Manali In July


 Manali is a treat to the eye in July. Have you ever heard about the beauty of Mountain rain? The Himalayas blossom up in the month of July and give out their all to bloom the biodiversity of the region. The sweet aroma of the mountainous soil mixed with the post-rain mist makes Manali one of the most beautiful places on earth in July. If you are planning a July trip to Manali, hop on with us on the train exploring Manali in July.

Weather in Manali in July

Manali is an unpredictable destination in July. The mildness of summer changes into a heartful Monsoon in July. The roads are blocked in July due to frequent landslides. Mountains become forbidden destinations except for daredevils.

The temperature of Manali in July ranges from 27-30 degrees celsius at max and might lower down to around 15 degrees at minimum. The thrill and adventure of the unpredictable weather make Manali a preferred spot for adventure lovers.

Things To Do In Manali in July

Dip in hot springs

The healing waters of Vashisht temple hot springs are bound to leave you calm and take away your fatigue.

The water is said to contain sulphur and other salts which give you a healing touch.

Rafting in Beas

The villages along the periphery of the river give you a connection with the local life.

The adventurous ride through the perennial Beas is one of the most fulfilling experiences in Manali in July.


The July sunset is witnessed so beautifully from the heights.

Glide away in the pleasant weather and experience the beauty of Manali from a bird’s eye view.



Most destinations in Manali are open for tourists in July.

Offbeat destinations like Hidimba devi temple and Naggar castle, the castle among the hills, are accessible and at their best in the summer months.


The waterfalls trek, Beas Kund Trek or the Hampta pass trek are delightful activities in summer in Manali.

Even though some areas might be inaccessible due to rainy weather, most trekking destinations are blooming in the weather.

Places to visit in Manali in July

Rahala Falls

A short trek from Manali will take you into the thick bushes of the Deodar forest.

Set amongst these bushes are the Rahala falls which are gaining flow from the continuously melting glaciers in July. July is the best month to visit Rahala falls.

Chandrakhani Pass

The picturesque peaks visible from the Chandrakhani pass are a sight to behold. The trek becomes the best in the month of July as the biodiversity is blooming along the way.

The trek will take you through breathtaking peaks like Golpo Peak and Pir Panjal and exciting places like Kasol village.


Rohtang Pass

For tourists hoping to experience the touch of winter in the summer months in Manali, there is a breathtaking pass situated at an altitude of around 4000 m in Manali.

Adding to the aestheticism of the area, the tea stalls and local food stalls decorate the area with their sweet aroma and give Rohtang pass a must-visit look.

Gulaba village

At a 6 km trek from Rohtang pass, Gulaba village is an offbeat destination in Manali. No wonder the picturesque village was a favourite with Raja Gulab Singh of Kashmir. Locals living a dream life surrounded by proud peaks is an envious yet calming sight.

Gulaba village gives hope of heaven on Earth to every visitor.

Old Manali

The Manalsu river divides the main Manali from the nostalgia of its past, the Old Manali. The destination is lesser known and hence less visited yet a profound experience.

Old Manali is situated by the Kullu river and is dotted by apple orchards. July gives it its best touch and makes it count as a recommended destination to visit in July.

Essential Information

Is there snow in Manali in July?

Manali does not experience snowfall in July. All the snow that has fallen from December to February has melted away by July and even at high altitudes, snow is a rarity.

Clothes to wear in Manali in July

The frequent downpours predict that you will most definitely experience rainfall if you are visiting Manali in July. that demands that you be prepared for the unpredictability of Manali weather. After rain weather might get a little chilly and hence, you are advised to pack a jacket with you.


Pack your raincoat, and summer clothes like a t-shirt, shirt, jeans, shorts or whatever you plan to wear. Also, carry a pair of rainboots with you if you are planning to explore outdoors in rainy weather.


Is it safe to visit Manali in July?

July and September are considered off-season in Manali due to the arrival of the Monsoon. However, it is completely safe to visit Manali in July. The government of Himachal Pradesh is up-to-date with the data on the threats of landslides in the area. You might have to avoid some roads and mountains but your overall trip will be a delight.


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