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The capital of Jammu and Kashmir is a popular tourist destination. Not only the local sights but places at some distance from Srinagar are also the reasons tourists prefer to visit Srinagar. Destinations like Pahalgam, Gulmarg, and Sonamarg are also accessed by tourists from their Srinagar stay.

Srinagar remains in the top position of the top attraction of Kashmir. Srinagar is famous for its Dal Lake and the beautiful Mughal gardens which can make anyone numb to this place. There is a plethora of activities in Srinagar that a traveller can enjoy during Srinagar tour packages.

If you are planning a Srinagar Sightseeing, stay with Cliffhangers India as we explore the best parts of Srinagar and convince you as to why you should visit the area. Kashmir is beautiful throughout the year. Srinagar is one of the main attractions in Kashmir where you can enjoy your trip with the stunning views of Dal Lake and its incredible surroundings. Here in this article, we will provide you with the complete details which includes the best places to visit in Srinagar Sightseeing.

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Srinagar Sightseeing Itinerary

If you are planning to add Srinagar to your Kashmir trip list, you would need at least 2 days to travel through it completely. Here is the Sightseeing itinerary of Srinagar to help you plan your trip better.

Day 1: Start early at around 10 A.M. and visit Dal Lake in the morning. The lake is shining in a different light in the morning and the clear sky is reflected through the clear lake water. Trek up to the Shankaracharya Temple near the lake. At around 3 P.M., set out for Mughal gardens including Chashm-e-shahi and Nishat Bagh, exploring nearby Pari Mahal as well. Before calling it a day, explore the markets of Srinagar and taste the delicacies of the region. Return to your stay after attending the sound and light show at Dal Lake at 8 pm.

Day 2: Wake up early the next day to visit the floating flower market of Srinagar on Dal Lake accessed through a Shikara ride. Later, visit the Hazratbal shrine and bow down to the relics of Prophet Muhammad. Later, visit the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden and walk through the splendid flowers giving an otherworldly feeling. Later in the day, set out to witness the sunset at Nigeen Lake and click it on your camera for a memory.

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When making travel plans, the most frequently asked questions are probably where to visit, what to explore, and how to get ready for the whole trip.

As it happens, we talk about Srinagar in this article, and we are aware that in recent years, Srinagar has emerged as one of the top family vacation spots and the ideal location for a honeymoon in the Kashmir Valley. In Srinagar, there are wonderful locations to explore that are tucked away in the tranquillity of the valley and want to hear your footsteps with Srinagar tour packages

The city of Srinagar is surrounded by great mountains covered with snow and coloring the entire landscape with varied shades of green, clumsy old buildings, lovely gardens, and meandering rivers are attractions that come to the minds of people who have ever visited the place. There are nooks of intimacy, mystical presence, and places of breathtaking splendour that one would encounter in Srinagar, and all are geared toward luring the diverse travelers.

Srinagar serves a wide variety of fun spots that, regardless of the reason for traveling, be it family, a couple, group of friends, even if it is for a single individual, they all will find a place captivating enough in Srinagar. The scent of the colorful flowers from the Mughal Gardens will make awaken those vibrant sensibilities while the light and vigor of the shining Dal Lake will make an unforgettable Shikara journey.

If the Shankaracharya Temple will assist you in your spirituality, the Zabarwan Ranges will provide you a taste of glamorous natural wilderness. However, if you are looking for the best sights to see in Srinagar Kashmir, we have provided a list of the city’s popular landmarks that will help you to keep at bay. Therefore, hurry and come and explore Srinagar, minus any hampering boundaries to adventure.

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places to visit in srinagar

Best Places To Visit In Srinagar

Are you trying to find the best locations to go in Srinagar? Srinagar, the summer capital of Kashmir, is home to a variety of locations. Here are a few places to visit in Srinagar city that have lakes and mountains. Explore this paradisiacal city, and you’ll see why history and nature lovers have fallen in love with it! To learn more about all of these locations for family, adventure, and spiritual travel, scroll down. Make your list of things to do in Srinagar including these locations.

