Kashmir is the famous tourist place across the world. One of the most frequent questions that any travellers is interested in- what are the best places to visit in Kashmir. There are plenty of places to visit, in reality entire Kashmir is best to visit. Kashmir valley has snow-clad mountains with lush meadows, flowery gardens, and turquoise lakes along with the best cuisines and outdoor activities.

Entire Kashmir is a tourist place, but here are some of the famous places that you can put on your bucket list next time you visit this heaven on earth.

In this blog, You will find 10 best places to visit in Kashmir.

Srinagar is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Situated along the banks of famous Dal Lake and the Jhelum River, this city is one of the oldest cities in India that is inhabited since the beginning of the human era. The city has a mountain range called Zabarwan range that encloses it on one side and this range is the location of famous Mughal Gardens and Tulip Garden.

Things & Places in Srinagar

  • Visit Dal Lake: This is the prime attraction of Srinagar. This famous lake that is at the bottom of zabarwan mountain range gives you the best and unique experience of Srinagar. Stay a night in houseboat and enjoy the shikara ride here.
  • Mughal Gardens: These Mughal era terraced gardens overlook straight into dal lake. They have a grand aura and vibe and are a perfect adobe for photographers.
  • Day Hike: Srinagar has many easy trails that take you into the jungle walk like Dachigam National Park, Astanmarg walk, Brain top hike etc. It has some walks like Shankaracharya temple walk that takes you to the vintage point of Srinagar.
  • Srinagar Sunset Point: There are two famous and best sunset view points in Srinagar that give you the bird view of dal lake and Srinagar city. One is Shankaracharay view point and the other is Astanmarg view point. Both are accessible by drive or by walk.
  • Downtown Srinagar: Downtown Srinagar is the oldest inhabited place is Srinagar. It is populated on the banks of the river Jehlum. This has the best of artifacts and is the best exhibition of Kashmiri artisans. Its shrines and houses are a treat for art lovers. You can enjoy the local cuisines here.
  • Dachigam National Park: This is the most beautiful national park in Kashmir. It has varieties of animals, bird species and plants. Go for a walk to this place and see leopards, brown bear, black bear and Kashmiri stag called Hangul strolling and playing in its jungles.
  • Dachigam has an abundance of flora and fauna. It is only 22 km from main Srinagar market and can be reached easily by a taxi.
  • Jamia Masjid: This old historic mosque is situated in the heart of Srinagar called Down Town. It is a massive mosque with large royal gates and long and thick pillars that support it. It has two minarets, three gates and four towers. The mosque can accommodate 2500 people for the prayer.
  • Best Time to Visit Srinagar: March and April for Tulip season and spring bloom. June to September for summer holidays; for autumn colors visit in October and November and for snow visit in January and February.
  • How To Reach: By Air: Srinagar Airport is connected to all the major cities in India, you can board a flight and reach Srinagar. By Bus: Board a cab or Autorickshaw to Srinagar.

Gulmarg is called the Meadow of Flowers. It has the best flower bloom and lush grass during summers. This place is best for adventure lovers during winter. Enjoy and learn skiing and snowboarding in Gulmarg slopes along with heli-skiing. You can do the activities like ATV ride, mountain biking, trekking etc.

Visit its Strawberry farms and potato farms and just a walking distance away immerse yourself into the local life of villagers that live a very simple and modest life. It is the only place to have cable car known as Gandola. It has two phases that take a visitor to the extremes of its mountain ranges.

Day Hike: Hike to famous Alpather Lake here. It’s a two-hour walk after Gondola ride.

Visit Khilanmarg: This breathtaking place is just 6 km ahead of Gulmarg and is a less travelled place making it an offbeat place. It has gorgeous panoramas and landscapes. This place suits best to someone looking for nature walks and quiet places. Gulmarg is the best location to spend your Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s celebrations.

How To Reach: By Air: Board a flight till Srinagar Airport. By Bus: Take a cab to Gulmarg which is around 3 hours drive from the airport. By Train: Jammu is the nearest railway station. From there you can board a flight till Srinagar or take a cab to Srinagar and then to Gulmarg.

Sonamarg is called the Meadow of Gold. It has stunning mountain landscape and has the best cluster of mountain peaks in Kashmir. Visit its glaciers and water bodies and walk along Sindh river that passes through Sonamarg.

Sarbal Village

Sonamarg also inhabits the last village of Kashmir before it merges with Ladakh. This village is called Sarbal Villag that is populated for only six months of the year. It has some of the best potato farms and the local population is hospitable and warm in welcoming the tourists. This is the most offbeat place in the top 10 best places to visit in Kashmir. 

Visit Baltal

This place is a route for Amarnath cave and is famous for Sindh river and mountain peaks. It is just 14 kms before Amarnath cave. All the devotees during the pilgrimage season spend a night in this area before leaving for the cave.

Zero Point

Drive to this extreme place of Sonamarg area. It has attractive landscape through the mountain range, enjoy the view of surrounding valleys and mountains.

Sonamarg is also the prime location for trekking in Kashmir. Some of the beautiful treks in India start from Sonamarg like Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Barafsar Lake Trek, Kishansar Vishansar Lake Trek etc.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a seven days trek that has a blend of 8 alpine lakes, valleys, meadows and mountain peaks.

Best Time To Visit Sonmarg

June through October, December & January for snow

How To Reach

  1. By Air: Take a flight to Srinagar airport. And from there take a cab to Sonamarg.
  2. By Bus: Take a bus till Srinagar and then you can take a connecting bus till Sonamarg.
  3. By Train: The nearest railway station is at Jammu.

