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This is a complete travel blog related to Kalpa Village which is situated in Himachal Pradesh.

Stunning locations are the best soul-feeder for wanderlusts. Traveling is the ideal nourishment for their mind, body, and soul. India has diverse landforms and each of these landforms has some attractive viewpoints. One of these landforms is the mountainous region. The state of Himachal Pradesh beautifully boasts this landform.

Today, the center of attraction is the Kalpa village. A quiet hamlet seated in the lap of Kinnaur Valley (Himachal Pradesh) is an undiscovered gem in the field of tourism. Reflecting on one’s inner soul could be easily done at a serene place like Kalpa. A tour in the Kalpa village can be amazingly done when you get the support of a bonafide travel agency such as Cliffhangers India. The team of Cliffhangers India provides the best of its services to customers so that your experience becomes timeless.

Best Time to Visit Kalpa Village

Kalpa has different things to offer in different seasons within a year. You can visit Kalpa based on your preferences what do you want to experience through this travel? Though the most ideal season to visit Kalpa would be the summer season. During the summer season, i.e., the months from April to June have pleasant weather. Though the summer season is generally known for scorching heat, you won’t experience such similarly intense weather in Kalpa village. The temperature in the summer season range between 10 degrees Celsius to around 26 degrees Celsius. Moreover, lush green meadows would be quite eye-soothing for you.

Considering your travel budget, if you want to tour Kalpa and the nearby regions during the off-season then, you can travel during the monsoon season (from July to August).

If you are from the tropics and want to witness the beauty of snow then, you can visit Kalpa during the winter season. During the winter season, i.e., the months of November-February, Kalpa transforms into a white paradise as the temperature dips below zero degrees Celsius and can get as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

Thus, no matter what the season is, Kalpa is a storehouse of beauty and gorgeousness making it an ideal tourist destination.

Why is Kalpa Village Famous?

A tiny hamlet loaded with alluring elements makes Kalpa village quite famous as an ultimate travel destination for wanderlusts. A place away from the crowd and hustle-bustle of life, Kalpa provides the perfect serene environment for introspection. The snow-laden mountains, dense pine forests, the enchanting Sutlej River, the local Himachali culture, the residents, etc., each of these elements add up to the beauty of Kalpa. A stroll through the areas of Kalpa makes this place worth a while as you can explore the areas on foot.  

Kalpa has a touch of religion. One can see the presence of Hinduism and Buddhism in Kalpa. The famous Narayan Nagini Temple, a sacred seat for Durga Maa in Kalpa, radiates positivity. Apart from it, Hi-Bu-Lan-Kar Gompa, an ancient monastery has architectural influences from Tibetan Buddhism.

Apple orchards throughout the stretches of Kalpa make it the main cash crop of Kalpa. The high-quality apples grown in Kalpa and the Kinnaur region as a whole, make it the most-demanded apple within India. You can take apples from Kalpa to your place and gift them to your loved ones and they would surely love this.

One of the key attractions in Kalpa is the Kinnaur Kailash peak. The mighty Kailash Mountain is situated in the Tibetan region. You can see the Kailash from here. The color of this mountain changes throughout the day.

Where to Stay in Kalpa Village?

Since Himachal Pradesh is known for tourism, you could find ample accommodation options throughout the place. The same goes for Kalpa as well. Kalpa has the option of homestay. You could comfortably stay in local houses and enjoy the scenic views. Apart from it, there are hotels as well to accommodate you. You can choose the above-given options based on your budget and what kind of comfort you are expecting from that stay.

How to Reach Kalpa Village from Delhi?

Since Kalpa is a quaint village, you have limited options to access it. Some of them are listed below-

· By Flight- The Shimla Airport is the nearest airport to Kalpa. The Shimla Airport is well-connected to major cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. From the Shimla Airport, you can book a cab to cover the 280 kilometers to reach Kalpa.

· By Train- The nearest railway station to Kalpa is the Shimla Railway Station. From here, you can book a taxi to cover the remaining distance to reach Kalpa.

· By Road- You can undertake a road journey by car to reach Kalpa. Apart from it, the Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) also provides buses for covering routes, which you can opt for.

Things to do in Kalpa Village

Whenever one listens about Himachal Pradesh, a few places that instantly come to mind are Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, etc. But, to your surprise, Himachal Pradesh even has immense beauty in other places such as Kalpa, Sangla, Barot, etc. There are interesting things to do in Kalpa Village which tourist mostly seek. Here is the list of some of the activities you can do in Kalpa Village.

· Nature Walk- The first and foremost thing that would attract you to Kalpa is a satisfying nature walk. The gorgeous scenery throughout Kalpa makes it exciting to explore the region on foot. A morning or evening walk can be quite refreshing for you.

· Photography- When you see natural beauty in abundance, you want to capture it to keep it as a memory. Kalpa is an ideal destination that has attractive locations, diverse flora, and fauna, serene river, etc., that you can capture through pictures.

· Trekking- To enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape as well as to be physically fit, you can trek to Chaka peak. A 3-4 journey to the peak is quite worthwhile when you reach the top and enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Visiting offbeat places reminds us of the fact that India has so many hidden gems that are yet to be explored, Kapla is an ideal example of it. The majestic beauty of Kapla makes it a must-visit place. Contact the team of Cliffhangers India for a hassle-free tour of Kapla. Visit Kapla and build memories for a lifetime.

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