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Trekking brings you up close to the serene natural environment. Trekking also offers you a rare opportunity to learn about the Indian mountain range’s culture and inhabitants. Trekkers travel from all over the world to experience Indian trekking treks once in a lifetime. Trekking in the north of India can be compared to being in heaven. Ladakh is one of India’s most well-known trekking destinations. It is occasionally referred to as “Little Tibet” due to its geographic and cultural resemblance to Tibet. This blog brings you the best treks in Ladakh.

Even the simplest trekking route in Ladakh is thrilling and frigid, with glacier crossings, long lengths of terrain climbing, and walking your way through rocky slopes. The trekking routes are particularly difficult in Ladakh, providing hikers with a breathtaking experience. The weather in Ladakh adds to the difficulty, but it’s all worth it in the end. The variety of sceneries that Ladakh contains adds to the excitement of your trekking adventure. The splendor and picturesqueness of India’s heaven on earth vary with height, growing ever more beautiful. It is one of the most beautifully preserved places in the nation.

Best Treks in Ladakh

Trek Chadar, Ladakh

Ladakh, the starting location of the Chadar walk, is about 64 km from Leh, and along the trip, one can view frozen waterfalls as well as monasteries like Lingshed Gompa, Karsha Gompa, and others. Normal daytime temperatures range from -5 to -10 degrees Celsius, but overnight lows of -25 degrees Celsius are common. The walk can last anywhere from six to twenty days, so be sure to pack enough warm clothing, waterproof jackets, and other essentials.

You have to walk over the glacial Zanskar River on the Chadar trek, which is certainly the most difficult hiking route in Ladakh. Every year, the river freezes during the bitterly cold winter months, providing a path for daring hikers. Despite how fascinating it is, being physically and mentally healthy is vital for the Chadar hike. You must be resilient to make it through the difficult journey to the following level. The journey is all about endurance – learning to tolerate the arduous terrain in below-freezing conditions, mingling with the locals, and knowing their way of life.

The trip is known as the Chadar because of how the frozen river looks like a layer of snow. The spectacular beauty of the frozen waterfall will calm your soul. Hands down Chadar trek is the best trek in Ladakh for winter.

Markha Valley, Ladakh

The Markha Valley trek, which lasts for 8 days, is another well-liked and challenging trekking route in Ladakh. Markha is a beautiful river valley in Hemis National Park, which is located in the dry desert of Ladakh. The journey through this valley is exciting and gorgeous. This is one of the best treks in Ladakh.

The trek’s regular path goes from Spituk to Zingchen and then on to Yurutse. The trail leaves Yurutse and ascends to the Ganda La pass before sloping downward to Skiu. You will have to cross the Markha River several times as you continue walking along its route. Nimaling, the highest camp along this Leh-Ladakh trekking route, provides a stunning vista of the Zanskar range. The Kongmaru La pass, the highest pass on the Markha Valley trip, comes after Nimaling. You can explore the simple stream that descends to the Hemis and Thiksey monasteries if you stop in the Shang Sumdo settlement.

The Stok Kangri ascent is part of the alternate trek route, which adds to the excitement. The Stok Summit, which is located in Ladakh and is 4900 meters high, may be explored together with many other beautiful sights on this ten-day hiking journey.

The walk includes numerous river crossings, some of which are waist-deep, as well as passing across the high pass Kongmaru La. (17,060 ft). There are some spectacular views of Mt. Kang Yatse from the hike (21,300 ft). 

The Markha Valley’s picturesque villages, though, are what make this trek the most endearing. In the center of Ladakh’s deserted mountains, the modest mud homes surrounded by verdant meadows are a breathtaking sight. These settlements are thriving centers of Tibetan culture, with traditional kitchen decorations, Buddhist prayer flags, and other Tibetan items.

Markha Valley trek is almost a yearlong operational best trek in Ladakh.

Nubra Valley Trek

A descent to the Diskit settlement via Sumur marks the conclusion of the Nubra Valley trekking trail. The two main draws of the Nubra Valley hike are the beautiful Diskit Gompa and the Hunder Desert. Considering the difficulty, Nubra Valley Trek is one of the easiest best treks in Ladakh.