1. Dal Lake

Dal Lake is the most important attraction of Srinagar, it deserves to be positioned among the places to visit in Srinagar. You can enjoy the best views of Dal Lake from Boulevard Road. The lake stretches around 18 sq km and is surrounded by Zabarwan ranges on three sides. One can enjoy all the Mughal gardens with a single visit to Dal Lake and its surroundings.

Shikara ride is the prime activity in Dal Lake attracting a lot of people during the summers. The lake is home to many houseboats, which allow you to enjoy the night skies of Srinagar. Attached to dal lake floating gardens are also one of the best places to visit in Srinagar, which lights up the whole region. The lake not only attracts tourists it also attracts filmmakers for a perfect romantic photography session.

  • Location: Boulevard Rd, Srinagar 190001 India
  • Timings: 24/7
  • Activities: Jet Skiing, Shikara Ride, Houseboats

2. Nigeen Lake

Nigeen Lake is situated in the eastern City, at the base of Zabarwan ranges. Though it’s considered a part of Dal Lake both are divided by narrow causeways. Nigeen Lake carries pipeline supply to Srinagar City.

Nigeen Lake is famous for its crystal clear water that reflects the shadow of Shankaracharya temple and Hari Parbat. Nigeen Lake allows houseboat stays for people making it one of the best honeymoon places to visit in Srinagar. The lake water is suitable for swimming. The lake gives a wholesome scenery of the Zabarwan ranges and the Markets surrounding it. The pretty shikaras, fisheries, and many more are a sight to behold in Nigeen Lake. Children can have a memorable experience at Dal Lake during their vacation.

  • Location: Srinagar 190006
  • Timings: 24/7
  • Activities: Houseboat stay, fishing

3. Nishat Bagh

Nishat Bagh was constructed in 1633 by the brother of Nur Jahan, the Mughal Empress. Nishat Bagh provides you a stunning views of Dal Lake and its surrounding ranges of Pir Panjal. The garden is designed in such a way that each of its 12 terraces stands for each of the Zodiac signs. But currently, only 9 of them can be explored fully. Each of these terraces is filled with fountains, pools, and chinar trees.

Each terrace goes higher towards the mountains in the east and goes down towards the lake. There are two pavilions in the garden one at the bottom and the other at the top end. You can enjoy leisurely time at the reservoir in the centre which is about 14 sqft and at a depth of 3ft. The garden is full of fountains, and it is the second-largest garden of the Mughal era.

  • Location: Nishat, Boulevard Rd, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 191121
  • Timings: 7 am–7 pm
  • Activities: Dal Lake views, evening walks

4. Shankaracharya Temple

Shankaracharya temple is the most famous religious mark in Srinagar. The top of this temple is decorated with ancient architecture. It is about 5km away from the city center and at a height of 1100 ft. Being the iconic Buddhist architecture, it is connected with the Muslim faith and Persian history as well. Usually, it is known as Gopadari Hil, Koh-e-Suleman, and Takht-i-Sulaiman. It is mentioned in the notes of Rajtarangni by Kalhana.

From the top of the hill, you can enjoy the views of the vast Dal Lake. Habitation and dense forests of Kashmir are located on other sides. The history of the temple is not clear, even though the exact date is not mentioned anywhere it is considered a sacred site.

  • Location: Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001
  • Timings: 7:30 am to 5 pm
  • Activities: Holy Visit

5. Hazratbal Shrine

Hazratbal shrine is one of the most religious places to visit in Srinagar. The word Hazrat defines Holy and Bal represents place. Put together it means Holy place. Tourists come here to explore the architectural history of the shrine. Whereas Muslims come here to visit the sacred shrine that preserves the hair strands of Prophet Mohammad. The hair strand is known as Moi-e-Muqqqadas among Muslim priests.

Every year occasional events are held by the shrine, and tourists collect here from all the places. The dome displays the Mughal Architecture, but overall the shrine is a mix of Kashmiri and Mughal architecture. You can visit here through Shikaras from Floating Markets. They cost around 500-700 per person. Negotiation skills may help you reduce costs in peak seasons.