Pahalgam is the best highlight of Kashmir. It is the most famous and beautiful destination in Kashmir. Situated 95kms from Srinagar, this valley transports you to a pristine and alluring location.

It is situated on the banks of the lidder river. From here you can hike up to Sheeshnag lake and Tulian lake two famous lakes in Kashmir, you can visit betaab valley and baisaran which has the perfect blend of meadows and mountain peaks.

Betaab Valley

This beautiful meadow has a background of gorgeous mountain range and it has water streams snaking in the middle of it.

It is the most sought-after destination for all tourist and locals alike. You can ride a pony from the hotel at Pahalgam and ride to betaab valley, or just take a cab that drops you near its gate.

You will see lot of families and couples sitting on picnic mats enjoying the view and food that they take along.


This place has thick forest of pine, and meadows with the background of snow capped mountains.

This place can be visited either by riding a pony from the hotel at Pahalgam main or take a cab that will drop you to this place.

This place is also ideal for camping and reprieve.

How To Reach

  1. By Air: Take a flight to Srinagar airport then hire a cab from airport to Pahalgam.
  2. By Train: The nearest railway station is at Jammu.
  3. Yusmarg Valley 

This valley is quite equivalent to other hill stations here in Kashmir. This is perfect for someone looking for less crowd and tourist flow.

This hill station has beautiful lush meadows and water bodies surrounded by thick forest mountains. It is believed that this place was visited by Jesus.

Its spectacular beauty has remained quite an attraction for both Indian and foreign tourists.

Many trekking routes start from here, so you might encounter lot of camping done here. It is the starting point for Sunset Peak Expedition

How To Reach

  • By Air: Nearest airport is Srinagar airport. Hire a cab from the airport.
  • By Train: The nearest railway station is at Jammu.

This place is fastly developing tourist destination in Kashmir. Situated in the Budgam district of Kashmir.

In local mythology, A saint once visited this place in search of water but found milk instead which earned its name doodhpathri.

This is a quiet place with vast meadow and the road snaking all the way up to the start of the mountain range. The drive through this meadow is breathtaking and adventurous.

How To Reach

  • By Air: Take a flight to Srinagar airport. And from there take a cab.
  • By Train: The nearest railway station is at Jammu.

This waterfall is famous in Kashmir along with Aharbal waterfall.

This is visited both in summers and winters. In winters all of the water of this fall turns into icicles and makes the entire water like a mirror.

However, in summers it if full of gushing and refreshing waters falling joyfully. This water then merges with the river water below it which is quite clean and cold.

How To Reach

  1. By Air: Take a flight to Srinagar airport. And from there take a cab.
  2. By Train: The nearest railway station is at Jammu.

Aru valley is undoubtedly the best valley and hamlet in the entire Kashmir. It is located just 12 kms away from Pahagam. Aru is an adobe of trekkers. Almost all of the famous treks start from here.

Some of the treks that start from here are: Tarsar Marsar Trek, Lidderwath Trek, Nafran Valley Trek, Kolahoi Glacier Trek and expedition etc.

Tarsar Lake is 25 kms from Aru.

Aru Valley also has a wildlife sanctuary and has lidder river cutting through this valley.

Best Time To Visit

June to October, December & January for snow

How To Reach

  1. By Air: Take a flight till Srinagar Airport and then hire a cab till Aru.
  2. By Train: Jammu is the nearest railway station.

Amarnath is one of the famous pilgrimage places in India. This pilgrimage place holds a Shivling formed naturally out of frozen snow. It remains shut for the winter and other months except for some months of summer in which pilgrims are taken there.

You can either go by foot or by horse or by helicopter. All the facilities are available from the base at Baltal in Sonamarg and Chandanwari in Pahalgam.

How To Reach

  1. By Air: Take a flight till Srinagar Airport and then hire a cab till Baltal.
  2. By Train: Jammu is the nearest railway station.

The fact that Kashmir has Asia’s largest tulip garden is itself an attraction. Tulip season is a treat to the eyes and all those people who are interested and love flowers.

It has innumerable tulips that have different colours and spread on a vast area. During the tulip festival, it receives tourists across the world. People come and enjoy the walk around this garden, there are musical festivals staged in the garden along with Kashmiri artifacts display.

Since tulips are short-lived, this season is for only a couple of weeks starting from the end of March to the middle of April. This is the most visited place in top 10 best places to visit in Kashmir. 

How To Reach

  1. By Air: Nearest airport is Srinagar airport. Take a cab from there to tulip garden it is half an hour drive from the airport
  2. By Train: The nearest railway station is at Jammu.

Which Is the Most Beautiful Place in Kashmir?

All Kashmir is beautiful. So picking one is quite difficult. However here is the list of some of the famous places here: Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Gulmarg etc.

What We Can Buy In Kashmir?

The first that comes to mind regarding shopping is the locally manufactured artistry like shawls, carpets, paper machie articles etc. Regarding food one can buy saffron, walnuts, almonds, apples etc.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Kashmir?

Kashmir is the best visited place all around the year. It has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. It’s every season has its own beauty. Tulips and flower bloom in spring, lush meadows, lakes, river bodies in summer, colors of autumn, and snow in winters.

For Honeymoon Couples What Are the Best Romantic Places in Kashmir?

Here are few of the top honeymoon destinations in Kashmir: Srinagar, Pahalgam, and Gulmarg.

What Are the Best Places to Visit in Kashmir in May?

In May the best places to visit are Srinagar and Pahalgam.