How Difficult is Rupin Pass Trek


How Difficult is Rupin Pass Trek
rupin pass trek


At Cliffhangers India we receive a lot of queries about the trek details.The most frequent question is about the difficulty of any trek. Here is the blog which is solely dedicated to talking about the difficulty of Rupin Pass Trek. We will try to explain some of the aspects of the trek as well like its length, altitude, duration, and the landscape.

Rupin Pass Trek is a high-altitude trek that has an elevation of around 4650m. This is the best crossover trek from Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. The trek is a blend of amazingly glorious mountain ranges like Kinner Kailash. It has shimmering rivers like the Rupin River, and many waterfalls. The total distance of the trek is around 40km and is mostly finished in the 7-day-long itinerary. The trek reaches the highest altitude of 15300ft.

The Difficulty of Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass trek is a challenging trek with moderate to the difficult gradient. The trek is not meant for beginners. Only experienced trekkers or anyone with a good fitness level can do this trek smoothly. The trek gains altitude which exposes the trekker to altitude sickness-related problems. This trek is a mix of sharp ascends and descends. The most difficult ascent is the climb to Rupin Pass. The steep climb dominates the trail of this trek.

In the Rupin Pass trek, the daily average walk is more than 5km. The trek reaches the altitude of 4675m from just 1580m in around 6 days.

One of the difficult ascents is the steepness from Dhanderas to Upper Waterfall. Although quite a beautiful day of the trek, it also offers some challenges of steepness. You will see a lot of waterfalls on this day. And you will enjoy the breathtaking snow-peaked mountains in the surroundings.

Fitness Level for Rupin Pass Trek

This trek is a blend of steep ascends and descends. This means the fitness level of the trekker has to be good. Any trekker who is experienced and has done a difficult high altitude trek will finish this trek smoothly. A good fitness level is a prerequisite for this trek.

To sum up, Rupin Pass is a trek of challenging trails. Hence if you are a beginner and couch surfer with a less active life, you better hit the gym. Or go to some less straining treks before enrolling yourself for this trek.

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