Manali in September


Manali in September is a fresher, newer and more beautiful landscape. The rains have gotten lighter, and the weather has gone calmer. The area invites tourists to experience the tolerable monsoon of Manali in September. The air of Manali is so fresh in September that one can smell the whole biodiversity. 

If you choose September to visit Manali, you would be surprised by how much you can do in Manali this month. Let’s jump into it and see for ourselves. 

Things to do in Manali in September 

September is the month of the year when tourists are coming back to Manali after the off-season in monsoon. If you’re wondering what things to do in Manali in September, go through the list to choose for yourself. 

1. Adventure activities: Manali in September is open for all fun-filled adventurous activities like zorbing, paragliding, trekking, and hiking. You can indulge in any of them in the month as the rainfall is sparse and the weather is pleasant. 

2. Wildlife photography: The best months to capture wildlife are the monsoon months. Though rains have practically stopped by September, wildlife is still in its monsoon mood and blooming beautifully. You can visit wildlife sanctuaries and Van Vihar national park in Manali to capture it with your camera. 

3. River Rafting: Rafting is an adventurous summer activity in Manali and can be experienced all year round. September weather is pleasant and inviting for Rafting activity on the lush Beas river. You can visit the village along the banks of Beas and take a good look at the local life of the area as well. 

4. Skiing: Yes, skiing activities are available in Manali all year round around the Rohtang pass area. You can visit the area to witness some summer snow and try your hand at skiing as well. Skiing in summer is an unbelievable adventure. 

Weather in Manali in September

After a vigorous Monsoon, weather in Manali in September is pleasant and calm. The biodiversity is calm and beautiful, and the area is shiny from the Monsoon rains. You might experience rainfall days on your trip but not enough to change your plans or spoil your trip. 

The temperature of Manali in September goes at maximum at around 27 degrees Celsius and at minimum might touch the thermometer at 15-16 degrees Celsius. 

Places to see in Manali in September

Almost all places are open for tourist visits in September. The more-than-enough places to see in Manali in September are bound to fill your trip with satisfaction. 

1. Bhrigu Lake: The tall meadows and dark forests of evergreen trees give way to a clearing. A beautiful lake sits meditating in the middle of it. Such is the beauty of one of the most beautiful destinations of Manali – The Bhrigu Lake. 

2. Solang Valley: The park of our childhood where we saw colorful slides and adventurous rides are repeated in our memory when we visit Solang valley in September. The balloons of the Paragliders, the rolling balls for zorbing and tourists sitting around tanning in the September Sun are the pictures of the Solang valley in brief. 

3. Gadhan Thekchokling Gompa: Also known as the Manali Gompa, the monastery is an inviting recluse for tourists in the area. The red, white, and yellow colors on the towering Pagoda-style monastery invite one from a distance to see what peace is really about. 

4. Hidimba Devi Temple: The Demon-goddess has left her godly touch in the reclusive beautiful hut-like structure in the deep forests. The temple is situated in thick trees and is a favorite of tourists. In addition to getting a glimpse of the deity, the environment of the area is enough to fill your heart with satisfaction. 


The rainfall is infrequent and the weather is pleasant in Manali in September. The lowest temperature might reach around 15 degrees in September. After rainfall, you might experience a chill in the weather when the temperature might drop 2-3 degrees. It is mild cold in Manali in September? Not significantly.
Clothes to wear in Manali in September are as follows: for daytime, you may pack your regular summer clothes like a tank top, t-shirt, shirt, jeans, or shorts. However, it is advised to carry a light jacket with you. You should also carry your raincoat and rain boots with you as the weather might be dripping at times. Pack your shoes and extra socks with you if you plan on preventing cold feet.
Manali experiences around 11-15 rainy days in September. The rainfall is not that abundant. You might experience 250 mm of rainfall in September in Manali.
No, Manali does not experience snowfall in September. If you want to enjoy snowfall in Manali, you should choose December to February as your months of visit.
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