It takes you through the most remote reaches of the Himalayan belt, making it possibly one of the most exciting and thrilling hikes. The track leading to the Zanskar Valley range departs from the Nubra Valley trip through the Indus Valley route. The true route map for the Nubra Valley walk in Leh, Ladakh, starts in Sabu Village and travels across the 6000-meter-high Digar La Pass before arriving in Digar Village. The route then continues along the Shyok River as it heads towards the villages of Khalsar and Agyam.

Ladakh Snow Leopard Trek

Last but not least, the Snow Leopard trek in Ladakh is another incredible and difficult trek. This trekking track has an average elevation of 3000 meters above sea level and is situated in the Hemis National Park area in eastern Ladakh. This area, which includes parts of the Markha and Rumbak Valley, was established in 1981 to aid in the conservation of the area’s distinctive flora and animals.

During the Snow Leopard hike, you can witness lovely bird species like the Snow Partridge, Golden Eagle, Horned Lark, Golden Oriole, Red Billed Chough, and others that live in the area. If you’re thinking about taking your family on a walk through Ladakh, this is one of the best options since in addition to seeing the region’s diverse array of flora, you can also go see Buddhist monasteries, mud palaces, and old kingdoms.

Additionally, Leh offers a number of day hikes that you can go on for an exhilarating adventure. Ladakh also referred to as the “Land of Passes,” is a captivating region of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Planning to go to Ladakh Trekking? Keep These Things in Mind

Read these few important things and then pack your bags, you are good to go for any of the best treks in Ladakh.

● Bring a lot of warm clothing. The climate is colder than in other regions of India, even in the summer. Carry warm jackets, earplugs, gloves, and other necessary items to prevent any inconveniences.

● It is recommended to have a health examination before the expedition.

● Find the best time to visit Ladakh before making your reservation so you can enjoy your vacation. The finest season is supposed to be summer, but winters are equally acceptable. The Ladakh region does, however, have its own allure throughout the winter. The Frozen River Trek, one of the most well-known and distinctive treks, is conducted in the winter season. But avoid going to Ladakh in the rainy season.

● Take pauses if you can’t walk for long stretches of time. While it is acceptable to arrive at your destination a day later, your health should always come first. Try not to exert yourself excessively.

● Watch out for the ridges and steeps when peak-biking in Ladakh. Make sure to bring a reliable trekking stick.

● Do not forget to bring a spare pair of comfy shoes. It can be difficult to hike at a high altitude; ensure your trekking shoe has sufficient grip.

● In Ladakh, where trees are difficult to grow and wood is limited, try to use kerosene.

● Be hydrated, but not too much.


The most difficult trek in Ladakh is the Chader Trek. It is one of the toughest treks in the Ladakh region. The temperature remains cold in the daytime and hits below the freezing point during the night. Chader trek in Leh Ladakh is also one of the popular trek which offers stunning and vibrant views during the summer time. This is one of the challenging trek and the trail will take you through the frozen Zanskar River.
From June to September, it is the ideal time to go trekking in Ladakh. During this time, there is no snow and the weather is pleasant at that time. The trekking in Ladakh starts in June and lasts till September. Trekking through the beautiful valleys will take you to the high altitudes and enjoy the breathtaking serene natural beauty. During wintertime, the entire valley is covered with thick snowfall.
Markha Valley trek is one of the most popular treks in the Ladakh region. The trek trail goes through the beautiful Hemis National Park, you will see some stunning rivers crossing through the Markha River. It rests at an altitude of 11, 560 feet. The difficulty level of the trek is moderate. The trail is long and rough which demands a good amount of endurance.
8-to 10 days are enough to explore all the popular destinations of Ladakh. You will see many popular travel destinations of Ladakh and many pristine Lakes. If you are looking for some adventurous activities, then you may require more days to enjoy these activities. Therefore, 10 days is sufficient to cover all the prominent destinations of Ladakh.
The best time to visit Leh Ladakh is in the summer months. From May to September, it is considered the best time to visit Ladakh for sightseeing. If you are looking for snowfall and some snow activities, wintertime is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh for Snowfall
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