Leh Ladakh Tour Packages from Mumbai


Leh Ladakh Tour Packages from Mumbai

Exploring Leh Ladakh, a mountainous land, can be a dream come true for sea-facing Mumbai residents. For many Mumbai citizens who are Bollywood freaks, Leh Ladakh has started gaining the top position on the list of their dream destinations. Be it for adventure, exploration, honeymoon, or even photography, Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai can provide one with all exciting holiday plans for the people of Mumbai.

The good news for all the eager tourists from Mumbai who want to visit the picturesque land of Leh Ladakh is that a large number of Leh Ladakh tour packages are available at any time and from any location. Residents of Mumbai only need to choose their best Leh Ladakh tour package from the numerous options available online or through travel consultants, and then travel to Leh Ladakh for a fantastic tour experience.

Most Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai will suggest that the best months for people of Mumbai to visit Leh Ladakh are April to September. These months have a pleasant climate in Leh Ladakh. The roads and highways are open. Family trips can be done in these months. Couples can enjoy their honeymoon to the fullest during these months.

Some Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai are made for those who are adventurous and well-equipped. They can travel to Leh Ladakh during the months from October to March. These months are not suitable for all tourists. Tourists should gain proper guidance and consult a travel planner for a safe and enjoyable Leh Ladakh tour. During the winter months, Leh Ladakh experiences extreme cold weather with temperatures dropping down to as low as -30°C. But the spectacular snowfall, Chadar Trek, etc. are a few highlights of the winter Leh Ladakh tour packages.

Mumbai is a metro city of India and so it is well connected with various parts of India and the world. While planning for a trip to Leh Ladakh, most good Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai can also guide you on how to reach Leh Ladakh. So, for most tourists from Mumbai, reaching Leh Ladakh can be easy.

Here are our suggestions for how Mumbai tourists can travel to and reach Leh Ladakh:


The quickest way to get to Leh Ladakh from Mumbai is by plane. A non-stop trip from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai to Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh can take around 2 hours. This saves a lot of time. Booking well in advance and an early morning flight from Mumbai to Leh, Ladakh is recommended. Most Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai would recommend this mode of travel for its convenience and quickness.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Jammu Tawi Railway Station is accessible to tourists from Mumbai. This journey will take around 1.5 days without any delays. Another option for Mumbai travelers is to book a train ticket to New Delhi and from New Delhi to Jammu Tawi Railway Station. For both these options, Mumbai travelers have to hire a private taxi from the Jammu Tawi railway station to reach Leh-Ladakh. Most budget-friendly Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai would suggest you travel this way.


One of the most adventurous travel options is to take a road trip from Mumbai to Leh Ladakh. This can be time-consuming and take nothing short of 4 days, but this journey can be an unforgettable experience. By road, the distance between Mumbai and Leh Ladakh is 2339 kilometers. Riders from Mumbai can also embark on a bike trip to Leh-Ladakh that begins at the Rohtang Pass in Manali. Road trip from Kullu is also a favorite with bike riders. The Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai which are meant for experts or experienced would talk about this mode of transport.

Important things for a Leh Ladakh tour 

The following essentials will be mentioned by most Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai yet we also give you a glimpse from our side. Please go through and follow:

  1.  Pack the Right Clothes. A lot of winter clothes like jumpers, jackets, warmers, mufflers, caps, and socks are highly recommended for all tourists heading to Leh Ladakh.
  2. When visiting Leh Ladakh, it is critical to bring a medical kit. Altitude sickness is commonly felt while touring in Leh Ladakh, so it’s advised to carry important medications, aromatherapy oils, etc. For those who suffer from asthma and other breathing issues carrying an oxygen cylinder can be a part of the support system. Additionally, one can keep Regular medications for viral and bacterial infections in your medical aid box.
  3.  Remember to carry the required documents for getting an entry pass, line permit, etc. A valid identification card must be kept at all times.
  4. In Leh Ladakh, a BSNL SIM card for connectivity can be useful. All tourists visiting Leh Ladakh must stay connected. A BSNL sim card gets the best connectivity in Leh Ladakh.
  5.  Hygiene and sanitation: Carry all the hygiene and sanitation essentials when traveling to and from Leh Ladakh. They are sure to come in handy whenever required.

Hope you find this blog on Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai useful. 


The cost of Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai depends on the duration of days, accommodation, transport, etc. The distance from Mumbai to Leh Ladakh is approximately 2400 kilometers. Leh Ladakh is a dream travel destination for every traveler. It is one of the magnificent places with scenic beauty from all sides.
If you are planning to visit Leh Ladakh, summertime would be the best time to visit. The entire region is in full glory at this time and offers travelers a breathtaking view from all sides. The weather remains also pleasant during summer from May to September and if you are looking for some adventure then wintertime would be the best time to visit Leh Ladakh, During this time the entire Valley is covered with thick snowfall.
The ideal duration for the Leh Ladakh trip is 10 days. In this, you can cover all the major tourist destinations of Ladakh like Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake, Tso Moriri Lake, Khardung La pass, etc. Apart from sightseeing, you can also take part in some adventure activities such as river rafting, trekking, paragliding, camel safari, photography, etc.
The best time for snow in Ladakh is winter time. From October the temperature starts dropping drastically and the valley starts receiving snowfall. From October to the end of March, the entire valley is covered with heavy snowfall. Therefore, wintertime is the best time to enjoy snowfall in Leh Ladakh.
No, it is not true, everyone thinks that going to Leh Ladakh is costly and cannot be done on low budgets. You can customize your Ladakh tour according to your budget and requirements. Leh Ladakh is one of the popular travel destinations that offers travelers magnificent beauty and incredible surroundings.
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