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Kashmir has remained the go-to place for trekkers for centuries now. From the British era to the present times, trekkers from all over the world come here to explore the beautiful trek trails of Kashmir. The Kashmir treks are a unique bundle of joy with innumerable alpine lakes, long wavy meadows, pleasant weather, and snow-capped mountains. 

Kashmir is undoubtedly the best trekking destination in India. The landscape and the range of trekking products that this valley offers are unmatched across India.

Cliffhangers India operates and offers a wide range of trekking in Kashmir with more than 30 treks being operational. We have more than a decade of experience in conducting trekking and mountaineering, we cater to all the Kashmir trekking products. We are among the pioneers in raising the trekking Kashmir slogan across the country.

Be it short treks, also called day hikes, or long treks, Kashmir will satisfy every trekker’s passion. From mountaineering and climbing to the towering peaks, to the exploration of its more than 200 alpine lakes, the treks in Kashmir are full of variety in natural bounties. 

In winter, the snow treks dominate this place. The best among all of the snow treks here is the Marchoi Trek. In Glacier Travers treks, Kolahoi glacier stands tall and gives the thrill and adventure of a glacier trek.

What makes trekking in Kashmir so alluring is that this valley is surrounded by mighty and tempting mountains and a long trail of fantastic treks. There are many reasons to validate the fact that Kashmir is heaven for trekkers.

Our trek experts at Cliffhangers will guide you in your trek selection in Kashmir. Get in touch to explore the variety of treks that suit your preferences and gradient. 

Popular Trek in Kashmir

Warwan Valley Trek: This is the best crossover trek in entire India. The trek gives you the landscape of two different natural traverses. The trek starts from Panikhar in Kargil and ends in Warwan Valley of Kashmir. From the barren mountains and landscape of Kargil, the trek moves to the lush green meadows of Kashmir. The best time to do this trek is in the summer. 

  • Location: Kashmir. 
  • Duration: 9 Days
  • Difficulty level: Challenging 
  • Best Season: July to September. 

Kashmir Great Lakes TrekThis is unarguably one of the best treks in India. The trek is famous for its multiple glacier-fed alpine lakes. The trek has three high-altitude passes and the different valleys that one has to cross while doing this trek. The trek is a cross-over trek, starting at Sonamarg and ending at Naranag. This trek is very famous and you will see people across the world coming to do this trek in summer. 

  • Location: Kashmir. 
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult 
  • Best Season: July to September. 

Tarsar Marsar TrekThis is again the best of summer treks. Situated in the Pahalgam area of Kashmir, this trek is best recommended for beginners. The trek is famous for its long meadows, and twin alpine lakes – Tarsar and Marsar. It has multiple ascends and descends which are mild and the trek falls in the vicinity of the famous Kolahoi Glacier. 

  • Location: Kashmir. 
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate 
  • Best Season: July to September. 

Bodpathri Lakes Trek: This trek is less famous than other treks. It has now become one of the most talked about treks in the Pir Panjal Range of Kashmir. The trek starts from the famous tourist place Doodhpathri of Kashmir. It ends in the long wavy meadows of Tosamaidan. This trek is dominated by the multiple alpine lakes and the lush meadows. It is also called the meadow trek. 

  • Location: Kashmir. 
  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Difficulty level: Challenging 
  • Best Season: July to September. 

Marchoi Valley TrekThis is the fantastic winter trek of Kashmir. It goes via beautiful snow trails, has snow bridges, a jungle walk, and the frozen gully on its way. It is also a summit trek. You will have to summit the top of Shadimarg which forms the pinnacle of this trek. The trek commences and finishes at Naranag. 

This is also the go-to trek for fall colours. In November, when the entire Kashmir has an autumn season. Trekkers go to this trek to see the multiple natural colours on the trail. 

  • Location: Kashmir. 
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
  • Best Season: November to April

Gurez Valley Trek: This is the new trek of Kashmir. The trek was opened a couple of years ago only. The trek is in the famous offbeat place of Kashmir – Gurez Valley. This is a lake trek. One has to trek up to see the magnificent twin lakes- Patalwan Sar 1 and 2. You experience on this trek the lakeside camping and the best of the border treks. The unique feature of this trek is that it falls on the border of India and Pakistan. So you get to see Pakistani villages as well. 

  • Location: Kashmir. 
  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate 
  • Best Season: July to September. 

Tulian Lake Trek: This is again the lake trek. This trek has one of the beautiful alpine lakes called Tulian Lake. The trek starts from the famous tourist place of Kashmir called Pahalgam. It goes via Baisarn valley which is called the mini-Switzerland of Kashmir. The has a variety of jungle walks, meadow walks, and the view of snow-capped mountains that surround the Tulian Lake. 

  • Location: Kashmir. 
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Best Season: July to September. 

Nafran Valley TrekNafran is the best offbeat trek of Kashmir. If you want to explore the pristine trek of Kashmir with no crowd, then this trek is for you. It has the cleanliness of lakes, rivers, and meadows still intact. It has the least effect on human footprints. The meadows are long and have shepherds making their flock graze. This has an alpine lake called Harnag Lake which you will see on this trek. The trek gets connected to Kolahoi glacier towards its extreme side which however is not the route taken for the trek.

