Srinagar Artisan Safari

Srinagar Craft Safari is a craft walk to the famous art shops and artists of Kashmir. Srinagar is now a UNESCO-designated creative city with a variety and marvels of handicraft work. This work is thriving here for centuries and exhibits the best of mastery of handmade craft. This is an essential part of the Srinagar walk in which one sees the craft and craftsmen of Kashmir.

In Srinagar Craft Safari walk, we will be visiting the best of the artists and their work in Srinagar.

Khatamband: This is the age-old craft of Srinagar in which the intricate designs of geometrical shapes are made from the polygonal shapes of wood. The woodwork creates fascinating designs. This is primarily used for the decoration of the ceiling. You will see that most of the architectural symbols of Kashmir have the Khatamband ceiling. See how local artists create this art form.

Crewel: This design of embroidery is a 200-year-old art in Kashmir. Visit the family that is in this art form for the last 2 centuries. They make exotic designs of crewel artistry on curtains, sheets, and other wear. The crewel art is mostly done on pure cotton. The cloth comes out gorgeously with different designs and colors.

The crewel curtains, bedsheets, and cushion covers are an attribute to the posh and rich lifestyle across the globe.

Wood Carving: wood carving designs are done on walnut wood. It is an ornamental and intricate craft that is popular across the globe. Woodcarving artists here make delicate designs of the recurring motifs of rose, lotus, grape, etc. The entire shape of animals and plants is carved out of walnut wood. The surface of the wood is drawn with many wood patterns. with the work on the surface of many patterns. Walnut wood furniture like beds, side tables, coffee tables, etc is a famous walnut product across the globe.

The five popular woodcarving designs here are undercut, open or lattice, deep carving, semi-carving, and shallow carving.

Papier Mache: This is a 14th-century handicraft of Kashmir. It is primarily done on paper pulp and shaping them into different forms and colorful patterns. The work is delicate and quite intricate. It sells mostly in the form of vases, ashtrays, boxes, cups, trays, and beautiful ornamental objects.

Pashmina Weaving: This is the essential part of Srinagar Craft Safari. This is again a traditional and ancient craft of Kashmir. It is in vogue since the 15th century and is famous thought the world. Pashmina shawls are the symbol of rich taste and luxury lifestyle. While on your journey to this craft safari, experience the best pure pashmina shawls. Also, how the artists create shawls from the handlooms and then put beautiful designs on them.

Carpet Weaving: This is again the delicate and painstaking art of weaving carpets with beautiful designs. The most famous and loved carpets are silk and wool. The carpets are weaved with different shapes and designs imprinted on them and given colorful themes.

This art was first established here in the 15th century. This art of weaving carpets is the finest example of handiwork in the world.

The other forms of artwork that you will see while on Srinagar Craft Safari are crewel art, copper handiwork, staple embroidery, etc.


Srinagar Craft Safari ends here.

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