sham valley trek is also called the baby trek. This is because the trek is easy as compared to the high altitude, high pass trek in the Himalayas of Ladakh. The barren and challenging treks of Ladakh are quite in contrast with this trek in the difficulty level. 

Trek Fee

Original price was: ₹18,000.00.Current price is: ₹11,000.00.

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    What are the Highlights of the Trek?

    Sham Valley Trek– A Detailed Itinerary

    • Trek Distance: 10km.
    • Likir (11,548 ft
    • Yangthang (12,073 ft) 
    • Phobe La (11,745 ft)
    • Chagatse La (12,171 ft) 
    The first day of this trek starts with a drive of around 57km. The cab will drop us at Likir which is the start of the trek. The trail takes you through two high-altitude passes of Phobe La and Chagatse La – 3580m and 3630m respectively.  After crossing these two passes in a short distance you will reach your beautiful campsite called Yangthang. The campsite is beside the shimmering river stream. 
    The gradient of this day is easy. You will be passing a mountain pas called Tsermangchan La – 3750m. The day has a small ascent too but is mostly dominated by gentle slopes. Right after the Pass is Hemis Shukpachan. The landscape here is dominated by multiple river streams shady willows and barley fields.
    This day again is gentle on legs. The gradient of the day is easy. It takes around 3 hours the trek only today with a moderate trekking pace. The trail takes a route between two small mountains and then heads up to Mebtak La which is around 3750m in altitude. You will see the landscape here dominated and decorated with typical ladakhi prayer flags. Rest in the Ang village for the night stay. Ang is a beautiful village full of apricot orchards.
    The last day of the trek takes around 3 hours of gentle walking on mostly the downhill and flat routes. The trail will be terminated on a road from where you can board a cab to Leh. 

    What are the Inclusions & Exclusions


    • All meals. Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner. We provide nutritious veg food and try not to repeat the dishes. 
    • Camp stay on all nights in high-quality tents on a double-sharing basis. Sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses, and dining tents.
    • Mountaineering experienced trek leaders, guides, and experienced cooks. 
    • All the mountain medicine includes first aid, oxygen cylinder, etc. 
    • Passes and permits.


    • Lunch on the first day. 
    • Personal expenses.
    • Anything not specifically mentioned in the inclusion list.

    If you wish to avail of our transportation service, then the extra cost will be 1800 per person. The transportation cost is to and fro. Offloading charges: In case you want us to carry your backpack, the cost per bag is Rs 2800/ per bag. The maximum weight allowed is 10kg. Please note that only a proper trekking backpack will be allowed to offload. No trolly or suitcase will be allowed to offload. We strictly follow to adequately place the load on our ponies. The maximum weight on each pony will be 40kg as recommended by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department.

    Sham Valley

    Sham Valley Trek

    The Sham Valley is dubbed the Apricot valley. This is because of the Apricots that are grown here in abundance. There is an apricot bloom festival here during the winter. This valley is the most famous sightseeing destination from Leh Ladakh.

    Unlike other tourist destinations in Ladakh where you will have to drive for hours and spends days, Sham valley remains quite easily accessible and with a strikingly beautiful landscape.

    Some of the finest places to visit sham valley are Phyang Monastry, Gurdwara Pathar Sahib, the Magnetic hill of Ladakh, the Indus and Zanskar valley confluence, etc. You can get a cab from Leh easily to Sham valley and along with this you can enjoy the Zanskar valley tour

    While you are in sham valley Leh explore the pulsating bazaar on a day tour and visit the summer retreat and biggest monasteries here. You can go for a sham valley trek and behold the breathtaking Ang village which is quite charming and gorgeous with apricot orchards.


    In Ladakh Sham valley trek is called the Baby trek. The reason for calling sham valley trek the baby trek is the easy gradient of the trek. The trek is gentle and fit for beginners and families.
    The sham valley is located in Ladakh and 125km west of Leh. This valley is located in the green and fertile plains of Ladakh. The valley is some distance away from the village called Likir.
    You can reach Sham valley by taking a cab from Leh. Leh is the nearest airport to Sham valley. There are many shared cabs available too. However, the cabs are not as frequent as we see in cities.
    You can enjoy swimming in the Great Lakes, only if you are a seasoned swimmer. One should also take good consideration of the fragile environment. These lakes are fresh and glacier-fed. You will have to be extra careful not to spoil the lakes of great lakes.
    The distance from Leh to the sham valley is around 125km. This is a scenic drive and will make you mesmerized by the beautiful landscape on the way to the sham valley. The drive take around 5 hours
    The sham valley altitude goes above 3000m as the valley has high altitude passes. It takes you to a maximum altitude of 3900m. However, the valley itself lies at a low altitude of around 3500m.
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