  • Location: Kashmir. 
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult
  • Best Season: July to September. 

Gangabal Lake Trek: As the name suggests this lake takes you to Gangabal Lake and its sister lake called Nundkol Lake. Apart from these two lakes, the trek has multiple other lakes that you can explore if you have enough time. Usually, this trek is finished in 4 days which makes it enough to explore some lakes. The trek goes via the famous Trunkhol meadows which is the middle part of the trek. 

  • Location: Kashmir. 
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult
  • Best Season: June to October. 

Kolahoi Glacier Trek: This is the glacier trek of Kashmir. The extreme point of the trek is the largest glacier in Kashmir called Kolahoi Glacier. The glacier is situated at the hem of the tallest peak of Kashmir – Kolahoi Peak. This trek starts from Aru Valley and goes via the beautiful meadows of Lidderwath and Satlanjan. On your trail, you will be trekking beside the famous Lidder River which gets part of its flow from Kolahoi Glacier. 

  • Location: Kashmir. 
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate 
  • Best Season: July to September. 

Best Time for Trekking in Kashmir

Kashmir is busy with trekking all around the year. Hence, the best time for trekking in Kashmir depends on the season and your preferences for weather, scenery, and difficulty of the trek. Kashmir offers stunning landscapes and a variety of trekking opportunities, from the lush valleys to the high-altitude mountain trails. Here are the main trekking seasons in Kashmir:

  1. Summer (May to September): This is the most popular time for trekking in Kashmir. The weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 30°C. The snow at higher altitudes begins to melt, making the trails accessible. You’ll enjoy lush green meadows, blooming flowers, and clear skies during this season. Popular treks like the Warwan Valley Trek, Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Tarsar Marsar Trek, and others are done during the summer months.
  2. Autumn (October to November): This is the autumn season in Kashmir. The regular summer treks start to get closed because of snowfall in the upper regions. In this season the weather is cool, and the landscapes are vibrant with autumn colors. This is a less crowded period, and you can enjoy the beauty of the region in relative tranquility. The best trek to do at this time is the Marchoi Trek. You can embark on multiple-day hikes this season to see the fall colors. 
  3. Winter (December to March): For those looking for a unique trekking experience, winter trekking in Kashmir can be appealing. However, this is a challenging season, and treks can be quite demanding due to heavy snowfall and extremely cold temperatures. If you have the necessary gear and experience, you can consider treks like the Marchoi Valley Trek 

You must keep in mind that the best time for your trek will depend on your skill level, the specific trek you want to undertake, and your tolerance for weather conditions. It’s essential to check the weather conditions, trail accessibility, and any necessary permits or permissions before planning your trek which Cliffhangers will take care of. 

However, our trek experts will guide you to the best of the Kashmir Treks to do as per your preferences. Our experts will suggest the best and safest treks for you.  

Why Choose Cliffhangers Trekking Packages

Cliffhangers India is registered with the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department and is a member of the Adventure Travel Association of Kashmir. We have a more than decade of experience in organizing trekking. We do not outsource treks, we run them ourselves. Our passion lies with trekking and over the years we have rightly carved our name in the trekking field by taking thousands of people for different treks here in Kashmir. We offer a bundle of Kashmir Trekking Packages. From budget treks to premium treks, from group treks to customized private treks, we have the complete trekking program for our trekkers. 

Apart from popular treks like Tarsar Marsar and Great Lakes of Kashmir, we operate traditional and age-old Kashmir treks here. The treks like Warwan Panikhar, Sinthan-Margan treks, Kashmir Himalayan Traverse, etc. These treks are offbeat and lure seasoned trekkers.

Our Kashmir trekking products range from budget to standard to premium addressing different clientele. We also run every year vegan trekking here in Kashmir. Vegan trekking is the first of its kind in India and we operate here in the mountains of Kashmir, where we adhere to the soul of veganism.

Our staff, be it cooks, trek leaders, guides, or trek managers, are well-versed, qualified, and experienced in their field. Our types of equipment are of high quality like our tents are from Husky or its equivalent quality thereby ensuring both comfort and strength.

 We run short treks in Kashmir – a day trek program also. In this, we take trekkers every day for short treks. This product caters to the requirement of those trekkers who wish to shun traditional trekking which involves camping but want to see nature.

We also have marathon trekking products like trekking to the 50 alpine lakes or 100 alpine lakes of Kashmir. This is the longest trekking marathon we operate which takes months to finish.

Reasons to do Kashmir Treks

1. Long Lush Meadows: The trekking trails here follow long lush meadows that transport one into nothing short of a wonderland. The meadows are pristine and start just some kilometers from the main hustle-bustle here. Famous meadows are Tosamaidan which has as large meadows as the eyes can see. The shimmering river streams cut these wavy meadows gorgeously.

