Manali in August


One of the most popular destinations in Northern India is situated in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh on the banks of the Beas River and at an altitude of 1950 meters Manali, the Valley of Gods. It is an ideal destination for travelers of all tastes and ages, offering everything from adventure and romance to relaxation and a beautiful environment. Whether you’re looking for an exciting excursion, a chance to de-stress, or something off the beaten path, you’ll find everything near Manali. Here is a complete guide from Cliffhangers India to Plan a trip to Manali in August. The guide will provide you with all travel tips and a guide for Manali in August.

Places to See in Manali in August

If you want to visit Manali in August, be planned to witness the lush greenery. The rain adds natural beauty to the area, with trees and flowers blooming around you. There are plenty of places to see in Manali in August to make your trip memorable, although some might be difficult to visit due to rainfall. Trekking and hiking are great ways to experience the beauty of the area. Here are some of the top attractions to visit in Manali in August.

Chandrakhani Pass: To enjoy the incredible mountain scenery, visit Chandrakani Pass. Visitors should trek to this place, situated 21 km from Manali, and enjoy the variety of vegetation all over the trekking trail.
During this trek, you can explore Ganachalani, Dadra, and Naggarm Rumsu. This will provide you a once in a lifetime experience. The place is a perfect destination for trekking lovers.

Manikaran Sahib: Manikaran Sahib is a renowned Gurudwara that is highly worshipped by people of all faiths and beliefs. Situated near hot springs, visitors can enjoy therapeutic baths during their visit to the sacred site.

Manali Gompa: One should experience the beauty of Manali Monastery during their visit in August, Marvel at its stunning golden-hued pagoda-style roof. Learn about Buddhist teachings while shopping through the artifacts in nearby stalls, such as Tibetan rugs and handicrafts.

Manu Temple: According to mythology, Manu is regarded as the creator of the human race on Earth. The temple is dedicated to him, being the only temple of this kind in the country. You will find yourself at the temple after climbing up the hill. Once you reach the viewpoint and look around, you will find yourself in the middle of a paradise.

Things to do in Manali in August

No one wants to stay indoors when you are in Manali, irrespective of the season. Here are some major things to do in Manali in August. However, the Manali weather in August finally decides on participation in activities you want to take up.

Trekking: Enjoy the beauty of Manali by taking part in some of its picturesque treks. August is the best time to witness hiking in Manali. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to witness the natural wonders and landscapes of Manali by taking at least one trek during your stay in Manali.
Some of the most famous treks loved by many are the Chandratal trek and Beas-Kund trek. Make you take part in one of these experiences.

Visit Waterfalls: Situated in Vashisht Village, the Jogini falls will make you fall in love with the scenery. The perfect spot to relax along with friends and family and feel the refreshing mist of water on your body.
After Jogini Falls you can visit Jana waterfalls which is 1.5 km away from Jogini Falls, where a pathway has been built so that visitors can take beautiful photographs. Don’t miss the local cuisines at the nearby stalls and dhabas.

Explore the Wildlife: If you plan a trip to Manali in August, why not plan a visit to Manali Wildlife Sanctuary, just a short 15 min drive from Manali’s center? This sanctuary is home to various wildlife species such as musk deer, flying foxes, Himalayan black bears, and the rarest snow leopards. Bird watchers can expect a lifetime experience at the sanctuary.

Explore the Naggar Castle: If you are in Manali, never miss the chance to visit Naggar Castle. This is an architectural wonder, built completely with wood and stone. Art lovers can admire the stunning works of Nicolas Roerich, the renowned Russian painter. Tourists can also purchase wall hangings and prints of Roerich’s paintings.

Clothes to wear in Manali in August

A Trip to Manali in August is a great way to relax and refresh. The peaceful atmosphere will make you feel rejuvenated. However, it is important to plan things accordingly. Here are some useful tips about clothes to wear in Manali in August:

Bring clothes that can be layered. Bring some lighter woolen clothes to provide warmth if the temperature drops during the night. Additionally, bring waterproof shoes, coats, and other items needed for the rainy season. Bring your medication and related prescription with you when you travel.

Trekking in Manali in August

The monsoon brings nature to life in Manali, making it the best time to immerse yourself in the lush green outdoors. During August more routes are available for trekking when compared to other seasons in Manali. One of the most famous and easier treks to participate in is the Chandratal Lake trek, it may take 3-4 days to complete with moderate difficulty suitable for all ages. You will be stunned by the lake’s beauty at the end of this trek, situated at 14,000 feet, and its crystal-clear waters.

If you are ready for a challenge and participate in trekking in Manali in August, you can even participate in longer treks such as the Hampta Pass trek, a 6-day moderate-level trekking experience with spectacular views surrounding you.

Manali is a land of spectacular views for all kinds of tourists. There are countless activities to take part in and experience the adrenaline rush. On another side, one can experience stunning views of the Himalayas. One can experience adventure sports, waterfalls, and fresh air, as well as tranquil temples that add beauty to the destination.

If you want to know more about Manali you can visit our official Cliffhangers India where you can find travel tips and guides for all Manali tour package for August.


During August the temperature in Manali varies from a high of 57 degrees F to a low of 43 degrees F, making it a moderately chill climate, yet cool and humid environment. On an average day in Manali during August, you can expect an 85% chance of precipitation, either rain or snow. However, there is no snowfall in Manali in August.
Manali during August has high rainfall. However, since few tourists prefer to plan a trip during this time, the crowd in Manali is low in August when compared to other monsoon months. With low crowd reports hotel prices tend to be lower all over the city. Manali in August will give you a wonderful experience with less crowd and cost of the trip.
Manali invites travelers to witness its beauty during the monsoon season from June to August. With the sky showering love in the form of rain, visitors will find the August atmosphere truly mesmerizing. The town welcomes all the tourists who come to enjoy the wonderful ambiance of its monsoon delights. It is perfectly a good to visit Manali in August.
It is safe to travel to Manali in August. It is the season monsoon season in this hilly region of Himachal Pradesh. Manali in August is monsoon month and can be a rainy on all days. You can do most of the adventure sports and activities till the end of August when the monsoon comes to an end. With proper guidance, you can plan a trip according to the weather forecast.
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