Shalimar Garden Srinagar


Shalimar Garden Srinagar


Colourful blossoming flowers draw our attention that nature has beautiful elements in store. One of the most renowned public places that boast of beauty through radiant flowers is the Shalimar Garden in Kashmir. Whenever you visit the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, one of the most highly visited sites is the Shalimar Garden. The Garden reflects a mix of two elements. One is the natural touch of the garden and the other is the architectural beauty associated with it.

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Shalimar Garden in Kashmir

The Garden shows the architectural elegance achieved under the reign of the Mughals. While the Shalimar Garden of Lahore was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the Shalimar Garden of Kashmir was built by Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The Mughal Emperor Jahangir built this beautifully laid out garden in 1619 (which was finally completed by his successor Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan) for his beloved wife, Nur Jahan thus, strongly representing the motion of love. The term ‘Shalimar’ in Sanskrit means ‘the abode of love’ thus, indicating that this garden is a symbol of love.

Spread over an area of 31 acres (12.4 hectares), this garden was originally named “Farah Baksh”, which is meant “the delightful”. The Garden was one of the hot-favourite summer destinations of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir thus, attaching a strong historical significance to it.

How to reach

To reach the Garden you have multiple options which include flights, roads trains, etc.

By Air: Sheik-Ul-Alam International Airport is the nearest airport that is very well connected to major cities of India such as Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, etc. Once you land at the airport you can easily book a cab direct to the Garden. It is one of the best ways to reach.

By Train: Jammu Tawi Station is the nearest railway. Once you reach the station book a cab or shared cab direct to Srinagar. This is the second option. 

By Road: If you are coming by your own transport the journey will be beautiful. From Jammu take the Srinagar- Jammu highway to reach Srinagar. From Srinagar, you can easily spot this beautiful garden. One can hire a taxi service in Srinagar to reach the Garden.

Nearby places to visit

There are plenty of other places which are very near to this garden. Some of the popular places are mentioned below.

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is one of the prime attractions near this Garden. It is the second freshwater lake in India, and it is one of the most visited places in Srinagar sightseeing . It covers an area of 18 square kilometers. You can witness the scenic views of the lake from here. During winter season the temperature drops to -11 degrees and the lake gets frozen. You can visit anytime in the summer and winter also.

Nishat Garden

It is the second largest Mughal Garden in Kashmir which is popularly known as the‘’ Garden of Bliss’’. The Garden is surrounded by the Zabarwan Mountains which offers visitors a beautiful view of the Garden and its surroundings. Nishat Garden is one of the popular tourist sites in Srinagar. The design and architecture of this Garden are influenced by Persian architecture. The garden contains 12 terraces with blooming beautiful flowers.

Pari Mahal

Pari Mahal is a seven-terraced garden that is popularly known as the‘’ Abode of Fairies’’ and is located at the top of the Zabarwan Mountains. One can enjoy the stunning views of Dal Lake and the entire city. It also offers visitors a serene and peaceful environment. The architecture of the Pari Mahal is Islamic style architecture while the other surroundings of the garden are well maintained.  

Nigeen Lake

Nigeen Lake is a picturesque lake and one of the most popular tourist spots you can explore through Srinagar tour packages . The Lake is surrounded by magnificent mountain peaks and beautiful Mughal Gardens. The Lake is one of the serene and peaceful places. You can spot here numerous houseboats, tourists choose to spend the night in houseboats for a beautiful experience. Apart from its natural beauty, it is also rich in cultural and historical significance.

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Distance from Srinagar

The distance from Lal Chock Srinagar to Shalimar Garden is only 14 kilometers. From the Dal Lake the Garden is only 2.8 kilometres and from the Nishat Garden it is only 28 kilometres. During the drive, you will enjoy the mesmerizing surroundings of Dal Lake and its incredible surroundings. 

Shalimar or Nishat Garden

Both places are quite beautiful. Shalimar and Nishat Garden are very close to each other. If you are in Nishat Garden you can easily get to Shalimar Garden in just 5 minutes. Both gardens are well-maintained and well-designed. If you are in a short time, you can only visit one. 