2. Alpine Lakes: Trekking in Kashmir is unfinished if you haven’t visited any of its alpine lakes. There are more than 100 alpine lakes that are documented and have well-managed trails. These Alpine lakes you will see here even in the shortest treks like Margan Valley Trek. The largest alpine lake Gangabal Lake is the most visited alpine lake in Kashmir. Another lake called Barafsar Lake is the highest-altitude lake in Kashmir. Some of the fascinating lakes can be visited on your day treks. If you are someone not into camping and spending days of walks to reach the lakes, you can see the lakes within a day of the trek. Some of those lakes are Sheeshnag Lake, Tulian Lake, Chuharnag Lakes, etc.

Some lakes are cozily sitting deep into the meadows that require days of trekking like Gadsar Lake.

3. Glacier Walks: Kashmir has an abundance of water streams, thanks to its glaciers. The largest glacier is the Kolahoi Glacier. To see the glacier one has to take the Kolahoi Glacier Trek that starts from Aru. Cliffhangers India has every year groups leaving for this trek, reaching the glacier point, and walking over the glacier.

Among many other famous glaciers is Thajwas Glacier. This comes in our Bear Valley Trek which goes over a fascinating trail through the mountain range. Barafsar Lake Trek also goes towards this glacier.

4. Jungle Walks: Almost all of the Kashmir Treks treks go through the jungle. Be it Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Nafran Valley Trek, or Tarsar Marsar Trek, the trail winds up through the thick jungle.

5. Wildlife: In your jungle trails here, you will see varied Himalayan animals and birds. The famous among them are leopard, brown bear, golden eagle, stag, marmot, etc.

6. River Streams: The famous treks in Pahalgam and Sonamarg have trails beside the famous Lidder and Sindh rivers respectively. The river streams are one of the prominent features of all the treks here. You will rarely be trekking here in Kashmir without a river stream being your companion on the walk.

7. Winter & Summer Kashmir Treks: This is another fantastic feature of Kashmir trekking. You can trek here all across the year. In winter, the lovely Marchoi trek surprises you with its snow trail, summit feel, and frozen gullies. In summer, there are innumerable trails like Tarsar Marsar, Great Lakes, etc. Sonamarg and Pahalgam are considered the best places for trekking in Kashmir. They make the base camp for many famous treks. 


Which Place is Best for Trekking in Kashmir?

The entire Kashmir has a beautiful landscape for trekking. You can choose any treks here and you will be amazed at the variety in each trek. From lakes to meadows to mountains, trekking in Kashmir is a bundle of delightful trekking experiences. 

Is Trekking Allowed in Kashmir?

In the entire region of Kashmir trekking is allowed. You can do trekking anywhere here. However, before going for any Kashmir trek, you will have to seek permission from the tourism department and get the trekking insurance first for the permission. 

What is the Most Difficult Trek in Kashmir?

Barafsar Lake trek is the most difficult trek in Kashmir. It has an all ascent and that is too sharp than a sharp descent. The trek is usually finished in 4 days and goes to the highest altitude alpine lake of Kashmir – Barafsar Lake.

Is the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Difficult?

Yes, the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is difficult. You need to have done some treks before you do this trek, or you must be a fit beginner to finish this trek. It has three high-altitude passes and there are sharp ascends to these passes and equal sharp descents. 

Which Month is Best for Trekking?

The best month for trekking in Kashmir is from July to September. This is the the summer season in Kashmir in which all of the treks here are accessible and quite safe to do. Make sure you get in touch with our trek experts to help you choose the best treks in Kashmir. 

Which Part of Kashmir is Most Beautiful?

The entire Kashmiri is beautiful. The moment you visit Kashmir, you will be amazed at its beautiful landscape and the variety that it offers. Kashmir has never disappointed anyone in terms of preserving the beautiful natural landscape. 

Which is the Best Trek in Kashmir?

Warwan Valley Trek is the best trek in Kashmir. it is a cross-over trek. It has a long glacier traverse; grassland walk for multiple days and the alpine lakes along with magnificent river crossings. The trek also has different landscapes. From the barren mountains of Ladakh to the Lush grasslands of Kashmir, this trek is the best of all the trek. 

Is it Safe to Trek in Kashmir?

It is completely safe to trek in Kashmir. There are scores of trekkers who trek here whether in groups or solo. On any trail in Kashmir, you will see a lot of solo trekkers as well who finish any trek here quite safely.

Is there any Trek in Gulmarg?

There is the Alpather Lake trek in Gulmarg which is quite famous. This trek goes to the famous Alpather Lake which is also called the Frozen Lake. The lake complexly freezes during the winter months. Summer is the time when you do the Alpather Lake trek. 

How to Reach Kashmir?

You can reach Kashmir by air, road, and rail. Kashmir has the only airport which is in Srinagar. This airport is connected to all the airports of India. 

The nearest railway station is at Jammu from there you will get a shared bus or cab to Kashmir. 

Kashmir is also connected to the rest of the country by a national highway. You can come to Kashmir by road also via this national highway. 

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