  • Location: Dargah Hazratbal Mosque, Hazaratbal, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190006
  • Timings: 9 am to 5 pm, closes on Sunday
  • Activities: History Exploration

6. Pari Mahal

Every year lots of visitors get excited to witness the palace of fairies, Pari Mahal. The sightseeing around this Mahal is an incredible experience. It is commonly known as ‘Quntilon’.Pari Mahal is just 5 minutes away from the beautiful Cheshma Shahi. The palace is located at the top of the Zabarwan ranges providing the best views of the striking city. It is on the southwest of the Dal Lake. As it is from the Mughal Empire the architecture greatly resembles a blend of Mughal with Islamic architecture.

The garden has a small spring, surrounded by plants and flowers. The monument during the night provides the best experience. It is visible from all the major places of Srinagar during night lights. The entry fee is based on an hourly basis.

  • Location: near Pari Mahal, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001
  • Timings: 10 am to 7:30 pm
  • Activities: Nightlife, spectacular view of city

7. Jamia Masjid

Jamia Masjid is the famous mosque in Srinagar standing straight for 600 years. It is located in the Nowhatta area within local markets. The unique architecture of this Tranquil mosque is highlighted by 378 wooden pillars. During Friday’s the mosque is completely crowded. Jamia masjid is considered the one of best places to visit in Srinagar during summer and winter.

Jamia Masjid was constructed by Sultan Sikandar Shah in 1394. It is inspired by the style of Indo-Saracenic architecture. The masjid can give space to 33,333, people at once which is the largest in the country. The masjid is maintained and renovated to showcase the significance of Kashmir’s history. From the reign of 1600 to the current age the masjid is sacred for Muslims to offer prayers.

  • Location: Nowhatta, Nowhatta Kathi Darwaza Road, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190003
  • Timings: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Activities: Local Cuisines and street shopping

8. Chashme Shahi

Primarily known for its natural fountain, Chashme Shahi Garden is one of the three Mughal Gardens and the best places to visit in Srinagar Kashmir. It is believed that the garden was discovered by Rupa Bhawani, the female saint of Kashmir. The spring is named after her clan and is called Chashme Sahibi. The garden was built by Shah Jahan for his son in 1632.

Tourists explore this place in Srinagar to drink spring water as it is believed to have medical use. Even in summer, the water is very cold from the spring. The architecture of the garden is influenced by Iranian and Persian art. From Summer to autumn, it is the ideal time to enjoy a vacation to Chashme Shahi. From April to October, the weather is convenient for sightseeing.

  • Location: 7, Boulevard Road, Rainawari, Chashma Shahi, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001
  • Timings: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Activities: Evening walks, photography

9. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden

Known as the largest Tulip Garden in India as well as Asia, Tulip Garden Srinagar is one of the best places to visit in Srinagar. This garden has 7 terraces with 48 varieties of tulips which are famous among adults as well as kids. The garden covers 30 hectares. The garden has several other flowers like Daffodils, roses, hyacinths, narcissus, and other medical plants. You can see a water body running through the garden adding more charm to the location. The place is famous amount romantic couples and honeymoon packages.

Every year during March and April, the gardens are open for people. All kinds of travelers must see the natural beauty of Tulip Garden, its handicrafts, and its rich culture. The garden is open for almost all the year for travelers. An entry fee of 25 for children and 50 for adults is to be paid before.

  • Location: Jammu and Kashmir, Rainawari, Cheshma Shahi Rd, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001
  • Timings: 8 am to 7 pm
  • Activities: Tulip festival, shopping

10. Dachigam National Park

Situated 20km away from the centre of Srinagar, the Dachigam park is rich in fauna and floral collections. The highest mountain forests of Srinagar are in Dachigam National Park. It is spread across 140 sq km. People can trek in this park while exploring wildlife. The most popular species of trees in the park are wild cherry, chestnut, apricot, willow, walnut, pine, oak, poplar, birch, and chinar trees.

