Is Spiti Better Than Ladakh? A Comparison Guide


This is a comprehensive comparison blog about Is Spiti better than Ladakh.

Spiti is a district in the state of Himachal Pradesh in North India. It is a beautiful place filled with simplicity, the beauty of a hill station with a blend of Indian and Tibetan cultures. Spiti valley offers beautiful landscapes, comfortable stays, fun activities as well as peaceful moments. A visit to Spiti can be enjoyed by one and all regardless of age. Couples on honeymoon can definitely look forward to having a happy time in Spiti. Many believe that Spiti valley is only about monasteries and mountains but in this blog, we will tell you a lot more about Spiti that will surprise you pleasantly.

Ladakh is a Union Territory of North India having an Indo-Tibetan feel to it. Ladakh has beautiful landscapes endowed with cliffs, ridges, lakes, wildlife, flora, and fauna. This northern union territory of India offers adventurous cum spiritual tours and activities. Ladakh is a favorite destination for people from all over the world. Tourists visit Ladakh for the special treks that it offers along with the other attractions of this place. Next,

A Brief Comparison

What is famous about Spiti?

Chandratal Lake: Chandratal lake is a beautiful lake with crystal clear waters. The surroundings of this lake are also filled with scenic beauty. Visitors and hikers can spend a wonderful camping time here. The shape of this lake is sure to remind you either of the moon crescent or a smile.

Dhankar Lake: This is another trekker’s favorite camping and photography site. The beautiful lake along with its lovely vicinity can leave everyone absolutely mesmerized.

Pin Valley National Park: For thrilling and adventurous wildlife endeavors get going to the Pin Valley National Park. Dhankar village, Pin river and the green pastures look amazing when in Pin valley.

Chicham Bridge: Chicham Bridge is the highest bridge standing at a height of 13596 meters above sea level.

Tabo monastery: This is an ideal place to visit or even stay when in Spiti. 

Hikkim Post Office: Hikkim post office is the world’s highest post office located at a height of 4400 meters. Tourists send a postcard from here to reach someone somewhere which can be cherished for a long. 

Spiti’s Organic Kitchen: This is the world’s highest restaurant. Amidst the picturesque landscapes of Himachal Pradesh is this restaurant where you can enjoy eating the local food. The menu may be limited but the service, ambiance, and experience is to remember forever.

The Mummy at Giu: There is a 500-year-old mummy found in the Giu village The Indian army soldiers happened to find this mummy under the remains. The mummy is of a Lama seated in a lotus posture and looks as if meditating. 

River rafting at Spiti and Pin rivers: Spiti is blessed with two beautiful rivers named Spiti and Pin rivers. They also offer a chance for adventurous tourists to experience river rafting at these rivers.

What is famous about Ladakh?

Ladakh is a haven for trekkers and tourists. Ladakh has numerous attractions to boast of. Following are some of the best places to visit in Ladakh:

Nubra Valley
Zanskar Valley
Alchi monastery
Hemis monastery
Hemis National Park
Thiksey monastery
Diskit Gompa
Tso Moriri
Tso Kar
Pangong Tso
Magnetic Hill
The Leh Palace
Drang Drung Glacier
Chadar or Frozen Lake
Leh Market

Which is colder, Spiti or Ladakh?

Between the two, Ladakh is colder than Spirit. Spiti experiences moderate to low temperatures throughout the year. The summer months are from March to June and the average temperature during the day is 20°C. The winter temperature however dips low up to -5°C. Monsoon here is from July to September and this region experiences moderate rainfall. The temperatures during monsoon range from 10-30°C. The nights are usually colder than days in Spiti for the whole year.

Ladakh comparatively is a colder region. It is also located in the extreme northern region of India. The region remains cold throughout the year. In winter the temperatures drop steeply to even -15°C. The summer temperatures range between -5°C and 15°C. The temperatures can fluctuate during the day, especially in the monsoon months from July to September. Ladakh is extremely cold during winter and night time.

Tourists need to keep themselves warm in both of these places. Warm clothing, warm food, and certain soups or beverages may help in keeping oneself warm. A good travel planner can guide you well on many such aspects to be considered before planning or when, on a trip to these places. Cliffhangers India is experienced in organizing Spiti and Ladakh Tours.

Spiti to Ladakh Distance:

Spiti and Leh are located at a distance of about 544 Km from each other. It can take around 12 hours to travel by road from Spiti to Leh-Ladakh.

Is Spiti better than Ladakh – Conclusion

Hope you liked reading about Spiti and Ladakh in this blog. For us, both these places have their own charm and scenic beauty. And we are sure you would also agree to this. If you are considering spending a great holiday time at a superb destination, then you can choose one or both of these places. Contact Cliffhangers India for more information on Spiti as well as Ladakh tour packages! Thank you

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