Warwan Valley


Warwan is the least explored yet stunning place to spend your vacation. Once you are in this valley, you get transported 100 years back in time. The landscape is untouched, and the settlements and populations are not touched by the modern world. The same mud houses with wood, the same old way of living a simple and satisfying life. 

Situated in the Kishtwar District, Warwan Valley is only accessible from Kashmir Valley via Anantnag District. The drive towards this valley is offbeat with forests, meadows, and passes on the way.

You can witness the transformation of the valley in different seasons. It showcases vibrant hues in spring and summer, while with heavy snowfall it becomes a magical winter land in winters. Indeed, the charm is unparalleled, it surpasses even famous destinations like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Pahalgam. Its distinct behaviour in remote and isolated nature bonds with its stunning scenery, creating an undiscovered heaven. This valley is part of our Kashmir Offbeat Tour Packages.

The trip here continues through river deltas, oases, wild meadows, and glaciers- all inside the valley at an altitude of 14,500 feet. It makes beautiful settings, as the trial moves into the greenery of Kashmir. This valley is similar to Gurez valley in being the offbeat and less explored destinations.

Where To Stay In Warwan Valley 

The unusual location of is in the Himalayan region. There are no decent hotels or facilities in the area. Still, there are a few inexpensive basic motels as well as homestays and camping. Furthermore, there are privately owned homestays managed by locals where you may take advantage of their warmth and delectable cuisine.

We suggest booking a room in a guest house or a local homestay if you want a comfortable stay. Kaavyard camping site is the most famous camping site. Hotels like Warwan Resort and Naribalan are the sources for your stay here along with camping sites. There are some private hostels for staying run by locals. The accommodations here are basic amenities that can complete your day, so it’s better to have low expectations about your stay.

Make sure you have your permissions ready because some stay here may require them. Before making a reservation, make sure the lodging is in a convenient position and has all the amenities you’ll need for a comfortable stay and sightseeing.

How To Reach Warwan Valley 

By Air: The only way to reach here by air is Srinagar airport. Sheikh-Ul-Alam Airport is well-connected to all the major cities in India. Later from Srinagar, you should continue by cabs and rented vehicles.

By Train: Jammu Tawi Railway station is well connected to all the states and is the most convenient and affordable mode of transport. You can reach from Jammu Tawi through Srinagar.

By Road:

Srinagar to Warwan: The total distance from Srinagar to Warwan Valley is 140km. The valley is strange and unconventional. To reach here, one must cross Margan Top. There’s no network in the in the valley. You must rent vehicles or follow our packages to reach from Srinagar safely and comfortably.

Pahalgam to Warwan: The total distance from Pahalgam to Warwan Valley is 130km. Rented vehicles are the only source to reach here from Pahalgam.

Kishtwar to Warwan: Kishtwar to Warwan Valley distance is 178km and the routes are challenging. It will take you 6-7 hours to reach the destination.

Anantnag to Warwan: To reach here from Anantnag, you should take the route towards Margan top, through Bihard Bridge point. You will go through Kokernag Botanical Garden and Achabal in between the route. The route has several windings and challenges in between. It is suggested to hire a driver if you are not experienced.

For travel to this far-off location, we advise using a travel agency exclusively. The travel agency can assist you much in this since they have many contacts and are equipped to manage any kind of emergency. 

Network & Road Connectivity

The most important thing that you must know is that the mobile network is very poor and works only at some points. Also, only post-paid connections work in the Warwan Valley. If you have a prepaid connection, you won’t get any kind of network the moment you start your itinerary into the valley, no matter what network you have.

If you have a post-paid phone, you could get a little network with poor coverage, which may not be available at high-altitude points. People should plan to face the problems in mobile connectivity.

Other than network the issue you will face is power cuts in the area. As it is an offbeat remote valley, you may witness power cuts repeatedly. For your Warwan Valley Tour carry a power bank in case of emergency. You cannot predict the behavior of the network and power in the valley. 

