Manali in October


The beautiful Kingdom with a promise of snow in October is an indefinable spectacle in October. The area can’t be placed either in the summer category or in the winter. The unplaceable Manali in October invites its tourists to just experience the beauty of a leaving summer and yet-to-arrive winter. 

Let’s explore Manali in October and see why you should choose October as your month of visit. 

Things to do in Manali in October 

In October, Manali is a suitable place for outdoor activities as the monsoon has bid adieu and the coldness has not yet arrived. The following are the things to do in Manali in October to make your trip worthwhile. 

1. Shopping at Mall road: Mall road has been buzzing with tourists since the beginning of October. The winds are getting colder and the winter stock is getting prettier. You should reserve some time for Shopping at Mall road if you are visiting Manali in October. 

2. Jeep Safari: The Jeep will take you through high mountains and passes and let you experience the first foot of winter in Manali in its dense forests, falling waters, and waving winds. Jeep Safari in October is a breathtaking experience in Manali. 

3. Adventure activities: Though such activities as paragliding, zorbing, and ropeway riding are preferable every month, October is yet another month where you can try all activities including skiing at high passes. If you are visiting Manali any month, you should try some or all of these activities. 

4. Camping: Manali weather in October is a fleeting memory of camping in Summer. After October, camping out in the open becomes inconvenient due to the coldness of the weather. As you have arrived in Manali in October, don’t let another wait for summer come in front of you preventing you from Camping.

5. Attend Kullu Dussehra festival: The festival is celebrated in Himachal Pradesh in October and is attended by lakhs of tourists from all over the world. Attending the Kullu Dussehra festival alone is a good enough reason for you to visit Manali. Now that you are there already, don’t miss the festival. 

Places to see in Manali in October

Places in Manali are accessible again in October without the fear of landslides or constraints of path blockages. Here are a few places to see in Manali in October. 

1. Manali villages: October is the best time to witness the local life of Manali. The residents are breathing after a period of vigorous monsoon and preparing for the upcoming hard weather. The break in between the seasons marks villages like Kothi, Kullu, and Naggar with an otherworldly beauty. 

2. Manali Lakes: Manali is marked by breathtaking lakes that make you calm and the peace stays for a long time. Pack your gear and trek to any of the lakes in Manali like Bhrigu Lake, Manikaran Lake, or Sar Pass lake. Before the lakes freeze completely in winter, it’s best to experience their pristineness in October. 

3. Valley of Gods: The valley is a popular site for photography and movie shooting. The place offers activities like rock climbing and trekking. If you are interested in adventure, you can pick this place for your visit. 

4. Vashisht Temple: The temple is marked by its hot water springs with their healing capacity after a long tiring day. The temple, apart from being a spiritual recluse, is a beautiful sight to behold. A dip in its hot springs is refreshing and a must-have on your trip. 

Weather in Manali in October

The weather in Manali in October is very pleasant and March-like. There is summer in the light and winter in the shade. The tourist footfall is not very high and yet all areas are accessible and inviting. 

The maximum temperature recorded in Manali in October is around 28-29 degrees celsius and the bar may drop down to around 12-13 degrees celsius on average. 


Manali in October is not very cold. The weather is pleasant with days being warm indeed. Sunlight is very bright and you might even experience sunburns after post-monsoon clear skies. If you are looking for cold, visit Manali from November to February.
It does not snow in Manali in October. Snow falls in Manali from December to February. October is a dry month in Manali devoid of rain or snow. However, some areas like Rohtang pass that have artificial skiing grounds can give you an experience of snow.
Manali is open for tourists visiting in October. After the monsoon off-season from July to September, Manali is again bustling with tourists in October. All staying places and tourist places are open for tourists in Manali in October.
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