5 Best Workation Destinations in India


5 Best Workation Destinations in India  


workation in kashmir


Workation in India

Workation in India is growing fast. People from the corporate world are on the lookout for the best workation experience. Digital nomads want to get the best out of their work and vacation. They look for beaches, deserts, snow-capped mountains, etc.

Workation in India is the new trend. This is a landmark change that is seeing blending work with vacation. This has resulted in a high rise in both employee satisfaction and production. Now and then people are hunting for the best workation destinations. Here in this blog, we present the best workation destinations in India. The choice of destinations is reached after considering many things like the tranquility of the place, landscape, accessibility, and the ease of working.  


workation in kashmir

Imagine working and vacationing in heaven on earth. We all have marveled at the sheer beauty of Kashmir. What better place for workation than this gorgeous location. Other than the fantastic landscape, what differentiates Kashmir from other workation destinations is the hospitality of its people. You will feel at home wherever you go here. The place has charm and romance along with a refreshing aura.

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workation destinations in india

Shillong is greenery, waterfalls, and thick jungles of pine trees. Shillong is the capital of the North-East state Meghalaya and is also called the Scotland of the East. What attracts the workation people here is its pleasant weather and gorgeous surroundings. It receives rainfall. And has the beautiful waterfalls and parks and long stretches of golf courses.  

Shillong is far away from the noise and disturbance of central and north India. It has charming people who welcome you at every step. The place is safe and easily accessible. This place is unmatched with the range of flora and fauna it offers.


workation in kerala

Kerala will spice up your tour to this last part of India. The beautiful beaches, small lush mountains, charming lakes, and waterfalls make it the best place for workation. However, in Kerala, Varkala is the most sought-after destination. Varkala has a surreal beach away from the daily hustle-bustle. It has a fantastic 15m cliff which many tourists come to see.  

As you will be in Varkala, you will notice the hippie culture. All people coming here just get immersed in the vibe that this town throws. Everybody will be relishing the delicious food, singing and listening to music, and tasting the seafood beside the beach.  

In Kerala, another workation destination is Alleppey. This place is rightly called the Venice of the East. The name was given by Lord Curzon after getting besotted by its lovely backwaters. It has fantastic canals that are interlinked, beaches, and lagoons that will surely make you fall in love with the place. Take a houseboat ride to its calm backwaters. It gets you exposed to the breathtaking natural beauty of Alleppey.  

Munnar is another workation destination that is getting famous with each passing day. It has vast tea fields, serene valleys, wildlife sanctuaries along with lovely mountain peaks. Munnar is the tea town of Kerala. It has remained the famous summer destination for centuries. You will see tourists of all kinds thronging this place to spend their vacation in tranquility.  


darjeeling workation

Darjeeling is called the Queen of Hills. This gorgeous hill station has about 85 tea estates famous for Darjeeling tea. The weather of the place is pleasant and the sight of long lush tea estates where women are seen plucking the tea leaves is other-worldly. The place is away from the hustle-bustle and carries the tranquility of immense joy and delight. Its toy train journeys and the view of breathtaking Kanchenjunga and Everest peaks are a treat to the eyes. Enjoy its Tibetian cuisines and the traditional English architecture. It is the best workation to kick start your creativity and adventure.  

Darjeeling is part of West Bengal.


coorg workation

Coorg is a small patch of heaven tucked away in the state of Karnataka. This is famously known as Scotland of India. It is also known as the Kashmir of South India. This is the favorite go-to place in South India. The place is famous for the coffee plantation that stretches to the vast land. It has dense jungles.   In Coorg, the most famous place is a beautiful village called Malana. The people here are the descendants of the Aryan race.  

Apart from Indian cuisine, you will see a lot of Israeli cuisines here as many Israelis are residing here. They have found this place so much alluring that they have permanently settled here. Among all seasons, summer is the best month to visit Coorg. You can enjoy short hikes, camping experiences, cycling, or walks through the beautiful valleys of Coorg. Enjoy the Tibetan cuisine, visit its golden temple and abbey falls.

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