There are some stretches of bad roads. You will face a lot of problems if you are carrying a sedan or small cab. The road at Margan Top has bumps and can break your small cab. The best car to take is Scorpio or similar or higher. Roads are limited and all the roads remain closed for 5-6 months in winter. 

Location & Accessibility

In the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir in India, this valley is a Himalayas sub-valley and a tehsil in the Kishtwar District of the Jammu division. The Valley is located 136 kilometers from Srinagar and 68 kilometers northeast of Kishtwar.

The valley is completely remote, unlike other valleys. It nearly takes a lot of experience to reach from Srinagar and Pahalgam as the terrain and routes are difficult. The valley is accessible by cabs and taxis from both Srinagar and Pahalgam. You can rent vehicles for your trip. The valley remains isolated from other areas for 5-7 months in a year because of heavy snowfall.

Best Time To Visit Warwan Valley

This valley is full of beautiful locations and worthy spots for a peaceful vacation throughout the year. Considering the activities, you can take part in and the climatic conditions, summer is the ideal time to visit. The valley during this time is full of bloom and grasslands are lively. The best time to visit Warwan Valley is from July to September. 

April to May: It is the beginning of spring; the valley welcomes summer and snow slowly starts to melt. Warwan in April and May is full of greenery that comes to life with wildflowers blooming all the way. Visitors can walk in comfortable weather conditions. However, at times, the road is still closed until April or May. One has to check the update regularly before visiting in these months. 

June-September: In summer, the sky is clear with moderate temperatures. June to September is the best time to visit Warwan Valley. You can camp, hike, and even take part in rock climbing without any measures for climatic conditions, as everything is clear and under control.

October to November: Autumn brings beauty to the valley with its arrival. Clear skies and vibrant colors are an eye feast. However, the temperatures begin to get cold at night. Autumn is the best time for photography, you can capture the transforming landscapes of high-altitude summits. You can see the beginning of snowfall in some places of the valley. 

December to March: The valley remains closed from December to March. The snow gets covered on all the available routes and makes the valley inaccessible.

When you plan for a trip, it is beneficial to select well-curated Warwan Valley Tour Packages suitable for all kinds of travelers and any time of the year you plan to visit.

What are the Things To Do

Other than exciting adventures you can take part in sightseeing nearby places and capture the moments here. Here is a list of the best things to do: 

Taste Local Cuisines

Taking a stop to eat a delicious breakfast, lunch, snacks at snack time, and dinner is important and pleasurable. Some of the local dishes that every visitor to Warwan must insist on trying are Thukpa (soup alongside noodles and vegetables), Momos, Tingmo (Tibetan bread boiled with dal or meat, and cooked vegetables), Skyu (traditional soup), Chutagi (a dish like pasta served with a sauce made with vegetables), Khambir (Ladakhi bread), Chhurpi (Yak Cheese), and, most importantly, Kahwah (tea).

Snacking on hearty meals prepared with regional ingredients and easily accessible noodles (called Maggi in India) enhances the pleasure of every visitor. From an early age to seniors, come to here to enjoy local cuisine amid a beautiful setting.

Nature Walks

The valley constantly greets you with calm meadows encircled by snow-capped mountains, offering the ideal setting for a walk. Sunny weather brings an abundance of wildflowers to the area. You may see a rainbow of hues that meld with the stunning mountains in the valley. It’s an ideal spot for movement and excitement. Here, you will wander along clear water streams and other cultural treasures.

 The most enjoyable times to visit here is in the spring when the fields are full of hue and the lush leaves welcome summer and bid farewell to winter.


This valley is a haven for astronomy enthusiasts, with its clear skies and high summits that are perfect for stargazing. because the sky is clear. Select elevated locations that are far from the city centre; the valley offers a lot of isolated locations to visit on your trip if you want to see the stars. Mountain peaks and riverbanks are popular places to spend the night to see the stars. Bring good binoculars; you can rent them from local businesses along with other necessities like tripods and lenses.