Dachigam is the steep area of Srinagar and is protected by the government of Kashmir. Avian species like Himalayan swiftlet, woodpecker, alpine Swift, European Roller, Warbler, and Eurasian cuckoo can be spotted. Almost half the area of the famous Dal Lake is the major water source of this park. Permit from the Government department office to explore the national park.

  • Location: Dachigam Road, Jammu and Kashmir 191202
  • Timings: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Activities: wildlife and trekking

11. Shalimar Bagh

Shalimar Bagh is the largest and most beautiful Mughal Garden in Srinagar. It is located on the banks of Dal Lake. Initially, it was designed as a symbol of love by Mughal emperor Jahangir for his wife Nur Jahan. It is always filled with flowers and lush greenery, commonly known as the ‘Crown of Srinagar. The whole garden is filled with walnut and almond trees suitable for a family evening.

The architecture of the garden significantly showcases the Persian style in it. Four terraces one above another are the prime attractions in this garden. The fourth terrace is said to be home to females in the Mughal era and showcases the true architecture of artificial structures of the bygone era. The garden is connected to the city by cabs and buses. Spring and Autumn can be the best months to enjoy the true beauty of Shalimar Bagh.

  • Location: Shalimar, Chinar Chowk, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 191121
  • Timings: 9:30 am–6:30 pm
  • Activities: History of Mughal and picnics

12. Lal Chowk

Exploring Srinagar city doesn’t only provide you with scenic nature, it also allows you to immerse in shopping Kashmiri handicrafts. Visiting Lal Chowk for shopping is just as exciting as many other things. It is commonly called Red Square and is situated in the heart of Srinagar city. It is the oldest and most traditional market of Srinagar. It is popular for housewares, wooden crafts, handmade products, and jewelry made of silver and copper. People can explore the Lal Chowk vibrant atmosphere every day from 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM. Busy crowds are common in the streets of Srinagar during evenings. We suggest you buy wooden crafts and walnut wood things in Lal Chowk for the best home decoration. After heartful shopping for authentic Kashmiri crafts, you can enjoy local cuisine in the streets.

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places to visit in srinagar

Srinagar Sightseeing Package

If you are looking for the best Srinagar Sightseeing Package that includes the best activities and best sights, we have mentioned a few packages for you to pick from.

1. Wonderful Srinagar holiday with Gulmarg and Pahalgam

Duration – 5 days and 4 nights

Hotel type – 3-star hotel

Places covered – Srinagar (4 nights)

Activities included – Gondola ride in Gulmarg, Shankaracharya temple trek, Aru and Betaab valley sightseeing

2. Picturesque Kashmir with Gulmarg, Sonamrg, Doodhpathri

Duration – 8 days and 7 nights

Hotel type – 3-star hotel

Places covered – Srinagar (5 nights), Pahalgam (2 nights)

Activities included – Gondola ride in Gulmarg, a Shankaracharya temple trek, and Aru and Betaab valley sightseeing.

3. Srinagar Sonmarg Pahalgam Gulmarg Tour Package

Duration – 5 days and 4 nights

Hotel type – 4-star hotel

Places covered – Srinagar (4 nights)

Activities included – Gondola ride in Gulmarg, a Shikara ride, a Shankaracharya temple trek, Aru and Betaab valley sightseeing.

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Srinagar Local Sightseeing Nearby Places

The places mentioned are a 1–2-hour drive from Srinagar and are must-visits if you find yourself in Srinagar and are looking for Srinagar Local Sightseeing places.

1. Wular Lake: Located at a distance of 65 km from Srinagar, Wular Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Asia. A Shikara ride on the lake is a breathtaking experience. The lake hosts birds from all over the world and is an attraction for birdwatching enthusiasts.

2. Betaab Valley: The picturesque valley located at a distance of 15 km from Pahalgam is a sight to behold. With a lush landscape decorated with pine and deodar trees and a flowing Lidder river, Betaab Valley offers a quiet recluse from the chaotic world. 

