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Traveling through the lengths and breadths of India, you would find a variety of landscapes and landforms. Though the famous tourist places in India are always under the mainstream glare and you can surely visit these. But, this vacation if you are searching for an offbeat destination that has a mixture of tranquillity and natural gorgeousness then, we have a perfect recommendation for you.

Today, the tourist site in the spotlight is Sissu, a hamlet in the lap of Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh. Sissu is located on the banks of the gushing Chandra River (one of the two rivers that merge to form the Chenab River). Khwaling, another name for Sissu is situated at an altitude of around 3200 km. Sissu has attracted new tourists in recent years thanks to the construction of the 9.02 km Atal Tunnel, connecting Manali to Lahaul-Spiti Valley.

Exploring Sissu this vacation can be one of your best decisions. To elevate your experience, we, the team of Cliffhangers India provide you with a range of tourist products depending on your needs. Be it solo travel or group travel, we will curate tour plans accordingly. Moreover, the team of Cliffhangers India makes sincere efforts to create your travel plans budget-friendly.

Places to See in Sissu

Sissu has many places that one can visit. From Sissu lake to Sissu waterfall, from temples to village heritage walks, there are many places to see in Sissu. Here is the list of places to visit in Sissu.

Sissu Lake

This man-made lake is simply stunning and is located near the base of the Lahaul mountains. Situated 1 km away from the village, the Sissu lake is a must-visit place.

Moreover, this lake is located near the helipad. Surrounded by snow-peaked Himalayas and covered with crystal clear sky, you can click an ample amount of photos to post on your Instagram account.

Sissu Waterfall

To enjoy the truest potential of this waterfall and its surroundings, you must visit this place during winter. This is because the waterfall is fed by the melting Himalayan glaciers (this is why in winter, the waterfall is frozen).

Moreover, in the surrounding area, you can see greenery which has a calming effect on the eyes. The Sissu Waterfall is almost 1 km away from the village. Thus, you can walk to the place and spend your quality time here.

Gyephang Temple

This temple holds great cultural significance in the Lahaul region. The temple is situated on the top of Gyephang Peak. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Ghepan or Gyephang. It is considered by the locals that Lord Ghepan is the protector of the entire Lahaul region and hence, he holds a supreme position. But, only a local can enter the premises of this temple.

Hence, as a tourist, you can only pray to the deity and appreciate the architecture of the temple from the outside.

Things to do in Sissu

There are a wide range of activities you can do here in Sissue. There are a lot of things to do in Sissu, some of which are explained below. 


There are various high points near Sissu such as the hike to Ghepan lake, that you can hike to explore the place closely. Moreover, through that high point, you can get a panoramic view of the nearby landscape and enjoy the scenic beauty.


Camping on the sides of Chandra River is quite soul-satisfying. Camping helps you to feel detached from the materialistic pleasures of life and provides you with a minimalistic style of living.


Laying in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, blanketed with a serene atmosphere, and looking at the clear and crystal sky is the simplest yet the most interesting activity that you can do in Sissu. Moreover, this does not burn a hole in your pocket.


Cycling in Sissu has dual benefits. One is that you can self-explore the routes of Sissu and praise its beauty. Second, is that it keeps you physically fit during a vacation.


The region is replete with natural marvels and hence, you can take the best shots in Sissu. And, who knows sharing amazing photos on a picture-sharing platform can make you win followers?

Adventure activities in Sissu

Here is the list of adventure activities in Sissu that you can do while you are touring Sissu. 


Ghepan Lake Trek is the most sought-after trek in and around Sissu. You can even opt for camping around the lake to observe the calm surrounding at the night.


Paragliding gives you a wider picture of Sissu and the nearby region. For that adrenaline rush, you can undertake paragliding.


 Fishing in the gushing Chandra River can utilize the best of your time. You can enjoy brown and rainbow trout fishing and spend some quality time with yourself.

Essential Information

Manali to Sissu Distance

The road distance between Manali and Sissu is around 40 kilometers. This means it takes little more than 1 hour to reach Sissu from Manali by car or jeep. If you are traveling in winter, it may take more than the usual time due to snowfall in Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, if you take the Manali-Leh bus ride then, you can reach Sissu within 1 hour.

Rather than staying in Sissu, you can even choose to go for a day trip to Sissu. This means that you can leave for Sissu early morning from Manali and return by late evening. Thus, a cozy day can be spent in Sissu.

The distance between Manali and Leh is reduced to 27-30 km due to the construction of the Atal Tunnel thus, saving time. Moreover, issues of traveling during winter are also eliminated because of the Atal Tunnel.

Solang to Sissu Distance

The distance between Solang and Sissu is around 27 kilometers. This translates into a 40 to 45 minutes car journey from Solang to Sissu. If you are traveling to some of the offbeat locations in Himachal Pradesh then, Solang and Sissu both fit into that list. Thus, you can easily take a road journey to move through these locations.

Nobody knows how a paradise looks like but, if you want to create a picture of it then, do look at the immense beauty that the Himalayas hold. One portion of it is represented through the remote village of Sissu. To create a lifelong beautiful memory of your visit to Sissu, the team of Cliffhangers India will leave no stone unturned. The team of Cliffhangers India will be present throughout your journey to Sissu so that the only thing that you focus on is- the rendezvous between you and Sissu.

Sissu in Summers

Sissue in summer is the most pleasant place to visit. Sissu has pleasant weather throughout the year. But, if you want to experience moderate weather in Sissu then, the summer season is the best time to visit. The summer season, i.e., from April to July can be preferred by those who want to get relief from the scorching heat of the sun.

The temperature hovers around 18 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius in Sissu thus, the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold making it ideal for traveling. Moreover, you can even see greenery throughout the place thus, uplifting your mood.

Best Time to Visit Sissu

One can visit Sissu throughout the year. You can visit Sissu depending on your preference. If you love to witness snowfall, you can visit Sissu anytime between November to February. Moreover, if you prefer traveling in a moderate climate then, you can visit Sissu in the months of April to July.

Apart from it, if you want to take the pleasure of changing seasons in Sissu then, you can visit this gorgeous place in Spring (month of March) or Autumn (month of September). However, the best time to visit Sissu is from April to October. 


Sissu is famous due to its representation of the rural way of life. Sissu is untouched by the concepts of urbanization and reflects the truest picture of nature. The gorgeous glaciers, snow-peaked Himalayan ranges, beautiful willow, and poplar trees, etc., contribute to making Sissu attractive. Apart from it, one can see traditional Himachali culture here. Connecting with residents gives you a deeper knowledge of Himachali culture. Moreover, there are various appealing sites in Sissu that you can see and adore. To elevate your stay in Sissu, you can even undertake some activities such as hiking, camping, etc. The popularity of Sissu has risen in recent years because of the opening of the Atal Tunnel. One can visit this nature’s glory while passaging through Atal Tunnel.
Sissu in Winter is full of snow. During the winter season (November to February), the temperature in Sissu dips below zero degrees Celsius. If you love winters and want to witness snowfall then, you can visit Sissu in winter as the place is layered with white snow and it looks like a ‘white paradise’. Due to heavy rainfall, it becomes difficult for transport such as cars and jeeps to move through the road. But, when it comes to places being accessible, Sissu is open throughout the year because of its proximity to Atal Tunnel. So, yes Sissu is open in winter as well.
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