Kashmir Great Lakes Trek has caught the imagination of generations. Before this trek was in vogue throughout India, it had held the local population’s interest thereby leading to different legends and myths. There is a story about every mountain peak and lake that this trek has, some of them are so fascinating that people visit

Why Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Kashmir Great Lakes Trek has many attractions. It is scenic enough to qualify for the best trek in India. Unlike other treks in India, this trek holds unparalleld variations in beauty and ladscape. It welcomes the trekkers with a bouquet of around dozen alpine lakes, lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains,

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, let’s us admit,  is versatile. It is scenic and has variations in natural beauty. This trek offers not only mountains but meadows and lakes too. The meadows are both wavy and flat. It holds Kashmir’s largest alpine lake – Gangbal Lake. It has breathtaking snow-clad mountains and en route gives a

How Difficult is Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Kashmir Great Lakes Trek welcomes the trekkers with a bouquet of around dozen alpine lakes, lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains, different valleys and varied Himalayan Wildlife. This trek is, as is said, the crown of trekking in Kashmir. Trekking in India is incomplete without Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. 

Sonamarg – The Paradise of Trekkers & Mountaineers Known as the ‘Meadow of Gold’, Sonamarg is an ideal place for adventure: trekking, mountaineering, camping and rafting. The Sind River that flows in Sonamarg abounds with trout and mahseer. The place is filled with dense forests that inhabit alpine flowers, silver birches, firs, pines and streams.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek: A Complete Guide If you want to go for Kashmir Great Lakes trek then this post is a must-read for you. The information has been gathered by doing Kashmir Great Lakes Trek over a dozen times.    Duration: 7D/6N Distance: 80Kms Max. Altitude: 4100m Number of Alpine Lakes: 11 (However to see

If you are a couch surfer and your life is sedentary but you want to go for a trek you need to build yourself up for your first trek. Taking the below-mentioned tips into practice you will be ready to go for your first trek. Remember the training that a trek preparation needs is not

Best Treks in Kashmir 2020  1. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek It is the most pristine and beautiful treks in India. This trek offers a bouquet of five large alpine lakes surrounded by wavy meadows and snow-peaked mountains. Meandering through the North-West Himalayas, this trek is a kaleidoscope of nature. Great Lakes trek is nothing short

1. Chadar Trek Chadar trek is undoubtly the best winter trek in India. The thrill of walking on a frozen river is enough to kick the adrenaline. This trek is in vogue since decades; one of the challenging treks, chadar trek is nothing short of becoming a lifetime memory. Imagine a frozen river surrounded with