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Eastern Pinnacle Summit On 12th July, 2020 I along with two fellow mountaineers, Junaid Ahmed and Nazir Raina scaled Eastern Pinnacle. We were accompanied by a very able and generous Nazir Jr., the pony man. It was quite surreal. As we stood on the summit, to one side was Lidder Valley and to other was

  Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Solo Many trekkers are apprehensive in taking Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Solo. This trek is absolutely safe for solo trekkers as any safe trek can be. En route this trek there will be many solo trekkers that you will meet. It has no threatening wildlife, no thick and dark forest and

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, in general trekking in Kashmir, has caught the imagination of generations. Before this trek was in vogue throughout India, it had held the local population’s interest thereby leading to different legends and myths. There is a story about every mountain-peak and lake that this trek has, some of them are so

Why Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Kashmir Great Lakes Trek has many attractions. It is scenic enough to qualify for the best trek in India. Unlike other treks in India, this trek holds unparalleld variations in beauty and ladscape. It welcomes the trekkers with a bouquet of around dozen alpine lakes, lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains,

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, let’s us admit,  is versatile. In the entire trekking in Kashmir, this trek is scenic and has variations in natural beauty. This trek offers not only mountains but meadows and lakes too. The meadows are both wavy and flat. It holds Kashmir’s largest alpine lake – Gangbal Lake. It has breathtaking

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