3. Aru Valley: With the orchard trees and growing apricots in a large landscape, peeking snow-capped mountains, and a fresh breeze lighting the bright sunny mood, Aru Valley is a wonder in summer. In winter, the valley becomes a dream destination covered under carpeted snow.

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Srinagar Sightseeing Cab Charges

Cabs are in abundance in Srinagar to take you to places. Srinagar local sightseeing cab charges are affordable and standard. Though you can negotiate if you want to.

  Small Car/ SUV

1. Srinagar local sightseeing 2700 / 3300

· Hazratbal return 700 / 850

· Mughal gardens 1270 / 1500

· Shankaracharya temple 600 / 750

· Srinagar to Pahalgam 3200 / 3500

· Srinagar to Gulmarg 3000 / 3700

Top Activities in Srinagar

Srinagar offers a lot of activities. Here are the top activities in Srinagar that tourists often indulge in during their Srinagar Local Sightseeing.

1. Shikara rideShikara ride on the lakes of Srinagar including Dal Lake, Nigeen Lake, or Wular Lake is one of the most popular activities of the region. Shikara is also used as a mode of transportation from one place to the other in the region. It is one of the most unique experiences one can have. If you visit Kashmir, do not forget to take part in this beautiful activity.

2. Houseboat stay: The lakes of Srinagar offer a houseboat overnight stay. The activity is most popular over Dal Lake. However, quieter lakes like Nigeen Lake are increasingly becoming preferred because of the quietude. Houseboat stays in Dal Lake are one of the most beautiful things one can take.

3Attend the sound and light show: At 8 pm on Dal Lake’s banks, a spectacular sound and light show is performed for 30 minutes. The experience is beautiful and the evening lights shining on the Dal lake make it even more beautiful.

What Is the Famous Thing of Srinagar

Srinagar has a wide variety of flora and fauna. The handicrafts and the dried fruits are also unique in Srinagar. Apart from this, it is famous for its magnificent Dal Lake, mosques, and temples. The city has a lot of things for every tourist. it is one of the best places to spend holidays. Srinagar is also famous for its Mughal gardens, houseboats, and many pristine lakes. The city is well known for its incredible environment. One can enjoy the breathtaking views of Dal Lake and its scenic beauty. One can also enjoy many activities such as jet skiing in Dal Lake, Houseboat stays in Dal Lake, visiting Mughal gardens, and much more.

Which Month is Best for Srinagar?

Srinagar is best in all seasons; you can visit here at any time. From April to October is considered the best time to visit Srinagar. At this time the city is in its full glory and also the ideal time for sightseeing. The summer season here is beautiful, all places are accessible during this time. This is the peak season of tourism in Srinagar, at this time, there is a huge rush of tourists here in Srinagar. The temperature ranges from 12 to 30 degree Celsius which makes it the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful shikara ride. During the peak season one can also visit Kashmir with Family and consider: Kashmir Family Tour Packages

Hidden Places in Srinagar

Pathar Masjid: Pathar masjid is one of the historical mosques which is hidden in Srinagar that has an aura of serenity and splendor in architecture. Located in the heart of the old city. It was constructed during the reign of the Mughal emperor. Pathar which translates to Stone is one of the oldest mosques in Srinagar. The prayer hall is designed with exquisite calligraphy. To reach the Pathar masjid, you have to start from the center of the city and make your way towards Nowhatta. This mosque is one of the hidden places in Srinagar which needs to be visited once in a lifetime. This is one of the hidden places of Srinagar.

Shah E Hamdan RH Mosque: The mosque is named after the famous Sufi saint Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, who played a significant role in spreading Islam in Kashmir during the 14th century. The traditional showcase of the architecture of this mosque is intricate work of wood. It is located near the historical bridge of Zaina Kadal. To reach this mosque you can start from the old city and move towards Zaina Kadal. In local Srinagar sightseeing this is the must place to visit.