The nights here are chilly, so wrap up nicely to shield yourself from the icy winds. Observe the Milky Way: The lack of light pollution amid untouched beauty may allow you to glimpse the Milky Way and stars.


When traveling, taking pictures comes naturally to people. This valley boasts an amazing array of tourist attractions and a breathtaking landscape. For everyone and ever, taking pictures on a summertime vacation is the most desired activity. Having a battery bank for your phone or camera can come in handy if you want to take uninterrupted pictures here.

The visual splendour is further enhanced by the wonderful play of light throughout golden hours, which range from delicate morning hues to golden sunsets. Every frame here conveys a different story, whether it’s of wildlife amid the verdant surroundings or unposed photographs of the residents going about their everyday lives. For photographers to capture the spirit of Kashmir, this valley is an iconic destination for them.

Bird Watching

One of the best locations to go birdwatching as this valley is home to a variety of rare and abundant Himalayan plants and animals. Explore the wide expanse of breathtaking scenery while walking to uncover the hidden natural gems.

There are numerous vulnerable bird species in this area. Some rare and obscure species may be visible if you go birdwatching.

Among them are the Snow Cock, Kashmir Roller, European Hoopoes, and Jungle Crow. An additional are griffon vultures. Among the creatures that could be found here are the brown bear, Kashmiri stag, spotted deer, black deer, and snow leopard. Make sure you follow the safety instructions or get advice from a trustworthy source.

Tips To Visit Warwan Valley

Before visiting, you must keep some things in mind to make your trip successful and hassle-free. Visiting this valley is a unique and wonderful experience, but one should be well prepared for the remote conditions of the valley. Here are a few tips to help you make your trip a blast:

  • Acclimatization is the major thing to note before visiting Warwan, you should be confident about high-altitude tours.
  • Even in hot seasons, temperatures go down at night. Bring warm jackets, thermal clothing, and waterproof gear. If you are interested in a tour during winter pack more than what you require in case of emergency.
  • As it is a remote area acquiring necessary permits if any is required for engaging in specific activities.
  • Respect local people and their culture. Zanskar is an age-old heritage area and is important to respect local customs.
  • Plan accordingly to reach from Srinagar. Ensure your vehicles are full of fuel and capable of steep routes.
  • Carry enough money in hand as you won’t get any service ATM or Online payments in between.
  • The mobile network is very low. Inform near and dear about your plans and be prepared to explore the place with a limited network.
  • Hire a local guide if possible for a safe and secure tour. 

Adventure Activities

Adventure seekers travel here in groups to conquer the high-altitude hiking. Many people visit here for adventures that the valley offers. Here is a list of top Adventure activities.

Hiking: When the topic is about exploring the Himalayas, select different regions to explore different landscapes. Uttarakhand for summits, Ladakh for glaciers, and Manali for meadows. But this valley will offer you one location and a single journey walk. You will pass through several white rivers in between the hike. In regular summer hikes, you won’t get to experience the hike on glaciers, both safe and thrilling without any technical support. 

Camping: Camping offers a unique and intimate experience. The valley’s isolation and remoteness is suitable for picnics and camps. You will explore wildlife and floral life in the valley surrounding your stay. People can also take part in car camping which is famous in the area. Panikhar village located in Suru Valley is the base camp.

Delta Basin of denora offers you the camping experience amid farms and fields. You will camp in the Himalayas at a height of 2,100 meters. All you need to do is hire a guide and know about the place with camping at night.

River Rafting: It’s exciting to navigate the steep areas and difficult rapids by boat. The valley is renowned for having a variety of quick grades that fit varying ability levels. For those seeking extreme experiences, the river here offers the best rafting conditions. When planning a trip here, May through early September is the best period to go river rafting.

As the winter melts, rivers fill with water, making for the perfect rafting experience. There are various grades of rapids. It is best to go on an adventure with guidance if you want to feel comfortable and protected. Experienced rafters will have no trouble enjoying themselves here. However, novices think it to be the best place to go rafting.

