What Mainly Attracts Tourists to Ladakh


What Mainly Attracts Tourists to Ladakh

The beauty of the diverse landscapes of India is majestic. From beaches, and mountains to plains, every landscape is unique in its way. The landscape of Ladakh is one such magical place where you can spend your holidays in awe. The snow-clad mountains, rich culture, rugged terrain, architecture, and many more are what comprise the beauty of Ladakh. There are many reasons what mainly attracts tourists to Ladakh, here are some of them in detail.

Things To See in Leh Ladakh

  • Pangong Tso- This lake stretches from the Indian territory to Tibet. The Pangong Tso Lake is an endorheic (landlocked) state and what is amazing is that it changes color throughout the day. If its description does not compel you then, one thing would surely do and that is the last scene of the movie ‘3 Idiots’ was shot here. This is one of the most popular destinations that attracts tourists to Ladakh.
  • Khardung La- This is the highest motorable road in India. You will need an inner line permit to travel in this area if you enjoy taking road trips.
  • Shanti Stupa- This Buddhist monument is situated at an altitude of 12,000 feet. A stupa is a religious place that keeps the relics of Lord Buddha. The Shanti Stupa was constructed in 1991 to commemorate 2500 years of the establishment of Buddhism as a religion. The Shanti Stupa is a symbol of peace hence, the name.
  • Thiksey Monastery- You can find the essence of the Buddhist religion throughout Ladakh, and the Thiksey Monastery also indicates that. The Thiksey Monastery has 10 temples. Among these temples, the Maitreya Temple has the largest statue of Maitreya Buddha in Ladakh.
  • Pathar Sahib Gurudwara- Though Ladakh speaks of Buddhist culture, there are places for other religions as well. Guru Nanak Dev is revered at the Pathar Sahib Gurudwara.This Gurudwara worships a rock that touched Guru Nanak Dev hence, the name.
  • Namgyal Tsemo Monastery- This Buddhist monastery houses a golden statue of Lord Buddha.
  • Hemis National Park: This park brings you closer to Mother Nature. The star attraction of this National Park is a snow leopard.
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Things That You Can Do In Ladakh

  • Chadar Trek- This is a frozen river trek and hence, this takes place during winter. During winters, the whole surface is frozen thus, the months of December to February are ideal for trekking.
  • Hemis Festival- To see the colorful environment and dances during the Hemis Festival is quite enjoyable. The performers wear colorful clothes and interesting masks and dance their hearts out. Do attend this Hemis Festival in July and enjoy the culture of Ladakh.
  • Stargazing- If you want to forget about the beauty of the night and enjoy watching twinkling stars then stargazing is one activity that you would love to do in Ladakh.
  • Shopping- Ladakhi culture has its clothing items, handicrafts, Tibetan accessories, etc., which it proudly promotes. You can buy items for yourself as well as for your loved ones as a souvenir.
  • Ladakh Harvest Festival- The Ladakh Harvest Festival takes place every year in the month of September. This festival continues for two weeks. The festival reflects diverse colors and various performances take place as a part of the celebration.

Where to Stay in Ladakh?

Some of the best hotels that are present in Ladakh are- Gomang Boutique Hotel, Chospa Hotel, Indus Valley Hotel, The Grand Dragon Ladakh, etc. You could choose a place according to safety, your travel budget, and the facilities that the hotels can provide.

If you want to be close to Mother nature then, you can even opt for camping. Camping is especially desirable during trekking.

Local food of Ladakh

When you travel to a place, you must try its local cuisine so that you can relish its specialty. The Ladakhi cuisine includes momos, thukpa, skyu, butter tea, chhurpe, etc.

When is the Ideal Time to Visit Ladakh?

Though Ladakh is cold throughout the year, the months of April to June are favorable. These months have a relatively higher temperature than other months.

Ladakh is still untouched by external influences and reflects the local culture. This place nestled in the Himalayas and the Karakoram range must be explored and should be next on your travel list. You could either travel solo, with friends or with family members and create a good travel memory for yourself.

How to Reach Ladakh?

By Air- From Delhi, you can take a flight to reach Leh.

By Bus: This option would take a long time to travel, but it is still an option. Take a bus from Delhi to reach Manali and from here you could further take another bus to reach Leh. While traveling from Manali to Leh, you could come across Rohtang Pass, Baralacha Pass, Lachulung Pass, Suraj Tal, etc.

Ladakh is even known for bike trips. People ride bikes and enjoy the surrounding of Ladakh and this route could be quite adventurous but, if you can move through such terrains then why not opt for it?


Ladakh is famous for its snow-glaciers, high-altitude trekking routes, magnificent mountain peaks, stunning lakes, and scenic beauty. The region is also rich in Buddhist culture and history. In Ladakh, you can see many ancient and rich Buddhist monasteries. The region offers breathtaking views of the snow-covered mountain passes and gorgeous lakes. Apart from this, you can also take part in many festivals which are celebrated every year in Ladakh.
Ladakh is referred to as small Tibet because of its Tibetan Buddhist culture. Tourism in Ladakh is one of the important contributors to the union territory of Ladakh. It is situated at a height of 11,400 feet above sea level. Leh Ladakh is one of the popular tourist destinations in Jammu and Kashmir. Every year it receives thousands of tourists in the summer and winter season also.
Yes, Ladakh remains open for international tourism. Many top tourist attractions in Ladakh are worth visiting. Apart from sightseeing in many popular places, you can also indulge yourself in many activities such as trekking, paragliding, river rafting, photography, etc.
Many popular destinations in Leh Ladakh are worth visiting. Some of the popular places are Nubra Valley, Puga Valley, Thiksey monastery, Shanti stupa, Magnetic hills, Pangong Lake, Hemis monastery, Hemis National Park, etc. These places in Ladakh receive a huge number of tourists every season.
You can visit here anytime throughout the year. From May to September it is considered the best time to visit Leh Ladakh, During this time the Ladakh region is full of glory with the blooming natural flowers, and the shimmering lakes offer stunning views. In the winter season, the valley looks like a white wonderland, the entire region is covered with thick snowfall and you can enjoy many adventurous activities.
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