Emporium Garden: The garden is full of a spectacular blend of natural beauty and splendor architecture. M The garden is also located in the heart of the old city. This stunning garden offers a serene environment for visitors seeking peace. The garden offers travelers lush green lawns, vibrant flowers, and towering chinar trees with picturesque and mesmerizing senses. To reach the Emporium garden you can start with the center of the city and move towards the Boulevard road that is parallel to the Dal Lake. 

Shri Pratap Singh Museum: Shri Pratap Singh Museum is one of the rich historical and artistic heritage located near the stunning Dal Lake. This museum is showcased with a magnificent colonial building. It is named after Maharaja Shri Pratap Singh. He played a significant role to build this Museum. While entering the museum the visitors are greeted with the vast array of exhibits. The museum has a wide collection of ancient manuscripts, archaeological finds, woodwork, carpets, and capitative paintings. 

Burzuhama: Burzuhama is one of the old archaeological sites in Srinagar. Situated in the foothills of the Zabarwan range. Burzuhama is located 16 kilometers from Srinagar city. This archaeological site is nestled with lush greenery and scenic landscapes and offers a picturesque backdrop who are seeking the depth of history. 

Astanmarg Viewpoint: Astanmarg’s viewpoint is perched at the top of the Badamwari area. It offers a mesmerizing blend of nature’s splendor magnificent beauty of architecture. It provides as a sanctuary where visitors indulge themselves in the serenity of the beautiful surroundings. To reach Astanmarg you can start from the centre of the city and move towards the Hazratbal area. Once you arrive at the top of the Astanmarg you will be greeted with the mesmerizing views of the Dal Lake, Majestic Himalayan mountains in the backdrop.

How Many Nights Are Enough for Srinagar Local Sightseeing?

It depends on the places you want to visit. If you are planning to visit Srinagar 1-nights is enough to cover all the major attractions of Srinagar. Srinagar is one of the prime attractions here in Kashmir Valley. You can explore the entire Srinagar in two nights. In two nights, you will see the famous Mughal gardens, shimmering Lakes, lush green landscapes, and much more. Hence, two nights are enough to explore the entire Srinagar city.

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Srinagar is famous for its traditional authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods such as Rogan Josh, Damalloo, Yakhni, Haakh, Nadru Yakhni, Bakarkhani, etc. Trying Kashmiri’s local cuisine is one of the important things one can do.

