Premium Trekking


Premium Trekking

Premium trekking is emerging as the best trekking experience in the mountains with 5-star services. Cliffhangers India is a benchmark in providing luxury trekking of high-quality services in the mountains. To know about luxury trekking India, keep reading information covered by CliffhangersIndia.

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Luxury Trekking India

We have decades of experience in serving high-end clients. Imagine yourself in the middle of the breathtaking landscape and catered with comfortable and luxury services. Be it food, trekking equipment, experienced staff, and blending your trek with our learned outdoor leaders, your trek experience jumps all the way to a memorable trip of your life. In premium trekking products, we have high-end quality equipment, a variety in menu, and experienced trek leaders.

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Why our Premium Trekking?

Cliffhangers India is a known adventure and best travel company in Kashmir India. We are registered with the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department and are a member of the Adventure Travel Association of Kashmir. We have more than a decade of adventure experience in travel. Please note that we have been featured and called by Outlook Magazine for trekking in Kashmir as the Professional Company. We operate more than 20 trek trails here in Kashmir. Our products range from week-long treks like Kashmir Great Lakes Trek to weekend treks like Margan Valley Trek. We have catered to premium clients like Jindal Group. In 2021, we had a luxury vegan trekking program – the first of its kind in India. Our partners in luxury travel are people like Maninder Kohli, the son of MS Kohli. Also veteran mountaineers like Sujoy Das of South Col.

Our Food Options

In our luxury trekking India we have in all the camp meals three dishes with two pickles and salad offered with both roti and rice unless the client says otherwise. Meal plan: In every meal plan, we try to provide different varieties, trying not to repeat the dishes, particularly in dinner and lunch. Here is the list of dishes and items from which we serve the clients.

  • Breakfast: eggs, paratha, chana, poha, dalia, upma, cornflakes, honey, bread toast, butter, jam, peanut butter, roti, coffee, tea, kehwa, hot chocolate powder, sandwich, etc.
  • Lunch and Dinner: we make a variety of dishes and try to serve the varied dishes. On all trek days, there will be different dishes served. We try not to repeat our dishes unless the clients say otherwise.
  • Veg Dishes: We serve veg biryani, veg pulaw, muttar paneer, palak paneer, aloo gobi, rajma chawal, rajma kadhai, mix veg, chana masala, kadhi chawal, dal makhni, bhindi masala, dal fry, veg korma, Kashmiri nadru, Kashmiri haakh, aloo matar, bhaingan ka bharta, dam aloo, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, etc. We have both roti and rice available for dinner and lunch. We serve them with different pickles and salad.
  • For Evening Snacks: We have tea, pakoda, soup, noodles, maggie, veg rolls, biscuits, juice, fruits, etc.
  • For Dessert: We serve gulab jamun, phirni, halwa, custard, sewaya, fruit chaat, fruit cake, almond
  • cake, walnut fudge, etc.

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Our Equipment

In all the Luxury Trekking All of our trekking equipment are of premium quality with a brand like Husky or its equivalent. The tents are spacious and we provide a three-to-four-men tent for two people. The tents are both dome-shaped and A-shaped with proper ventilation and resistance to rain and snow. For comfort, we provide extra layered and wider soft sleeping mattresses with mattress sheets and cushions. The toilet tents are wider and have a proper hygiene and cleanliness protocol. Wider toilet tents will have tent fragrance, pee spray, hand wash, and other necessary hygiene items. Sleeping bags are fresh and clean with minus 15 degrees resistance. We adhere to a no plastic and litter policy, all of our cutlery is stainless steel. In premium groups, there are proper dining tents with dining chairs and tables. The table is adorned with linen sheets. The chairs are comfortable. We don’t provide stools or benches.

Our Staff

All of our trek leaders are qualified mountaineering guides with the necessary mountain sickness courses. They are well versed in all the medical emergencies in the mountains and First Responders. They are well versed and knowledgeable related to the landscape, flora, and fauna of the Himalayas. Our staff has decades of experience trekking in the Himalayas. Our cooks are chefs who cook varied Indian, Continental, and local cuisines with delicious taste. They are mountain chefs and connoisseurs. From starter to the main course to desserts, they are experienced to make the food as per the client’s requirement. For premium trekking groups, the guide-to-client ratio is higher and dedicated staff for serving and pitching the tents and for the assistance of clients.

Safety and Security

Our staff, as mentioned above, have all the mountain-related medical certificates. On the trek, we carry all the essential medical facilities including oxygen cylinders, etc. Our premium groups are insured.

Covid Guidelines

All our staff will be covid tested and only covid negative staff will accompany the groups. All our equipment go through sanitization before the start of the trek. Our trek leader will be carrying other than oxygen cylinder and medical kit, covid RAT kit. Extra sleeping bags and tents will be provided. In case someone develops symptoms of covid, he/she will be quarantined and sent back to base camp. All the camping stations will have sanitizers, hand washes, and proper hygiene protocol. Furthermore, we strictly follow the policy of leaving campsite with no trash. We adhere to all the environmental guidelines given by wildlife and tourism departments.

Vegan Trekking

Vegan trekking is the first of its kind in India where we have taken up completely vegans for trekking across Kashmir. We felt the need for catering to this specific client base which has been so long waiting to enjoy the mountains but could not find the adherence to veganism. Be it use of ponies, meat, non-plant-based food, etc.

In 2021 we hosted all-vegan groups for our special Margan Valley trek. The tour was a blend of trekking, camping, and experiences. From yoga sessions in the morning to massage therapy in the evening, from boating in the glacial lake to the stargazing, we concluded around 8 all-vegan premium trekking groups. We strictly adhered to plant-based food with some sessions on how to move towards a more plant-based lifestyle and get off trekking dependence on animals.

Environment and animal exploitation have remained our concern for years now. We are garnering an environment for more animal-friendly and plant-based trekking tours here in India and particularly in Kashmir.   All our vegan trekking groups are premium with strict adherence to plant-based food and no use of ponies. In-plant base food, our menu has no meat, milk, eggs, or any animal products including honey.  

Our plant-based menu


Coffee, tea, kahwa, plant-based milk like almond milk, soya milk, etc, vegan butter, vegan cheese, peanut butter, jam, aloo poori, or aloo paratha with condiments or tofu scramble with toast, fruits, nuts, oatmeal, etc.  

Lunch and Dinner

Vegan paneer rolls, Kashmiri vegan rogan josh, local haakh sabzi, Kashmiri rajma, aloo gobi sabzi, Channa masala, pumpkin sabzi Vegan palak paneer, carrot peas sabzi, vegan butter paneer, pasta, different daals, leafy vegetables etc with roti and rice

Evening Snacks

Veg soup, noodles, tea, pakoda, veg rolls, veg sandwich, burger, vegan cheese, etc.  


Mithai, gulab jamun, vegan halwa and firni, fruitchat, etc.

Our Products in Premium Trekking

We run premium groups for all the trek and expeditions here in Kashmir. Here is the list of some of the treks and expeditions we do.

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