5 Best Tour Packages To Visit Kashmir

What Tour Packages Are Available to Visit Kashmir?

A kashmir vacation is on everyone’s bucket list. The beauty this place holds is more than we can imagine. We have read poems written, seen movies but nothing come close to when you are actually there to soak in all the serenity. 

The Kashmir Valley attracts tourists from the country itself and globally too and throughout the year, it is packed. The best time for sightseeing and recreational activities like paragliding, river rafting is summer. For skiing and other winter sports, November to February is the optimal time period. Some come for solo experience while others visit here with their families. It is a favourite destination among couples too. For solo travellers Kashmir is well connected by roads and you can also avail various Kashmir taxi service offering vehicles ranging from economy to luxury vehicles.

That’s where the confusion starts as to how to plan the trip according to our preference. We have got you covered. Though, different local companies of Kashmir offer a range of prices for different packages. We have listed here the following Kashmir tour packages available in this article. You can check out the links mentioned below as per the service you need and their prices.

Popular Kashmir Tours

Most Popular Tour Packages to Visit Kashmir

Kashmir Tour Packages

Kashmir Tour Package is the most popular one among tourists. It is the only complete package you ever need to have a thorough trip of the valley.

It includes sightseeing at popular tourist spots and different activities. Those include Shikara Ride, Paragliding, River Rafting and more. You can stay a whole month in Kashmir, and you would not get bored.

The ideal duration of the Kashmir Tour is 7 days. We, as a team, make sure that you have an unforgettable week with us. These packages provide comfortable stays and delicious meals for breakfast and dinner. Our drivers take you on full-day sightseeing and act as your guide too.

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Kashmir Family Package

A family vacation can be made enjoyable and successful with our Kashmir Family Package. This package is designed in a way that adheres to family trips.

The sightseeing and activities are chosen in such a manner that the whole family can enjoy it together. Whether you are here with your small family of 4-5 members or there are 15-20 members with you.

The road trips are arranged on a 12/15/17/28 seater Tempo & mini buses so that you don’t have to divide into different vehicles and everyone can sit together. Some family-oriented activities in Kashmir contain cultural tours to ancient places, Shikara Ride and much more.

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Kashmir Honeymoon Package

If you are newly wed and want to go on a romantic and blissful vacation with your better-half, Kashmir is the ideal choice. With our Kashmir Honeymoon Package, you can explore places and experience outdoor activities, customised especially for couples. It can’t be emphasised enough how beautiful and romantic places Kashmir has. Gulmarg , a small town in the valley stands on the top. Here, you can go skiing, snowboarding in winters and summer is an excellent time for the scenic views it offers.

To make the whole thing special, you can even personalise different things according to your partner’s likings. You will be given full liberty for this. Even we make sure that honeymoon trip would be as special as it can get.

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Kashmir Offbeat Package

Most of the travellers visit the popular destinations of Kashmir and everyone knows them. But, the off-beat places of Kashmir are no less in terms of beauty.

They are lesser-explored and the genuine nature-lovers definitely visit them. They are so tranquil and only a handful of people are seen there. This ensures a complete trip full of peace. Under the Kashmir Offbeat Tour Packages, different places like Gurez, Sinthan Top, Bangus, Yusmarg etc will be explored.

These places have their own charm and uniqueness. You can enjoy different kinds of activities here. The prime picks contain sightseeing, picnics, photography etc. They are on the other side of Kashmir and are a bit difficult to reach by yourself. Hence, this package is the best for you for exploring remote areas of the valley.

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Kashmir Luxury Package

If you have a good budget to spend in Kashmir and you are here for a luxury experience, we have a Kashmir Luxury Tour Package for you.

You get accommodation in four or five-star hotels, having every service possible. A fine-dine experience is enjoyed by our customers with this package. You are chauffeured around in luxury vehicles which are air-conditioned and are quite spacious.

The sightseeing tours are customised according to your choice and the road trip and exploration is made luxurious too. The activities that you experience are chosen with the best instructors and agencies there. You will feel the royalness, elegance and class in the paradise of the earth. 

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Cheapest Kashmir Package

The Cheapest Kashmir Tour Package is specially available for students and other travellers who want to have a budget-friendly trip of Kashmir.

To have a smooth trip, we suggest our customers to cut out the not so mandatory expenses like travelling via flights. Trains may take some time but they are much cheaper. In Kashmir, the accommodations include hostels with shared rooms. The road trips are done in shared cabs.

The only thing you have to pay for are the activities you will enjoy. It might be our cheapest option but there is a full guarantee that you will be at total ease throughout the trip. We provide comfortable seating in vehicles and rooms that in good-condition for less money. You will have the same experience with this package as with any other one. 

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