Tarsar Marsar Trek Vs Kashmir Great Lakes Trek


Tarsar Marsar Trek Vs Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Tarsar Marsar Trek vs Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is like deciding between two almost-similar treks. Choosing between the two best treks in Kashmir is truly a hard thing to decide. Both of these treks have similarities and never have they disappointed a trekker with their charm and beauty. They both have alpine lakes, lush meadows, jungle walks, and river streams. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, both of these treks are the highlights of all the beauty that Kashmir trekking has.

However, there are a few points that can make a trekker choose between the two treks. Some are quite small and fine and some are very much a deciding factor. Tarsar Marsar Trek vs Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is the most sought-after query that trekkers want to know. 

Here are some of the differences that these treks have which one can keep in mind before deciding which trek to book.

1. Level of Difficulty

Tarsar Marsar Trek is an easy to moderate trek. Its total distance is around 50 km. The highest altitude of this trek is 3980m. The trail is mostly easy and quite definite with meadow walks. However, there is a boulder section near Shekwas that one has to cover before reaching Tarsar Lake.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is moderate to difficult. Its total distance is around 70 km. The highest altitude of the trek is 4100m. The trail is for the first three days an ascend and on the last day of the trek, there is a tiring descend which is quite heavy for beginners. The trail has some river crossings and boulders well.

2. Trek Trail

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a circuit trek. It means it starts from one place and ends at another place. It doesn’t come back to the same place wherefrom the trek is started. The starting point of the trek is Shitkadi and the endpoint is Naranag.

Tarsar Marsar Trek comes through the same route and ends at where it is started. It starts and ends in Aru village. For the last two days of the trek, one has to trek on the same trail to return to Aru.

3. Price

Another important factor that can affect your decision to choose between these two treks is the cost of these treks. Although both of these treks are done in same number of days, their selling price varies.Tarsar Marsar has less market price than Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. This is one of the deciding factos when considering Tarsar Marsar Trek vs Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.

4. Number of Lakes

Tarsar Marsar has three lakes in total: Tarsar Lake, Marsar Lake, and Sundersar Lake. Among them, camping is done only at Tarsar Lake.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek has around 14 lakes, however, the itinerary allows only 8 lakes to be viewed. Camping is done almost near all the lakes. And one fantastic feature of Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is that one doesn’t have to take a detour to see a lake, they all are charmingly placed along the trail.

Some of the prominent lakes of the Great Lakes are Vishansar, Krishnasar, Gadsar, Gangabal, Nundkol Lakes.

5. Passes

One of the reasons that make Tarsar Marsar Trek easy is that it has no mountain passes. So there is no sharp ascend or descend. The entire trek is in Lidder valley and gets finished within this valley.

In Kashmir Great Lakes Trek three passes make it difficult. The most difficult pass is the Gadsar Pass which is at an altitude of 4100m. There is a tiring ascend to it and then an equally long descend to the campsite. Other passes are Zajibal Pass and Nichnai Pass.

Our Recommendation:

In Tarsar Marsar Trek vs Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, we feel both of these treks are charming and breathtaking. We suggest Tarsar Marsar Trek to all beginners and people who live sedentary life.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek should be taken by someone who has quite an active life and who is routinely doing treks or intermediate exercise at least.

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