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Classic Gurez is our best-recommended tour itinerary of Gurez. This skips Srinagar or any other touristy place and at the same time makes you see two more offbeat places of Kashmir – Wular and Athwatoo. In Classic Gurez, you will be spending a night at the vintage point of Wular Lake and experiencing the view of the grandness of this large freshwater lake of India. And at the quiet Athwatoo, you will be relaxing beside the river stream with a gorgeous view of the mountain forest. Here you can take a hike to the famous twin waterfalls.
In Classic Gurez, we have two days to explore the entire Gurez Valley including the Tulail Valley. This gives you enough immersive experience to enjoy the scenery, and quietness along with the culture and traditions of Gurez. So embark on this offbeat Gurez tour with the best of sightseeing and services with Cliffhangers.

Why Gurez Valley

Welcome to India’s best offbeat destination – Gurez Valley. It will transport you to a different vibe. Here you will be in the middle of culture, architecture, nature, and the excitement on the way. You will see a different world here. People of a different tribe called Shina speak different languages and have a different culture and traditions. The housing structure is primitive with mud and logs. And the natural beauty is raw and pristine with virgin mountains, meadows, and mountain peaks.

The time comes to a halt here and you go into some trance in this valley.  Gurez Valley is dubbed and recognized as the best offbeat destination in India. Situated towards the far end of Kashmir and along the border, this picturesque valley has the best serenity and charm in entire India.

Tour Plan

Day 1: Arrival. Drive to Wular Lake

Enjoy the utter scenic drive with Cliffhangers. As you will leave Srinagar you will be going through the beautiful countryside and reaching the breathtaking Wular Lake – the largest freshwater lake in India. Spend the night here at Wutlab which gives the panoramic view of the entire Lake. Further, you can take a stroll along the shores of this quiet lake with the village settled on its shores.

Night stay at Wutlab.

On this day, we will be arriving at Gurez. The road takes an upward hilly path from Bandipora and you will be amazed to see the panoramic view at Razdan Pass – The pass connecting Kashmir mainland to Gurez. Stop here for some memorable pictures and have tea or coffee at a nearby dhaba.

As you reach Gurez, spend the time exploring some of the beautiful places here. Our driver will ferry you to the ever-fascinating Kishangang River. This is the river that is the lifeline of Gurez. It originates in Kashmir and then goes over to Pakistan. There is a huge dam built here which you will feel is a large freshwater lake. Explore the shores of this dam and river.

Another interesting spot you will visit is Khandyal Top. This is a top which gives a panoramic view of the entire Dawar Valley of Gurez. From Khandyal Top you can take up a short hike if you love to explore the trails. Or just relax here and feel the breeze and the surrounding landscape.
For lunch, take up the place at Log Hut Cafe, this is an army cafe and has some good food and ambiance.

Night stay at Gurez.

On this day, start first by exploring Habba Khatoon Peak and Spring. This is the famous mountain of the entire Kashmir known for its amazing view and look both in summer and winter. Explore the village nearby called Chorwan village which is a border village and post this village is the Pakistan area.

Drive further to the famous fairy tale village – Sheikh Pora Village. This is a model village that is settled at the banks of a river stream with mountains and forest in the background. Take a stroll through this village to explore the local architecture and culture of the local Shina/dard speaking tribe here. You can enjoy the local food here too.

Night Stay at Gurez.

Post breakfast leave Gurez. Before lunch, you will reach Athwatoo. Take a short walk here to the villages settled in the deep forests of the mountains. The river stream gushes down here with a beautiful landscape in the surroundings. If you are an adventure lover, take a hike to the famous waterfalls here.
This village here is also believed to have received Prophet Moses and there is a small place for its remembrance here. Visit this and many folklore that the villagers have to say here.

Night stay at Athwatoo or Manasbal.

On this day, as we leave for the airport on the way you will see the amazing Manasbal Lake. Spend some time here, indulge in some water sports activities, or just a quiet shikara ride.

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