Located in the Anantnag district of Jammu & Kashmir, Achabal is a small town, famous for its breathtaking natural beauty and Mughal Gardens, also known as Achabal Gardens. This place attracts many tourists from all over the world for a family vacation here. Even local people pick this spot to have picnics. It lies at a distance of just 8 kilometres from Anantnag where you can drive by enjoying the scenic views of apple orchids on your way. 

You get everything here from beautiful gardens with canals and Achabal Spring, being one of the most beautiful of Kashmir Valley. It is a popular destination, having historical significance. It is said that the Gardens, a mosque, and the place ultimately was constructed and maintained by Mughal Emperors such as Jahangir and their wives. They visited here to spend summer as freshness was always in the air. 

It is available for tourism throughout the year with each season having its own charm. Flowers burst in the summer and you see snow-laden peaks in winter. Autumn is perfect for every photography enthusiast.

In this article, we have given you every bit of information related to a trip to Achabal and other things like best places to visit nearby, accommodation options, transportation and everything in-between.  

Highlights of Achabal

  1. Achabal Garden: The garden was constructed by Jahangir in 1620. It is spread over a vast distance with numerous varieties of flowers seen here. The whole place is set against snowy peaks in the backdrop. 
  2. Waterfall: Achabal Garden has a small waterfall which is just gorgeous and descends into a small pond. 
  3. Achabal spring:  it is a natural spring that transcends from Sosanwar Hill. the source of this spring is still unknown but it is believed that the Bringhi river that disappears in the hills, comes back again in the form of this water body as a waterfall. 

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Activities to do in Achabal

Visit Achabal Gardens

You can not miss exploring the Achabal Garden as they are the main highlight of this town. Constructed in the mediaeval India, they are still flourishing and luring visitors with its charm. The gardens have waterfalls and water channels inside them and near them, you can relax and rejuvenate. The Chinar trees surround them and provide a shady place for visitors. You see Mughal Architecture at its best here adding a learning aspect to your visit. 

Relax by the Achabal Spring

One of the most visited spots by tourists in Achabal, the spring contains crystal-clear water. Many people enjoy picnics here as it forms a perfect setting for time filled with serenity. It is said that the water of Achabal spring has medicinal properties and healing power.

You can definitely visit this place to have a good time with your family as it is easily accessible and will make you come here again and again.  

Engage in Photography

The gardens, the flowers blooming, the gargling spring, the waterfalls are all just postcard perfect. Achabal is every photographer’s delight where you can click amazing shots. Don’t forget your cameras to capture memories of a lifetime. 

Go on nature walks

Slow walks alongside the shores of water channels of Achabal Garden and Spring are just captivating. You can spend your evening just sightseeing here while walking on the grassy grounds of the place. 

Visit nearby attractions


When in Achabal. You can explore other places too that are quite close to it. Some of them are Vering Spring, just  8 kilometres from here. Then we have Martand Sun Temple, Pahalgam, Daksum etc. These places are just as beautiful as Achabal.

Best time to visit Achabal Garden

You can make plans to come to Achabal any time but the best time would be in summer, from May to september. Flowers are blooming to the core hence, increasing the beauty of the place as a whole. Every place and nearby attraction is open and accessible and you can do activities too during this time of the year. It is the optimal time for sightseeing and taking a stroll in the Gardens. Talking about the weather, it is just pleasant with temperature fluctuating between a decent 20°C to 30°C. It may dip down a little bit at night but it is comfortable and does not make you shiver. 

The moderate and warm climate offers a wonderful opportunity to relax by the spring and maybe enjoy a boat ride. 

As mentioned earlier, it is totally possible to make a visit here at Achabal in autumn as well as in winter. The temperature may slip down but the hues of autumn and snowfall of winter are just magical. You just need to pack accordingly to have the best time here.

Location and accessibility of Achabal

Achabal is situated in the Anantnag district and about 8 kilometres from here. Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir is approximately 70 kilometres away from Achabal. 

The town has well-connected roads from these two places. The main options would be via flight to Srinagar and then hire a taxi or cab to reach here. Government owned and private buses operate between these two places too. You can travel via National Highway 1B where Achabal lies. Train is another convenient option and you can travel from your city to Jammu Tawi station and then reach Srinagar and then Achabal. 

Essential Information

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How to Reach Achabal

By air: Srinagar Airport ( Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport ) is the nearest airport where regular flights are scheduled from major Indian cities. You can book them in advance to get the affordable ones and reduce the chances of cancellation. From the airport, there are sufficient options like buses, taxis, cabs to reach Achabal. 

By train: If you have picked a train as your mode of transportation then, Jammu Tawi Station is the feasible one. Trains run from major metropolitan cities to here. From the station, you need to reach Srinagar which is almost 270 kms away. After reaching Srinagar, hire a taxi or cab or any bus to reach Achabal. 

By road: Anantnag to Achabal .A small distance of 8 kilometres separates Anantnag from Achabal. You can cover the distance in less than half an hour via bus, taxi or cab. 

Srinagar to Achabal:

Srinagar is 70 kilometres from Achabal. There are taxis, cabs and buses available to Anantnag and Achabal. 

Gulmarg to Achabal 

To reach Achabal from Gulmarg, you first need to be in Srinagar. The distance between Srinagar and Gulmarg is 51 kilometres. From Srinagar, you have options of taxis, cabs or taking a bus to Achabal. 


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Accommodation options in Achabal

Well, there are not many accommodation options right there in Achabal except a hotel run by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation, but you will get plenty of them in Anantnag. They range from hotels with necessary services to government guesthouses. You should do the on-spot negotiation to get good deals on them. 

There is an option of homestays too where you stay with a local family and get to know about the authentic Kashmiri household and local cuisine. 

Camping is one more option that can be explored. There are many spots where you can pitch a camp and spend the night under the starry sky. 

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Why visit Achabal

Offbeat place: It is one of those places of Kashmir Valley which are still unexplored. Not very much crowd can be seen, hence it is the perfect place to have a tranquil experience with walks along the shores of streams and waterfalls and in the grasses of Gardens. 

Natural beauty: for every nature-lover, it is the perfect place to soak in the natural beauty of lush meadows, magnificent mountains in the background. 

Rich heritage: The place contains ancient temples, and was regarded as a very auspicious site for Hindus. 

Adventure activities: if you visit Achabal, you have been offered the opportunity of doing many thrill-seeking activities like trekking, hiking, paragliding etc. 


Achabal is located in the Anantnag district of Jammu & Kashmir and is 8 kilometres from here and buses, cabs and taxis are available to reach the town. 
Achabal is famous for its stunning Mughal Gardens, Achabal Spring, and other nearby places to visit. 
Achabal is at a distance of 70 kilometres from Srinagar. You can either take a bus at a reasonable fare or hire a taxi or cab to visit the place from Srinagar.
Yes, you can visit Achabal throughout the year and enjoy the beauty, although, summer is the efficient and most preferred time to make a visit here. 
You can enjoy recreational activities like trekking, hiking, sightseeing, paragliding, photography in Achabal.
You can reach Achabal from Srinagar via a bus. You can also hire a cab or taxi as they are accessible and readily available.
Indeed, it is totally worth visiting Achabal. You will thank yourself when you are there, seeing the stunning scenic beauty surrounding you in Achabal. 
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