7 Best Places To Visit In Kargil

Discover the breathtaking Landscapes of Kargil


This is the detailed blog about the best places to visit in Kargil. The places are filtered from many places and the list is made after extensive travelling in Kargil.

Kargil is a beautiful district in the Union Territory of Ladakh, India. Kargil has a rich culture and victorious history. Kargil is located at a height of 8780 ft. near river Indus. It is at a distance of around 201.6km from Srinagar that is in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir and 216.4 km from Leh in the U.T. of Ladakh.

The people in Kargil are either the followers of Dard, Tibetan-Buddhism or Islam. The town of Kargil is a place where you can see Iranian, Arabic and Tibetan architecture and heritage. The town houses a lot of Shia muslims along with Sunni muslims and Indo-Tibetans which makes this place an awesome holiday destination to enjoy being with these people and experience the vivid cultures.

Kargil is also known for the courageous and victorious Kargil war that took place at the Tiger Hills where invasion was conquered by the prestigious Indian Army soldiers. You can also come across the Kargil War Memorial here which is an honourable place for Indians and others too. Including the historical Kargil War Memorial, Kargil has many places that can impress all its visitors. Cliffhangers India in this blog brings to you a list of 7 best places to visit in Kargil:

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01. stagsboo

monastries in Kargil

Stagsboo or Stiaqbo is a place with stone curvatures. It is located nearly 2 kilometres from Drass on the Kargil-Srinagar highway. Stiaqbo has beautiful ancient rock carvings and stone images of Maitreya Buddha and Padma Pani Avalokiteshvar. There are also a couple of Tibetan inscriptions found here. They may be from the 12-14th Century. Most other sculptures and carvings date back to as old as the 7-8th century. A visit to Stiaqbo can be a truly heritage oriented and cultural experience.

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    02. Drass Valley

    Drass valley is filled with scenic beauty. It is also one of the coldest places in the world during winters. Drass valley is a base camp for some interesting treks such as the Suru valley and Amarnath cave treks. Drass is a well-known place because of the Kargil war that took place in this region.

    Now in this place is an adorable Kargil War Memorial  built to honour the brave, courageous, strong and wise soldiers and martyrs of the Indian Army, who fought the invasion in Kargil and brought glory back to Kargil. All the visitors of the Kargil War Memorial can feel the victory in every bit of this place. Drass valley is a must visit destination for all those who are travelling to Kargil, Ladakh or through Jammu & Kashmir.

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    03. Apathi Budha Statue

    The Apati Buddha Statue is located at a distance of 16 km from Kargil in a village named Apati. This Maitreya Buddha statue is carved on a mountain.The Apati Buddha statue dates back to 800 AD. Yet this statue is also known as the ‘Future Buddha’ since it is believed that there will be a reincarnation of Bodhisatva that will take birth on earth to reach the ultimate enlightenment and preach Dharma. The village of Apati also has a stunning history.

    This village was occupied by Pakistan till 1971 when the Indian Army regiment conquered it and till date Apati in Kargil is a part of India. A stunning Apati War Memorial is also built in memory of the 153 Indian Army (Artillery) regiment who brought victory to this Indian region.

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    04. Hunderman


    Hunderman is also a charming village in Kargil. The village is located on an uphill level. Hunderman has a special place called the ‘Museum of Memories’ that was built in 2015. Visitors can see a lot of collected and displayed information about military history at the Hunderman Museum of Memories.

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    05. Phuktal, Mulbekh cave and Lamayuru Monastery


    Kargil also is a home to various Buddhist monasteries. The Mulbekh, Phuktal, Lamayuru and Cave monasteries are some of the famous monasteries in and around Kargil. The architecture and spiritual environment of all the four of these monasteries is highly appreciable. All of these monasteries are well known and most tourists and hikers make it to these monasteries when on a trail of Kargil or the northern union territory of India, Ladakh.

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    06. Drang Drung Glacier


    This is a breathtaking Glacier in Kargil that can be reached via the Pensi La pass on the Kargil-Zanskar road. Drang Drung Glacier looks stunning and can impress any of its visitors with its picturesque beauty. Drang Drung Glacier is a favourite among road travellers as well as the hikers. The Drang Drung Glacier is a humongous 23 km long glacier and is the largest of all the glaciers of Ladakh or Kargil.

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    07. Karaste River- valley

    Karste river is a beautiful river in Kargil. It originates at Rangdum. This river and the village of Karste-Khar that is located on its banks are both beautiful tour destinations in Kargil. The Karste river and Karste-Khar make up the Karste valley which is one of the most beautiful and must visit places of Kargil.

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    These were the 7 best places to visit in Kargil. We could have mentioned each of the monasteries and made this a list of ten best places instead of 7 best places to visit in Kargil but we chose to group all the four monasteries as one. Hope you liked reading about these seven stunning places in Kargil and visit these beautiful destinations near Jammu & Kashmir and located in Ladakh, India. Hold on to a lot of love, peace and harmony while being in and out of Kargil.

    The people of Kargil are very friendly and their humanity surely deserved appreciation. We look forward to seeing you in Kargil adoring all the 7 best places to visit in Kargil as described here in this blog by Cliffhangers India.

    Cliffhangers India is a registered travel planner with the Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Department and specialises in organising comfortable and enjoyable tours and treks of North India especially in Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir and the state of Himachal Pradesh.

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