Manali in December – A Travel Guide


Manali in December is a tourist’s heaven. For those looking for snowfall, Manali is a perfect recluse in December. The quiet kingdom sits calmly wearing the blanket of snow in the laps of the Himachal Himalayas. There is a reason Manali is becoming a favorite with tourists in December. 

If you are planning a December trip to Manali, go through the article and see the perks of visiting your dream destination this month. 

Things to do in Manali in December

Manali in December is a tourist attraction because of the activities it offers. The snowfall makes the whole landscape adventurous. Let’s look at the things to do in Manali in December. 

1. Snow activities: The real adventure of Manali winter is witnessed in the Solang Valley. With the touch of the first snow, Solang Valley is bustling with thrilling activities like skiing, paragliding, snowboarding, and zorbing. Visit the valley and make a beautiful snowman to take the memory of Manali snow home with you. 

2. Dip in Vashisht hot water springs: The chilling weather of Manali is remedied by a dip in the healing waters of the Vashisht hot water springs. If you can’t get respite from the cold anywhere, a few minutes in these springs can cure you of all unease. 

3. Igloo stay: If you are visiting Manali in December, staying overnight in an igloo would be one of the best experiences of your visit. The Sethan Valley in Manali offers tourists a camp-stay-like experience but better. The Igloo, at a height of 10,000 ft is a unique experience of its kind. 

4. Hot air balloon ride: Apart from Paragliding, there is another way to witness Manali from a bird’s eye view. Gliding in the sky from a hot-air balloon is a better way to take in the snowy landscape of Manali in December. 

Places to see in Manali in December

Most places are open for tourists in December. However, some places like Rohtang pass might get closed due to heavy snowfall in winter months. Here are a few places to see in Manali in December.

1. Gulaba Village: The complete snow-covered land of Gulaba at a height of over 4000 ft is a Narnia-like experience for tourists. The quiet village is a humble abode for all looking for snow and yet unable to visit Rohtang pass as the pass is closed off in heavy snowfall. 

2. Solang Valley: The valley is an adventure of another kind in December. The valley is the most popular spot to witness snowfall in Manali. The too-much-to-do feeling and a surprisingly beautiful landscape make Solang one of the most recommended places to see in Manali in December. 

3. Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara: The red, yellow, and white Tibetan Monastery is a sight to behold in the December snow. The Buddhist Monastery which monks and tourists visit to get their hearts full is a must-visit place for tourists in December. 

4. Old Manali: The tour back in time in Old Manali takes you to nostalgic paths. Old Manali has stopped at a certain period of time which you can always revisit when you visit here. With its cafes, bookstores and old structures including the Hidimba Temple, Old Manali is a must-visit place covered in snow in December.

Weather and Temperature in Manali in December

The weather in Manali in December is very cold with chilly winds blowing all day. Manali main receives its first snowfall in December. The Weather is quite unpredictable, and snowfall might make you cancel some of your plans randomly. 

The temperature ranges between 5 degrees Celsius at maximum and at around -10 degrees Celsius at minimum in Manali in December. Though the sun shines in Manali in December, the sunlight is not an effective respite from the cold. 


Manali receives snowfall in abundance in December, January, and February. If you are looking to enjoy snowfall in Manali, December would be a good time to visit here. Many tourists visit Manali in December to enjoy their honeymoon and snow activities during the month.
December is a very popular month to visit Manali. You can indulge in various snow activities in the month and see the Manali landscape and its snow-covered peaks at their best. The famous delicacies, picturesque villages, and all tourist destinations are more beautiful in December making it a good time to visit Manali.
Yes, Manali is cold in December. The days are still tolerable but the nights of Manali in December are very cold with a chilly breeze flowing all day. It is advised to stay prepared with adequate clothing if you are planning a December trip to Manali.
Many roads from Manali like the Manali-Leh road close off in November-end till summer in April. The Manali-Rohtang highway stays open in December. However, beyond Gulaba, the highway is closed off due to snowfall. Though the roads to Manali are mostly open in December.
Unlike the monsoon season when landslides are expected, Manali in December is completely safe for tourists. As long as you cover yourself with adequate clothing, the greatest risk you might face is a minor sneeze now and then.
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