Fishing: The cost of trout fishing here is significantly lower than that of any other major Kashmiri city. Most significantly, the Department of Fisheries, which regulates fishing in the valley, makes a concerted effort to make sure that there is never a stock decline due to chance under perfect circumstances. Each river flows more quickly and has a gentler inclination closer to its source.

The terrain is primarily steep, with towering, dark, and ominous pines enveloping the hills. One of the most remote lakes (14000 feet and above) offers the most daring fly fishing and can only be reached by hiking. April to September is when the fishing season is in effect. But the fishing season may end early or begin late depending on climate.

Rock Climbing: The ideal location for rock climbing is in the Himalayas, especially here. The geography of the mountains here is harsh and varied, and they are quite tall. Climbing a mountain or a rock face with just a safety line is known as rock climbing, and it is quite similar to mountaineering.

The tops of Kishtawar are home to numerous peaks, including Arjuna, Agyasol, Shivling, Catherdral, Eiger, Sickle Moon, Brammah-I, Brammah’s wife, Crooked Finger, Flat Top, and many more. The best time to go rock climbing is from the middle of May to the end of October. Because most of the mountain tops are covered in snow for the remainder of the year. The sport of rock climbing is very new in the valley, and not many businesses cater to climbers.

As a result, you could struggle to locate the gear you need for your trip. It will be prudent for you to travel with all of your required gear. There are plenty of other every day and regular products available.


Warwan Valley is at an altitude of 14,500 feet, passing through river deltas, oases, wild meadows, and glaciers. People must be informed about altitude sickness and make appropriate plans. You will be struck after being covered in desert mountains for days at the highest peaks in the valley when the trial moves into the verdant Kashmir.
This valley offers plenty of picturesque settings and deserving places for a tranquil getaway all year round. Summer is the best time to visit Warwan Valley because of the activities available and the favourable weather. Due to excessive snowfall, the valley will be closed for five to six months throughout the winter, although you can still visit the valley when winter officially arrives.
Warwan offers breathtaking vistas of snow-capped mountains, verdant meadows, and pure rivers because of its higher elevation. You can see how the valley changes with the seasons. In the spring and summer, it displays vivid colours, and in the winter, when there is a lot of snowfall, it transforms into a magnificent place. Warwan’s allure is incomparable; in fact, it transcends even well-known locations like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Pahalgam. Its unique way of being in the wild and solitary combines with the breathtaking surroundings to create an unknown paradise.
The travel from Srinagar to Warwan takes time; it should take about 140 miles. Warwan is an eccentric and unusual person. Margan Top must be crossed to go to Warwan. The journey from Kishtwar to Warwan Valley is around 178 miles long and quite difficult. You’ll need six to seven hours to get there. You should take the path towards Margan Top, passing past the Bihard Bridge point, to go to the valley from Anantnag.
Hiking is the most exhilarating activity. A popular walk in the Warwan Valley is its meadows, glaciers, and mountains. During the hike, you will cross various white rivers. You won’t get to enjoy the exhilarating and safe hike on glaciers without any expert assistance on ordinary summer hikes. The hike starts at a distance of around 78 kilometers, and its highest peak is about 14,500 feet.
The neighbourhood lacks respectable lodging options. However, there are also homestays, camping, and a few budgets basic motels. In addition, there are locally run, privately owned homestays where you can benefit from their hospitality and delicious food. The most well-known camping area for visitors is Kaavyard. You can find lodging at places like the Warwan Resort and Naribalan, in addition to camping areas.
It is located in the Kishtwar Region of the Jammu division in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India. The Valley is situated 68 kilometers northeast of Kishtwar and 136 kilometers from Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. This valley is not like any other; it is isolated.
The fact that only postpaid connections are functional here is the most crucial piece of information you should be aware of. No matter what network you have, you won’t get any service at all if you have a prepaid connection the moment you begin your trip into the valley. A small, well-covered network may be accessible if you have a postpaid phone, albeit it might not be present at high-altitude locations. Carrying a satellite mobile phone is preferable for communicating with the outside world. People need to prepare for potential issues with cell phone connectivity.

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