How Difficult is Kedarkantha Trek


How Difficult is Kedarkantha Trek


kedarkantha trek difficulty

This is one of the frequently asked questions about Kedarkantha Trek. How difficult is this trek that is so much popular among Indians? This blog will touch upon the topic of the difficulty of the trek. It will also touch some aspects of altitude, trek length, and duration of this trek.

Kedarkantha Trek Quick Introduction.

Kedarkantha trek is one of the most visited winter treks in India. Situated in the Uttarakhand, this trek is most recommended for beginners. It has a panoramic summit. The summit gives the view of breathtaking landscape of the surrounding mountain ranges. This trek is bestowed by nature with its varied bounties of vegetation, thick forests, large meadows, etc. This trek reaches the highest altitude of 12,500ft which is the summit of the trek. It starts from an altitude of around 6500 ft. The total distance of the trek is around 23km. And each day one has to cover the distance of just 5 km around.

The trek is finishedmostly in 6 days and the trek starts mostly from the scenic village called Sankri. It is mostly done in winters and the best months to do this trek are from December to March. This trek is going to the top of Kedarkantha peak and coming down from the other side of this peak. Kedarkantha is one of the treks in India that has taken the fixed departure treks to another level. Every day you will see fixed departure dates and you can join any group.

The Difficulty of Kedarkantha Trek

The difficulty of the Kedarkantha trek is easy to moderate. This winter trek is recommended for both beginners and experienced trekkers. The trek covers an altitude gain of around 6000 ft which involves some ascents. The trail of this trek is not threatening or fatal. The trail only offers one challenge and that is the snowfall which makes walking a bit tricky. However, Cliffhangers India’s technically sound trek leaders will make you maneuver the trail quite safely.

The trek needs a basic fitness level only. Even though this trek is for beginners, the accumulated snow and snowfall make it slightly trickier. During winters the trek becomes slightly moderate as one has to ascend. In snow each step gets heavier. However, anyone without any trekking experience can still do this trek easily and comfortably.

Further, to finish this trek safely and comfortably make sure you get all your trekking gear and essentials. If you haven’t brought the essentials from your place, no worries, you will get almost all the trekking essentials and anything that a trekker needs while on the trek from the base camp Sankri. Spend an evening before the trek day, strolling the streets of Sankri to hunt for your stuff at an affordable price.

 To sum up the difficulty of the trek. It is quite fair to say that the trek is quite doable by all. A few guidelines you will have to follow about the trek that the trek leader will brief you about and you are ready to go.

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