Alpather Lake

Alpather Lake is the most prominent attraction of Gulmarg. Situated at an altitude of 4380m, this lake sits charmingly at the foot of Apharwat Peak. It is a small alpine lake that required around 2 hours of trek from the Gondola phase second. There are many attractions in Gulmarg like a gondola ride, Maharaj palace, walking on the strawberry farm, etc. But a day hike to this lake makes your Gulmarg trip complete and exotic.

Alpather lake Gulmarg is surrounded by snow-peaked mountains and lush meadows. This is an ideal day hike. Cliffhangers India organizes day hikes to this lake with an outdoor lunch service just in front of this lake. Imagine yourself in the middle of the breathtaking landscape with quietness in the air. You will be just transported into this ambiance with the best service of lunch and snacks.

Alpather Lake Trek

The entire trail of Alpather Lake Trek that starts from the Gondola phase second is beautiful and rewarding. Although the trail is an ascent, you will get mesmerized by the breeze and surrounding gorgeous scenery. Our guide will accompany you and will help you manoeuvre the entire trail of this hike.

You can rest and enjoy the view while walking on this trail. Just a trek of 1-2 hours takes you to this breathtaking lake. You see this lake right from the ridge and down you see into this lake. You will feel just a piece of heaven is cut out and put in this place. Descend to the lake and explore the lake.

Enjoy your lunch here with the delicacies arranged by Cliffhangers India. This day hike to the lake is completely arranged by Cliffhangers India.

In case you want to enjoy camping in the vicinity of the lake under the starry night of Gulmarg, we get you covered. We have a one-night camping tour to Alpather lake frequently during the summers. The evening music, starry night, food, and the calmness of the lake will refresh your soul and body.

What is the best month to visit Alpather Lake?

Alpather lake is summer is best time to visit this lake. You can visit this lake in April and May too and you will see the lake covered in snow with beautiful snowcapped mountains in the surroundings. In winter this lake remains frozen and covered in snow. It is inaccessible during that time. 

How difficult is Alpather Lake Trek

This is an easy hike that even a beginner can do. You don’t need to have super fitness for this day trek. However, the ascent will give you a feel like hiking in the mountains.

How many kilometers is this trek?

Alpather Lake Trek is a short trek that involves a total distance of 3.5km from the Gondola phase second.

Where is Alpather Lake located?

This lake located in the Gulmarg hill station of Kashmir falling in the Apharwat mountain range. The lake is above the second phase of Gondola. 

What is the weather like at Alpather Lake?

The weather in the summer is very pleasant and soothing. However, because of the altitude at which this lake is located, the weather can turn rainy at any time. You better get your rain gear even if the weather forecast is sunny and hot.

Things to carry for Alpather Lake Trek

You need to carry all the essentials that you carry for a summer day hike. Things like sunscreen, trekking shoes, dry-fit shirts, sun caps, trekking poles, water bottles, etc.


alpather lake