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Srinagar is well-known for its magnificent Mughal gardens, breathtaking lakes like the Dal, Houseboat Stays, Nigeen, and Wular, and its magnificent buildings, including the historic Shankaracharya Temple, Hari Parbat, and Hazratbal Shrine. Silverware, Papièr mâchè bangles, embroidered scarves, carved wooden boxes, silver jewelry, wicker baskets, spices, Kashmiri artifacts, and dry fruits like figs, raisins, dates, apricots, walnuts, and real spices are among the many items that make Srinagar famous.
You have a lot of places to visit in Srinagar Kashmir. The most famous of them include Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens, Shankaracharya temple, and Historical structures like Pari Mahal and Hazratbal shrine. You can visit all of them in an itinerary of two days. Other than this you can visit Paragliding bases and nearby trekking places.
Tourists are attracted to Srinagar by its historical importance in Kashmir valley. Being the summer capital of Kashmir, it is home to Mughal gardens that showcase the history of the Mughals. Other than history natural splendors like Dal and Nigeen Lakes attract people with their houseboats and Shikara rides. People are here to explore the city through the Srinagar Heritage Walk.
The suitable time for a complete Srinagar trip always depends on your interest and the places you list to explore. In general, with our packages, we advise 3-4 days as you can explore the history and culture of the region without any hurry. All the major destinations and activities are included without missing any.
Yes, One day can be enough for Srinagar. Visit all the Mughal gardens and Pari Mahal from morning to afternoon spend an evening at Dal Lake and enjoy a shikara ride later spend time for a leisurely night in Houseboats. If you plan to combine locations in your trip one day can be a worthy choice. But if only Srinagar is your destination, we recommend 3-4 days for a heartful trip.
Dal Lake: The Dal Lake is the primary tourist destination in Srinagar and should be included among the top attractions. A visit to Dal Lake and its environs can provide one with an appreciation of the entirety of the Mughal garden. Shankaracharya Temple: In Srinagar, the most well-known religious landmark is the Shankaracharya temple. This temple’s roof is embellished with historic building design. The expansive Dal Lake is visible from the top of the hill. Tulip Garden: The location is well-known for its honeymoon packages and charming couples. The gardens are available to visitors each year in March and April. Travelers of all stripes must witness the Tulip Garden’s natural beauty, handicrafts, and rich culture.
You have a lot of accommodation options in Srinagar. Starting from basic amenities to premium facilities hotels provide you with comfort based on your budget. Camping in the Zabarwan ranges is also an option to plan near the famous places to visit in Srinagar. But for the most beautiful and memorable trip, houseboat stays in recommended. Guesthouses and Homestays are added facilities.
Two days can be enough to enjoy the beauty of Srinagar and explore its major attractions. The best Places to visit in Srinagar on a two-day trip are Dal lake, and Mughal gardens, and enjoy shopping in the local markets around the city center. But we suggest more time as it allows for an immersive exploration with proper breaks in the middle.
Reaching Srinagar is not a difficult task. Air, road, and trains are the major modes of transport. Sheikh-ul-Alam International Airport is the major airport connecting the city to all other major places. You can follow NH44 to reach Srinagar on a road trip. Reaching Jammu Tawi Railway station and later continuing to Srinagar is also an option.
Lal Chowk is the major market attraction in Srinagar. You can buy traditional Kashmiri handicrafts and local artifacts. Residency Road, Polo View market, and floating gardens are a chance to witness vendors selling authentic Kashmiri products. These must be on your list of places to visit in Srinagar for shopping.
Yes, winter is an excellent time to explore Srinagar. People who want to witness snowfall can enjoy the transformation of this city into a magic wonderland. You can perform skating and other winter sports at places around Dal Lake. But you may have fewer sources of travel as roads may be blocked due to snow.
The weather in Srinagar varies throughout the year, being mild in summer and cooler with snow in winter. The ideal time to enjoy the pristine beauty of Srinagar is from April to October. All the above-mentioned best places to visit in Srinagar are ideal to visit during Summer for the more collective experience of flowers and greenery.
Several historical sites of Srinagar attract people from different places. Shankaracharya Temple Pari Mahal and Mughal gardens are the most famous ones. These places offer you the history of the Mughals and the bygone era. Exploring these places with Srinagar Heritage Walk can be a perfect choice. You can visit all these places with our packages for a clearer understanding of history and architecture.
Dal Lake is famous for its shikara ride, you can travel along the lake with this wooden boat. You can enjoy an evening exploring the lake with shikaras. Staying in a houseboat with your friends and family will be a unique experience. Stargazing from Dal Lake through houseboats is a charming activity. The area surrounding Dal Lake is ideal for evening exploration.
Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens, and Tulip Garden are the most popular places in Srinagar. These places can be visited during the summer season for the best experience.
June is the summer month here in Kashmir, at this time the valley is in its full glory. All places are accessible during this month, the temperature is also pleasant and you will enjoy the breathtaking views of the entire valley.
You can visit Throughout the year. It offers a different vibe in different seasons. Summertime is the best time to visit Srinagar. The place is in its full glory at this time.
Kashmir in December is open to tourists throughout the year. December is the coldest month in Kashmir. It receives heavy snowfall at that time. You can visit in December to enjoy the live snowfall.
There are many activities that one can do such as a Shikara ride on the famous Dal Lake, Ice skating, and visiting the most popular Mughal gardens.
There are many treks in Kashmir which are most adventurous, these are mentioned below:
  1. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek
  2. Tarsar Marsar Trek                                              
  3. Warwan Valley Trek
  4. Gurez Valley Trek
  5. Tulian Lake Trek
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