Trekking in Kashmir

Kashmir is undoubtedly the best trekking destination in India. Trekking is famous and in vogue here for ages now. The landscape and the range of trekking products that this valley offers are unmatched across India.

Cliffhangers India operates the trekking groups in more than 20 trails here. We have more than a decade of experience in conducting trekking and mountaineering, we cater to all the Kashmir trekking products. We are among the pioneers in raising the trekking Kashmir slogan across the country.

This valley is surrounded by mighty and alluring mountains and a long trail of fantastic treks. There are many reasons to validate the fact that this is heaven for trekkers.

Here are some:

1. Long Lush Meadows: The trekking trails here follow long lush meadows that transport one into nothing short of a wonderland. The meadows are pristine and start just from some kilometer from the main hustle-bustle here. Famous meadows are of Tosamaidan which has as large meadows as eyes can see. The shimmering river streams cut these wavy meadows gorgeously.

2. Alpine Lakes: Trekking in Kashmir is unfinished if you haven’t visited any of its alpine lakes. There are more than 100 alpine lakes that are documented and have well-managed trails. These Alpine lakes you will see here even in the shortest treks like Margan Valley Trek. The largest alpine lake Gangabal Lake is the most visited alpine lake in Kashmir. Another lake called Barafsar Lake is the highest altitude lake of Kashmir. Some of the fascinating lakes can be visited on your day treks. If you are someone not into camping and spending days of walks to reach the lakes, you can see the lakes within a day of the trek. Some of those lakes are Sheeshnag Lake, Tulian Lake, Chuharnag Lakes, etc.

Some lakes are cozily sitting deep into the meadows that require days of trekking like Gadsar Lake.

3. Glacier Walks: Kashmir has an abundance of water streams, thanks to its glaciers. The largest glacier is the Kolahoi glacier. To see the glacier one has to take Kolahoi Glacier Trek that starts from Aru. Cliffhangers India has every year groups leaving for this trek, reaching the glacier point and walking over the glacier.
Among many other famous glaciers is Thajwas Glacier. This comes in our Bear Valley Trek which goes over a fascinating trail through the mountain range. Barafsar Lake Trek also goes towards this glacier.

4. Jungle Walks: Almost all of the treks here in Kashmir go through the jungle. Be it Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Nafran Valley Trek, Tarsar Marsar Trek, the trail winds up through the thick jungle.

5. Wildlife: In your jungle trails here, you will see varied Himalayan animals and birds. The famous among them are leopard, brown bear, golden eagle, stag, marmot, etc.

6. River Streams: The famous treks in Pahalgam and Sonamarg have trails beside the famous Lidder and Sindh rivers respectively. The river streams are one of the prominent features of all the treks here. You will rarely be trekking here in Kashmir without a river stream being your companion of the walk.

7. Winter & Summer Trekking: This is another fantastic feature of Kashmir trekking. You can trek here all across the year. In winter, the lovely Marchoi trek surprises you with its snow trail, summit feel, and frozen gullies. In summers, here are innumerable trails like Tarsar Marsar, Great Lakes, etc. Sonamarg and Pahalgam are considered the best places for trekking in Kashmir. They make the base camp for many famous treks.

Here are some of the best and most sought-after treks in Kashmir: Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Margan Valley Trek, Tarsar Marsar Trek, Barafsar Lake Trek, Gangabal Lake Trek, Nafran Valley Trek, etc.

Cliffhangers India runs a day-treks program also. In this, we take trekkers every day for short treks. This product caters to the requirement of those trekkers who wish to shun traditional trekking which involves camping but anyhow want to see nature.

We also have marathon trekking products like trekking to the 50 alpine lakes or 100 alpine lakes of Kashmir. This is the longest trekking marathon we operate which takes months to finish.

Apart from popular treks like Tarsar Marsar and Great Lakes of Kashmir, we operate traditional and age-old treks here. The treks like Warwan Panikhar, Sinthan-Margan treks, Kashmir Himalayan Traverse, etc. These treks are offbeat and lure seasoned trekkers.

Our trekking products range from budget to standard to premium addressing different clientele. We also run every year vegan trekking here in Kashmir. Vegan trekking is the first of its kind in India that we operate here in the mountains of Kashmir, where we adhere to the soul of veganism.

Our staff, be it cooks, trek leaders, guides, or trek managers, are well versed, qualified, and experienced in their field. Our types of equipment are of high quality like our tents are from Husky or its equivalent quality thereby ensuring both comfort and strength.

We are registered with the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department and a member of the Adventure Travel Association of Kashmir.

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