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A lot of tourists before coming to Kashmir want to know if it is safe to travel to Kashmir now, they have a lot of apprehensions about Kashmir tourism safety. There has been a lot of negativity spread about Kashmir, however, all those who have visited Kashmir will agree to the fact that Kashmir tourism safety is the best in the country. Kashmir is the safest place for any tourist. It welcomes all its tourists warmly and has zero crime against tourists. All tourists feel at home and are warmly welcomed here. Cliffhangers India ensures that the hospitality extended to tourists is never compromised.

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Is It Safe to Visit Kashmir Now in 2024?

It is perfectly safe to visit Kashmir in 2024. The last few years have seen a huge rush of tourists here, and considering all the parameters of safety, Kashmir in 2024 is the safest travel destination in India.

You will find safe and cosy stays, the best guides possible, and wonderful activities that will make your stay here quite delightful. The best standards for Kashmir tourism safety will be in place by 2024.

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Is Gulmarg Safe for Couples?

Gulmarg is quite safe for couples or any other tourists coming here. It is one of the best couple vacation destinations, with safety and coziness up to the mark. A lot of couples throng Gulmarg in both summers and winters to enjoy their vacation or honeymoon. Gulmarg is quite safe to travel to now and enjoy this fantastic tourist destination.


Kashmir is safe for female tourists, including solo female travelers. You can visit any place in Kashmir without any apprehensions about safety. Both Indians and foreigners come here solo and most of them are female. They get safe and comfortable stays. Wander around here and visit any location in Kashmir. Even female travelers visit offbeat places alone without any threat to their safety.

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There has been a lot of negativity spread outside Kashmir regarding one having to follow a certain dress code while in Kashmir. However, this is completely false. You can wear whatever dress you are comfortable in, and you can wear shorts in Kashmir if you want to wear them. There is no restriction from the government or from the local residents regarding tourists wearing shorts in Kashmir.

Srinagar is the capital city of Kashmir, and like other places here, it is safe to visit Srinagar. You can visit Srinagar and roam around every nook and corner and it is completely safe and far away from any untoward things. Srinagar has warm residents who welcome tourists, and it has the best security arrangements. So without any doubt, Srinagar is the safest place to travel in 2023.

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No. The entire Kashmir region is entirely secure. The fact that the government is promoting Kashri and every faraway part of it means that there is no threat. There is no government advisory against visiting any of the places in Kashmir, be they famous tourist attractions or far-off offbeat places. There are no unsafe places in Kashmir, and every place is accessible and connected by road and mobile connectivity.
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