Nishat Garden is very close to Dal Lake, and I would recommend you visit Nishat Garden because you will enjoy seeing the beautiful views of Dal Lake. The sunset view in the evening from Dal Lake is mesmerizing. 

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Entry fee

The entrance fee for this Garden is 25 rupees per person. There will be no charges for photography, and you will enjoy photography here in this garden. 

The Architecture

One of the key architectural features of Mughal gardens was the ‘Char Bagh’ style, which is mainly a Persian style layout. Under the Char Bagh style, four paths intersect at a single point thus, indicating a strong geometrical pattern. You can observe this same ‘Char Bagh’ style in the Garden as well.

This is a three-terraced garden. Each terrace of the garden is constructed to serve a particular purpose. The first terrace is known as the Diwan-i-Aam. In medieval times, the Diwan-i-Aam was open to the public. The second terrace is called the Diwani-Khas. As the name suggests, the Diwan-i-Khas were exclusively for the king and the nobility class. The third terrace is the Zenana Garden. The Zenana Garden was reserved for the ladies of the royal family.

All three terraces of the Garden are lined with Chinar trees and each terrace has a water fountain thus, exuding royalty. Moreover, there is a main water canal called the Shah Nahar which is at the center of the garden. The Shah Nahar is fed by the water of the Dal Lake.

Chini Khanas, one of the most attractive architectural elements in the Garden, is all about regality. Chini Khanas or the arched niches are located right behind the garden waterfall. During olden times, oil lamps were lit at night within these Chini Khanas that illuminated the whole place. Presently, pots with colorful flowers are kept amplifying their beauty.

Apart from bright-colored flowers, you can see Chinar trees throughout the Garden. You may be surprised to know that there are 410 water fountains in total within the premises of this gorgeous garden.

Best Time to Visit

Though you can visit Kashmir in any season, if one of your aims is to enjoy the beauty of Shalimar Garden in its full glory then, you must visit it in the spring or autumn season. During the spring season (from March to mid-April) and the autumn season (from September to mid-October), the flowers bloom which makes the entire garden look colorful. During this time, the look of the entire garden is quite soothing for the eyes which rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul.

The Garden is a true example of naturality meeting architectural innovation. The garden has so many beautiful elements that a keen observation of all these can take a good portion of your day. So, why not visit this regal garden and appreciate the beauty of this public place within the paradisiacal Kashmir?

In summer

In the summer season, the garden is in its full glory which makes it the top attraction to visit in Srinagar. You will enjoy the beautiful views of the blooming natural flowers and its peaceful environment. The weather remains pleasant and a little warm.

In autumn

The Garden is considered very mesmerizing during the autumn season. In the autumn season, the chinar leaves fall from the trees and turn from green to golden. It is the best season to enjoy photography. Visiting during the autumn season is ideal for enjoying sightseeing and enjoy photography.

In spring

The spring season in Kashmir starts from March to May. The weather will be pleasant and a little cool in the month of March. Chinar trees change their colour from green to orange and then red which gives a warm glow to the garden.

What to See

Shalimar Garden has a glorious past which was built by Emperor Jahangir in 1916. The garden is beautifully designed with Mughal architecture and structures. The garden has plenty of greenery and several water channels that flow through the garden and finally merge into Dal Lake. The garden covers an area of 31 acres. You will enjoy the beautiful chinar trees and the blooming flowers and many fountains. You can also see the magnificent views of the Dal Lake which is very close to this Garden. You will see a lot of people enjoy their quality time with their families on the lawns of the garden.


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The Mughal emperor Jahangir built the Garden in 1916 to delight his queen. The garden is one of the largest Mughal gardens in Kashmir which spreads an area of 31 acres. The architecture of the garden is well influenced by Persian architecture.
The Shalimar Garden is famous for its Mughal architecture and its fountains. It is located on the banks of Dal Lake. The other popular garden of its vicinity is Nishat Garden which is also very famous for its serene and peaceful environment. The greenery the fountains and the chinar trees make it the famous garden.
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